Is Undercover Cop Charles I. Newton, Charles Issac Newton?

Last week we busted an undercover cop, Charles I. Newton, before he could make an arrest of a peaceful alleged drug dealer. Now, a little more information has come out. It was learned through a Keene Sentinel article that Charles’ middle initial was “I”. A web-search revealed that a “Charles I. Newton” had graduated from St. Paul’s School in Concord in 1985. That would put that Charles around the same age as the undercover Charles. Had a piece of the past and true identity of this agent of deception been revealed? Thanks to the wonders of the internet, a photo from the St. Paul’s School 1985 yearbook has surfaced. Opinions vary as to whether or not this is the same Charles I. Newton, given that the photo is now 25 years old, but all evidence seems to point to it. Sure looks like him to me. Those of you who have seen Newton in person – what do you think?

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  1. The guy went to one of the most elite prep schools in the country and he became a small time narc? That seems extremely unlikely given that most of the St. Paul’s class of 1985 are lawyers and managing directors at Goldman Sachs.

  2. if he went to a prep school and couldn't cut it as a lawyer or executive it might explain why he would go into a job like law enforcement in the first place…make himself feel like a real man!

  3. Really sad, lame effort…..

  4. I don't see why this matters….

  5. Totally irrelevant info, Canole. I think "Stalker" is right. This looks like the condoning of stalking. What's next? Hunt him down and subject him th the physical violence they claim to abhor?

  6. Yeah I mean, I just don't understand what people are supposed to do with this information…

    It's just a pretty big non-story if you ask me.

  7. The members of the thin yellow line are simply performing an investigation, collecting aliases of a known fraud, and reporting what they find to other members of their organization. Standard freedom enforcement procedure.

  8. How will this information help people 'enforce freedom'?

  9. Also, how is this man a fraud? Since when is being undercover the same as being fraudulent?

  10. Oh Ian,

    I'm afraid you have crossed over from the make believe world you have crafted on this site to a very real one, with very serious consequences. This cover agent who you have decided to out publicly could very well end up dead because you want to play a game. His family, who has nothing to do with this could conceivably be in danger. One thing that has always amused me(up until now) is the naive way you speak about the world of violent criminals who would be wiped out if only we would end the drug prohibition. You don't know what operation he is involved with, or really anything as it pertains to this person. Yet again you have proven just how much faster you can type than think.

    I wonder how you would feel to learn he had been violently killed in Fitchburg, Lowell or Dorchester. Is his family collateral damage in your quest for "peaceful evolution"? Its one thing to warn your friends not to buy dime bags from the corner narc, Its another thing to play the game you have decided to here.

    So as if outing this person wasn't bad enough, you have decided to post up another name, who may or may not be the same person. What if it isn't? What if Charells Issac Newton is just some person living a life quietly outside of the deranged fantasy you live in. Does it really matter to you?

    At this point I can't look at you as the undernourished narcissist with aspergers syndrome any more. You are fucking with peoples lives. Its not a game, and no matter what you think about the war on drugs and its failure, there isn't an excuse for what you have done here. You are a fascist. You would create world you claim to despise. You love the villagers with pitchforks and torches, you're Mcarthey with a flower behind his ear.

  11. Here's my .02…..This cop was in my living room and participated in caging me…The undercover cop has a family he cares about, I personally know this and respect this. I don't want to see his family or Officer Newton harmed.

    What I'd like to see happen is this cop coming to a realization that many of the people he spys on, arrests and that he participates in stealing their lives, by sending off to prison have family too. Family that they love and that care about them. Maybe then he'd realize a good bit of his job is not protecting peaceful people's liberty…it is stealing it. …and he gets paid with stolen money to do this!

    The debate shouldn't be about hate. It should be about fostering freedom. and whether or not people's ability to peacefully own their own bodies should be protected or stolen. I believe it should be protected. Laws that steal freedom are wrong. The oft used "just doing my job" is a weak rationalization and fails to solve any problems. It is the same argument that Nazi's and slave catchers used when they stole other peaceful people's liberty all "lawfully" too I might add. Bad history repeating itself is no solution…Protect libery and problems get solved. Continue stealing freedom, even "lawfully" and problems continue…forever.

  12. Thats all well and good Bob, and to be clear, I'm not an anti drug crusader. There is certainly a lot of things that should be done about Americas drug policy. The point here is the false premise that cover agents are merely out "caging" unsuspecting peaceful people like yourself. Criminal enterprise isn't necessarily something that happens in a vaccume with pot dealers over here and human traffickers over there. Most drugs have a long journey to get to the free state. The guy who sells you pot may very well be a great guy who grows it himself. Good for him.

