The TSA and the State House(s)

Considering the recent and dramatic escalation of the security theater’s intrusion into the world of air travel (i.e. body scanners and invasive pat-down procedures), and moreover considering the recent news about the New Jersey state legislature’s resolution (plain HTML here) which “Urges Congress and President to address certain concerns raised by advanced imaging technology employed at airports or to discontinue their use,” I had been strongly desiring to see a way to press this issue in other regions besides New Jersey.

Lo and behold, such an opportunity has appeared to me, in the form of an activist of long-time New Hampshire residence, whose acquaintance I’ve been honored to have made not long after I first moved to New Hampshire, namely Leah Wolczko. She has reported to me that she has arranged to meet with New Hampshire representative Bill O’Brien, to discuss drafting a similar resolution for New Hampshire.

What she would like to do, is to include as many name+town listings in the signature section of her letter, which she will be presenting to Representative O’Brien on Monday, November 29th: 

Representative O’Brien:

We, the undersigned, petition the New Hampshire House and Senate to pass resolutions regarding the TSA. This affront to freedom cannot be allowed to stand. On November 22 the New Jersey House and Senate passed resolutions calling upon their Washington delegation to take up the matter immediately. Copies of both resolutions are enclosed.

As American citizens, we should be allowed to travel freely and without fear. The stories coming to light from people all over this country of the humiliation they have endured at the hands of the TSA screenings are painful to hear and almost impossible to believe. People are being forced to be virtually strip searched or subjected to warrantless hand searches; forced to remove prosthetic devices, and having devices removed in such a way as to cause terrible psychological damage; forced to be touched in ways they find inappropriate and humiliating; forced to see children and the elderly traumatized; forced to ignore their deeply-held religious beliefs regarding modesty; forced to undergo radiation against their will; subjected to unhygienic practices of TSA agents searching person after person without changing their gloves, creating the danger of spreading communicable diseases; forced to travel by “some other means,” in the words of Janet Napolitano, if we will not submit to this tyranny. Several days ago Janet Napolitano decided to close that avenue of escape to us and admitted we will soon be screened to board ships, trains, metros or to enter Federal buildings.

We submit that language as strong as, or much stronger than, that passed in New Jersey is necessary from New Hampshire. The complete abolishment of the TSA and the return of security to the hands of private property owners is the best solution. We pray our elected representatives in Concord will pressure and encourage our elected representatives in Washington to defend the rights of the People. We thank you in advance.


Leah Wolczko, Goffstown, NH

As I believe liberty activism should be full-spectrum—and considering the previous success with states-saying-no regarding the “REAL ID Act”, which, in May/June 2008, gave me the first glimmer of hope I had experienced since becoming more fully aware, in Fall 2005, of the tendencies away from liberty to which this world has been prone—I support Leah Wolczko’s effort very much…so let’s put name+town in the comments, shall we? (If it’s too much of a privacy concern to place here, comment so and I’ll see about getting permission to show the relavant email address, too.)

In short, let’s make this letter crowded! 😉

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