Heika’s Letter to Sgt. Cemorelis

HeikaHello Officer Cemorelis,

I’m writing to you today to inform you that I am VERY disappointed in your performance this morning in the courtroom. I have known you for several years and thought you were so much better than that. I have heard from several sources (including your ex wife and yes, even some colleagues) about many underhanded things you have done, but have always stuck up for you saying that you are one of the “few good ones” in Keene. You are intelligent, funny, and charming. Now I also know you to be short fused, drunk on power, and a man of little to no morals. I am so sorry for whatever happened to change you into such a wretch, but please do NOT take it out on peaceful people.

My friend was merely sitting quietly in the courtroom in support of others (There are multiple videos out showing this). He was not being disruptive, nor was he any type of threat. Yet you felt it ok to smack this wonderful being right out of his chair? Have I mentioned how disappointed I am in your DISGUSTING conduct??

When you put that blue uniform on in the morning, you should look in the mirror and ask yourself, “How am I going to HELP the public today?” “How am I going to PROTECT and SERVE the peaceful members of this COMMUNITY?” “How am I going to make a POSITIVE difference today?” To me, that is what being a police officer is all about. Those were reasons why I once dreamed of being a police officer. But seeing so many instances such as today completely turned me off of that notion in a hurry!

So please, don’t be surprised when I don’t give you a friendly “hello” next time we cross paths. You used unnecessary force against my friend and that is not easily forgivable.

-Heika M. Courser, Friend of John Doe

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  1. Lady, you sound pathetic, ignorant and very desperate. What need is this satisfying for you…this “disgusting” public rant of yours? What makes you think Sergeant Cemorelis–or anyone else for that matter–cares about what YOU think, or what you find “disappointing” ?
    James is actually one of the nicest, most professional and competent officers I’ve ever met. I too was quite interested in police/detective work when I attended school in Keene. Sergeant Cemorelis was an excellent mentor to me, and I had the pleasure to witness first hand both his professionalism and big heart while serving and protecting his citizens. He was always open-minded, caring, and very proficient with the use of discretion.
    Sounds like you need to get a life and take your negative energy elsewhere. I’m pretty confident James Cemorelis doesn’t wake in the morning thinking an ounce about whether or not you approve of him.
    The first paragraph of your ranting spiel summed up well enough how you feel…the rest of your bile was just overkill and a pitiful reach. And quite low I might add.
    I have known Jimmy for years…and am also quite familiar with his psycho ex wife. It made perfect sense when you cited her as one of your “sources.” Very fitting.
    How about you do the world a favor and look at YOURSELF in the mirror. Get a life while you’re at it.
    And, if you’re that worried about John Doe, go buy him an ice pack.
    Good riddance.

    Lynn M., Friend of James Cemorelis

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