    I have lost many friends who have been tied into a world that is only clumsily examined academically here.

    My point is that Ian has injected his monumental ignorance and ego into a situation that has a potential tragic ending to garner more attention to himself and his website. For all the talk of parasites I hear from this segment of the population, I find it funny you cant see him for what he is..

    How do you feel about him "busting" a person who may or not be the officer in question? This isn't the first time Ian has "outed" peoples personal info on the web..When he doesn't like someone he has no problem posting their name and address out there for any wack job to act on..Then call people cowards for not wanting to sign in under their real name on his forums.

    Oh and Bob, if you want to be taken seriously, don't take things like being hassled for possession and arrested for dancing and group them in with things like Jim Crow and the Holocaust…The plight of the white middle classed libertarian isn't something history will look back on with shame or any sense of gravity..Its just silly.

  13. Excellent comments, Name (required).

  14. Well said Bob and Name (required).

  15. Thanks HC,

    I've always admired the earnest way you try to reconcile your beliefs with a philosophy that refuses to believe that "rationed self interest" in fact, does not exist in terms of human nature. In the end, Ian and CO. have 1 economist and a book list of like 6 to educate the "unenlightened" ….In my experience things that are natural happen naturally…….So why hasn't a voluntary society sustained itself..??…HC lots of love and support to you with your African stage of your experience..If you make it to the other coast let me know how the Libertarian utopia of Somalia is panning out..

  16. I couldn't agree more with the 'things that are natural happen naturally' sentiment, especially in regards to libertarianism.

    And thanks so much for your kind words of support regarding my upcoming adventures! I expect I'll have quite a lot to add to the whole 'oppressive government' conversation when I return…

  17. Well said Canole & Name. I notice that your comments remain unanswered by the perpetrator. Are you here Ian? Are you feeling the appropriate level of shame for possibly placing an innocent in danger of unwarranted violence?

  18. Ignoring Ians cowardice for a moment, HC is about to embark on a life experience that yeilds no promise of safety to her person…academic ideals will have no value where she is going …Her intellectual curiosity and/or values will take a back seat to the folkways and morays of the culture she will experience..Manny of you who desire a better world should cowboy up and do what she is doing before you decide to play house in someone elses state..HC I'm really proud of you for your choices and the fact that you put up and don't shut up..

  19. Godspeed HC!

  20. Responding to Name (required)

    The plight of the middle class libertarian eh? You assume much. The war on drugs is somewhat skewed against blacks and lower class whites…

    The Nuremburg defense "just doing my job" doesn't fly whether it's killing people for being a jew or for caging people for owning themselves. Thanks for your unsolicited advice about not comparing them, but if I want to make those comparisons I will continue to do so. Granted, it is a matter of degrees, but stealing a person's freedom is always wrong, even if the authorities tell you it's okay, it's legal or they pay you to do it with money forcibly extracted from other people.

    You say "there are certainly alot of things that should be done with America's drug policy" ….you think? About 100 people per hour are arrested for pot related charges in this country. We have the world's largest prison population. I could go on and on… Cops that participate in this have abandoned morality for a paycheck. They are committing criminal yet "legal" acts.

    Your issues with Ian are beside the point. If Ian feels that outing a person that is paid with stolen money and who helps to put peaceful people in jail is a good thing, that's his business. Do you endorse paying a person to spy on peaceful people before they drag them off to prison ? How is that a moral act?

  21. Thanks so much Name (required) and Bill! I'm going to have a travel blog definitely, I'll make sure to post it here so you guys can follow along if you want!

  22. Bob,

    It's one thing for Ian to 'out' someone whom he feels has done something immoral, but that's not really the issue here. As I and others have asked, how is this information going to help 'enforce freedom'? Additionally, Ian is not only endangering this man, he is endangering his family, and NOW he is endangering someone who may not even be the same person. How is that 'protecting liberty'?

  23. This is personal protection. It isn't necessarily helping freedom, but it does mimic the behavior of the state. The officer is just receiving a bit of his own medicine; looking in the mirror if you will. Do the SWAT raiders care about putting their target's families and pets in harm's way. No, they shoot damn near indiscriminately. Cops burned a little black girl in Detroit with gas canisters, then shot her dead in the neck. I have a dead former marine in my home town, and a whole gang of cops who were found to have done no wrong. The neighbors have bullet holes in their homes, but the police did nothing wrong. You can feel for the officer and his family, but I don't. They will have armed police protection unlike their victims.

