The Keene City Council Drinking Game, Round 2

Not a Beer

Where: 2nd Floor Keene City Hall

When: Thursday August 19th @ 6:45 P.M.

Who: Open Container Activists, Onlookers, Press/media


All participants drink when:

1. There’s a call to order

2. A bureaucrat claims to do something as “The City of Keene”

3. Everyone stands up

4. The City Council votes for Violence

5. A vote is unanimous

6. A council member says the phrase “master plan.”

7. They plan to  do something “for the children.”

9. Raise your glasses (drinking not needed) if someone suggests rolling back the size, scope or enforcement power of the government IE supports more liberty/freedom

Feel free to join us with the beverage and container of your choice. If you have feedback or input on the event, please join us in the discussion thread or the Facebook event page.

Anyone who wishes to come out in support of this event is invited, drinking or not,  with or without cameras. This week will be bigger and better than the last game. Hopefully the city council will leave us alone.

See you tomorrow night!

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