Additional Footage of Sunday’s Mass Arrests

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  1. I suspect 90% of what motivates an individual to become a cop is the pride they get in being respected and looked up to in their community. Once they realize that an ever growing percentage of the community they live in thinks that they're douchebags, they will think twice about their chosen profession.

  2. I’d rather have them rethink their behavior, rather than their profession. Sure, the means of funding for police is currently a problem, but I support cops who go after those who actually harm other people (or property).

    We need to show them respect and encouragement when they do the right thing — when they refrain from harassing peaceful people, and/or stop actual bad guys.

    I don’t want them to get depressed and quit. I want them to reconnect with their conscience, and their motivation to help and protect people, and find a new and greater level of fulfillment by truly focusing on that. The cop who stops a real bad guy is a hero — to everyone. The cop who harasses people for having a beer shouldn’t be anyone’s hero.

    We need to fix the funding issue. But the way from here to there is not for all cops to quit. Rather, funding needs to be withdrawn even as new protection services are opened, to pick up the slack.

    I want the service of actual protection from vandals, thieves, or attackers, and am happy to pay for it.

  3. Why did they seem so hesitant to arrest Rich Paul? They arrested Meg, Wes, and Ian without batting an eye but let Rich get away with a lot more.

  4. So I assume everyone is going to court?

  5. Nice try, Seth. Your …”90% of what motivates an individual to become a cop is the pride they get in being respected and looked up to in their community.”…CRAP is 100% SUSPECT!…At least 50% is either a genuine desire to help(some)people (sometimes), or to feed their inner BULLY-WITH-A-BADGE selfs…Also, a sense of duty, and a love for COPTOYS comes into play. Given that so many cops are MILVETS, esp.U.S.M.C.(Marines) & combat vets,(Iraq & Afghanistan), the general SENSE OF DUTY/CALL OF DUTY also comes into play. They already KNOW how big a %tage of Society “thinks they’re douchebags”…What do *COPS* think of *YOU*???..Chances are good they think YOU’RE a douchebag, too….

  6. who would you rather have in your nice,quiet police lockup-Meg,Wes,and Ian,or Rich Paul?He certainly would add to the decibel level!And no shirt! —bil

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