Is Undercover Cop Charles I. Newton, Charles Issac Newton?

Last week we busted an undercover cop, Charles I. Newton, before he could make an arrest of a peaceful alleged drug dealer. Now, a little more information has come out. It was learned through a Keene Sentinel article that Charles’ middle initial was “I”. A web-search revealed that a “Charles I. Newton” had graduated from St. Paul’s School in Concord in 1985. That would put that Charles around the same age as the undercover Charles. Had a piece of the past and true identity of this agent of deception been revealed? Thanks to the wonders of the internet, a photo from the St. Paul’s School 1985 yearbook has surfaced. Opinions vary as to whether or not this is the same Charles I. Newton, given that the photo is now 25 years old, but all evidence seems to point to it. Sure looks like him to me. Those of you who have seen Newton in person – what do you think?

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