“Who’s a ‘real’ Democrat?” by Will May

Local Democrat Will May responds in the Keene Sentinel to the people trying to “out” Andrew Carroll as an “invader”:

There have a number of letters in the last month about libertarian Democrats, and how voters should “beware” of these candidates.

I am both amused and frustrated by these arguments.

The authors don’t seem to understand what the word “libertarian” actually means. Libertarians, for their information, want minimal government involvement in society. This means they generally oppose government intervention in the economy. They also oppose intervention in citizens’ private lives, as well as foreign wars of aggression.

If you’ll notice, this means that, though there may be times when they agree with conservatives, there are a considerable number of issues where libertarians naturally align with the left, including marijuana, gay rights, immigration, foreign policy, civil liberties, corporate welfare, and others. In fact, there are prominent libertarians, notably Will Wilkinson, arguing that libertarians should form a permanent alliance with liberals. This alliance has been branded “liberaltarianism,” and that’s exactly what some of us in Cheshire County have set out to do.

You would expect Democrats to be enthused by this influx of support. And, indeed, most have responded this way. Unfortunately, there are some who, due to narrow-minded ignorance and rampant fear-mongering, have decided that it’s their duty to oppose libertarianism in the Democratic Party. Apparently libertarians aren’t “real” Democrats.

Is that so? Well, let’s take a look at a few of these “real” Democrats. “Real” Democrat John Lynch vetoed medical marijuana and has pledged to oppose an income tax. (“Stealth” Democrat Andrew Carroll, on the other hand, supports medical marijuana and has refused to take the income tax pledge.) “Real” Democrat Bill Butynski opposes gay marriage and medical marijuana, and has been endorsed by Rep. Tim Butterworth. (“Stealth” Democrat Thom Simmons, however, supports gay marriage and medical marijuana, and has been endorsed by the Pink Pistols, a gay rights organization.)

If there is any systematic reasoning at all behind this categorization, I cannot see it.

I have therefore decided that I am not supporting real Democrats this year. Instead, I will support thoughtful and intelligent candidates who will vote with their consciences — candidates like Chuck Weed, Stephen Lindsey, Kris Roberts, Tim Robertson, Andrew Carroll and Thom Simmons.

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