Many Arrested in Downtown Keene

Do humans have a right to sit in public and drink a bottle of water?
A glass of lemonade?
A can of beer?
Some people think we should not have a right to drink the latter, but how are they different? Who is more hurt because a woman drinks a beer outside as opposed to water?

Activists were arrested Sunday evening in Keene. A woman named Heika was arrested first for possession of an open alcohol container in The Square. Further arrests occurred when activists Meg, Wes, Ian, and Rich Paul did not back down from standing in front and behind the police cruisers trying to take Heika and others away.

Further arrests occurred at the police station for allegedly having an open alcohol container inside the police station.

Here is a link to a long live upload from the scene from Ian Freeman.

And here is a short video of Ian’s arrest:

Further video should be available and coming soon.

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  1. Wow, what a video (the qik one I mean). Did the cops seriously just assault and kidnap that lady for having a beer?

    The anger is absolutely understandable. I wonder, though, if it'd be possible to respond to such incidents with quiet questions, and then quietly sit in front and behind the vehicle — something closer to what MLK (or Gandhi) would have done. I think, to show absolute peace in response to clear abuse, can be very effective.

    The anger is understandable, as I say, and perhaps it needs to be expressed … but I can't help but wonder what a somewhat different approach (perhaps in a different place or time) could lead to. Indeed, it should be recognized that some in the video seemed to take this kind of tack — they did not yell or scream.

    When the police are hauling away loads of not only peaceful, but completely mild mannered people, who have harmed nobody and nothing, their behavior becomes even more indefensible.

    Hopefully, in the future, some of the more noble members of KPD will begin to require that their potential actions meet the standards of conscience, before they proceed.

  2. Wow! Over a beer? Those cops couldn't look more stupid if they tried.

  3. I'm not a fan of the toplessness … didn't see that the first time. Although that doesn't justify the actions of the police.

  4. What was that old lady saying at the end of the long vid? The one who was clapping.

  5. The old woman claims "That's his job," at the end of the longer video, revealing her support for anyone just doing their job, such as KGB agents, mob hitmen, and muggers (self-employed.)

  6. what dumbasses. This happens like every night doesn't it? They chose to arrest people during the day? Why not do all this under the cover of night?

    busybodies, including that old see you next tuesday.

  7. That cop was breaking open container laws on video. He should be arrested for having an open container of alcohol in his police cruiser. Just a bit of snark.

    Today, the activists testicles grew once again. If they get any larger, I'll have to start charging rent.

  8. I don't know about anyone else, but consumption of alcohol outside in a public place is wrong. All you people are doing is taxing the resources and budget of the police department. If you want a place where there are no laws and government regulation, buy an island somewhere and move! I like things in Keene the way they are. You are trying to take away my freedom so you can live like a bunch of spoiled uneducated children.

  9. @Reality Star – AMEN!!

  10. Why is drinking in public wrong? Who was harmed by that young woman sipping a Bud? How was your freedom impeded? And who said all Free Staters were kids?

    You can still have police, if you want to pay for them, but why must you force others to pay who don't want their services? Isn't THAT a violation of others' freedoms known as theft??

    For the record, I like Keene too. That's why I moved here. I'm not going anywhere.

  11. Reality Star is absolutely correct. Also, when wives make their husbands beat them, they are really straining their husbands energy. I mean, he has work to do, he can't have all of his time wasted on beating his wife. If she wants to not be beaten anymore, she should just buy a private island and move to it. DUH! I learned so much in government school.

  12. consumption of alcohol outside in a public place is wrong.

    Why? Peacefully drinking a beer harms nobody and nothing.

    If it was your property, you'd have every right to prohibit drinking on it, but it's not your property. It was paid for with money stolen from the very individuals who were arrested, among others.

    All you people are doing is taxing the resources and budget of the police department.

    Maybe the police department should stop assaulting and kidnapping innocent people. That'd save a lot of money.

    If you want a place where there are no laws and government regulation, buy an island somewhere and move!

    Laws against harming other persons and property are fine. It's agressive violence that's wrong. If I were to go assault someone for drinking a beer, you'd recognize my behavior as morally wrong — but slap a funny blue outfit and a badge on a person, and it becomes magically ok?

    I like things in Keene the way they are.

    I suggest you, and those who agree with you, set whatever rules you prefer for the use of your property. What you don't have the right to do is steal money from others, use it to buy property, and then enforce your arbitrary rules there as well.

    I have fairly conservative views as well. I don't support pot smoking for example. But, I recognize that I don't have a right to enforce my preferences on everyone else, on property that's not mine.

    Violence is only appropriate in defense of persons or property — not to be used as retribution against anyone who violates your personal preferences or social mores.

    You are trying to take away my freedom so you can live like a bunch of spoiled uneducated children.

    You have the freedom, and right, to run your property and life as you choose, as long as you don't harm others. You don't have the right to run other people's property and lives, or to harm innocent people.

  13. "Acting like children" is what those who mindlessly obey are doing. They allow other people to dominate over them and to do their dirty work, all so they can be spared the gory details of the tyranny they've come to accept like an abused child.

    Grow up, act like an adult, and take responsibility for your own actions and desires Reality Star. Let other people alone.

    And where's your outrage against the cop who also was in possession of an open container on Public Property? He even got behind the wheel of his cruiser with it and put it in the cup holder! If you support the cops arresting Heika, shouldn't you also support arresting the officer? Then, logically, blocking in that cop car, from your own stated point of view, should be way more justified than cuffing and caging the original non-driving "offender".

    Thank you Keene activists for once again demonstrating the reality of our police state, where blind institutional policies work to create classes of people with varying degrees of rights.

    Is there any word on what needs to be done to free Ian and Rich from their illegitimate captivity?

  14. Drinking a beer in a field = taking away Reality Star and Jacob's freedom.

    Can't argue with that logic (because there is none).

  15. Here's what needs to happen. Listen up, all you who aren't fans of open containers, or toplessness in central square (personally, I don't mind the former, but do mind the latter):

    Set up a community park organization, to run central square. Let people opt in or out of paying for the park's upkeep. If a person decides not to pay the portion of their taxes that go to fund this park, they have to agree not to use the park. If they do pay, and agree, they have to abide by whatever park rules the majority of the contributors (including them) vote for.

    Problem solved.

    Because really, while you're forcing these people to fund the park, you have no leg to stand on to dictate that they may only use it in ways you approve of.

  16. After watching the vid I have one idea. Instead of standing in front of the police car how about kneeling in front of the car and if you are a religious person when you kneel in front of the car begin to say a prayer for the violent thugs forgiving them for what they are about to do. Also I think by kneeling you are probably going to be less likely to be run over as long as your head is above the hood of the car.

    If you are praying then you might also have a possibility of a civil rights violation because they are infringing on the free exercise of religion right in the 1st amendment.

    Also by praying or out loud forgiving them you are coming from a position of love and kneeling you appear to be much less threatening to the police. If the police do drive over you while kneeling and praying and it was caught on video that would be a very powerful and moving footage.

  17. Thanks for the quick update and video, Nick. It is appreciated.

  18. I like slim's ideas

  19. I agree with the first post. I think calmer demeanor would be a lot more powerful in turns of showing the violence of the state.

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