Bob C. Found Guilty of Possession

Update from the Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund facebook page:

A DECISION HAS BEEN REACHED: The jury has refused to convict Bob of a felony for manufacturing!!! Instead they did find him guilty of possession which is a misdemeanor. The most time Bob can serve is up to one year.

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  1. That is awesome! Go Bob!

  2. I hope this will give other so called offenders the push they need to fight similar charges.

  3. God bless Farmer Bob!

  4. Wow. It looks like everybody's activism worked. Hopefully this will inspire more people to grow Marijuana in their backyards.

  5. I think it shows that activism works… and mr Constantine did a good job for himself and; as he mentioned in his closing statement ,it is for all our freedoms

  6. All but 60 days suspended (so, he'll be out in time for PorcFest), $1000 fine, and two years probation.

    And, the best part… the felony charge was dismissed (if not, the prosecutor could have requested a re-trial, due to the hung jury), never to be brought back.

  7. If her email follows the same convention as other Grafton County bureaucrats' email addresses, then Grafton County Bully-Prosecutor Melissa Pierce's email is Maybe shoot her an email and let her know what's on your mind. Remember, lawyer bureaucrats HATE to lose, and she's already shown herself to be nasty, angry, and recalcitrant, and said that she thinks free state activists supporting their friend equals bullying. So there's really no need to be polite. I'm gonna email something like, "Nyah Nyah! WE WIN, YOU LOSE. Good luck with your drug war. Hahahahahaha! Loser with a capital L!" I'll post again if I get a response.

  8. ^^^ You can certainly do what you want…but I think that taunting somebody might not have the desired effect or at least in this case.

    While the sense of outrage is certainly understood, my plan is to calmly try to educate those Prohibitionists with facts and maintain the moral high ground while doing it. Some people are not ready to embrace freedom for others. To do so means they must acknowledge their immoral actions when they participate in taking freedom from others…. I don't think this person is there yet.

    Sometimes taunting a person brings them deeper into their defense of their actions. Although it is hard to find it in me to forgive those who have harmed me, I'm working on it. If I can't forgive, I will try hard not to empower them further by showing my anger…. We're the peaceful ones….they are the bullies.

  9. @Bob C

    Talk about being the bigger man. Way to go. We all have a lot to learn given your moral character. Congrats.

  10. Taunting these self-important "officials" does have it's place, if it's done in the correct spirit. We taunt them to get their attention, then SMACK 'em in the face with some simple TRUTH…Hey, it works for me…But then, I'm the King of Keene, so what the fuck did you expect, you brain-dead morons???…look at Kelly KILLER Ayotte: Addisons' defense team is now requesting all her emails, etc., from when she was with the NH State AG's office, to show what the rest of us already know. KILLER Ayotte used the murder of a cop as her personal Senate step-stool…So, yes, Kelly, a cop died so you could be Senator…Now, *THAT* is *SAD*…

  11. Bob was not found guilty by a jury, he Plead Guilty to possession of marijuana. Lots of misinformation.

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