    If police forces are not going to be held accountable from the top, then they must be held accountable at the ground level. Police policies have forced the man on the street to keep his camera rolling. Without video evidence, the police will be believed.

    The Constitution was meant to keep that all in check…how is that working out?

  24. I would be on your side Canole, if Ian was targeting a grocery store clerk who wronged him. I would be on your side if Ian were outing a gay school teacher. You and I would be back to back if Ian were targeting you for speaking out.

    This cop is a gang member paid by theft, and he lies and defrauds people for a living. Anything that happens to this crook will be because of his deeds not Ian's. Ian's deeds are in fact a consequence of this cop's actions.

  25. "It isn’t necessarily helping freedom, but it does mimic the behavior of the state. "

    So the point *isn't* to protect freedom, it's just to mimic the behavior which you so often demonize? How is that effective?

    Your logic is completely hypocritical…on one hand to claim that freedom and liberty needs to be protected at all costs, and then turn around and say you don't really need to help freedom, you just need to give someone a taste of their own medicine?

  26. But Ian is now potentially targeting a completely innocent bystander who happens to have the same name. How can you reconcile that with your morals?

  27. I'm not going to speak for Ian's actions. If he "outed" the wrong person, he made a mistake.

    Concerning the actions of ANY undercover cop that harms people that haven't harmed any other….they are wrong. I do know there is a Charles Newton working undercover in NH that collects a check for harming people that haven't harmed him. His actions harmed me and my family, yet I never initiated harm against him, nor do I wish to harm him or his family. I was completely innocently enjoying my property and a peaceful existence, Charles Newton came to my house with 6 other men with guns…How do YOU reconcile THAT with your morals?

  28. I never claimed to reconcile Charles' actions against you with my morals…I don't know nearly enough about the situation to draw any conclusions.

    However, your hesitation to condemn Ian's clearly hypocritical actions is saddening.

  29. How do we know that the "Charles Issac Newton" that he identifies in *THIS* post is indeed the undercover cop? Maybe *THIS* Charles Issac Newton is an innocent grocery clerk who has just had his, and his family's lives placed in danger by Ian's irresponsible, shortsighted "mistake". Well played Ian!

  30. You can have your opinions Canole and Klan. Your opposition to the beliefs and the actions of Ian and FreeKeene are clear. Now, what are you doing about it? You and your friends tilt at windmills here on the comments, while the movers take over and stomp all over your sacred cows. Sounds like a good trade-off to me.

  31. Wow Justin Civil,

    interesting phrasing. The imagery of people moving here to stomp on someones sacred cow doesn't really scream non aggression to me…As I've stated before. People know a loser when they see one. We don't have to do any thing about you. This movement has been nothing more than a revolving door of magic the gathering champions who end up back in moms basement when they realize there isn't a living to be made out of misguided principal…Unless you're Ian, the Jerry Falwell of freedom….The cows here are quite safe, sacred and otherwise.

    For market worshipers you would think at least one of you would have the means or the know how to start a lucrative business that would be useful to the community and engage the public…but no, its just a bunch of sweaty internet shut ins enjoying the sweet freedom that comes with being unemployed.

    "tilting at windmills" That is rich…I've never had a dillusional paranoid reactionary with a persecution complex accuse me of "tilting at windmills" before..Freedom is oblivion…

  32. Yo, Name / Holy Canole…

    If this "Charles Newton" is the wrong one, Ian made a mistake. However if you return to the top of this post…Ian does not claim that it is THE Charles Newton that aggresses against peaceful people. he speculates that it MIGHT be. With all that said, I think it's a good thing to "out" people that intiate harm…informants, Police that spy, and other criminal types that cause innocent peaceful people harm.

    I believe IAN'S motive is to advance liberty. That process can be messy. Ian is a great activist and stands up for what he believes in, that's admirable in my book.

    He's dedicated his life to advancing freedom, can we say the same thing about

    Charles Newton ? Has Charles Newton apologized to my family ? Think he ever will ? Not likely, he is deluded into thinking he is "protecting society"…that is the foil that prohibitionists use to get their anonymous henchmen to do their bidding.

    I feel bad for Charles Newton, he doesn't know what children in kindergarten are taught….mind your own business and leave other people that aren't harming anybody else alone! THAT is the issue…you can turn it into a "hate Ian fest" if you like, but the real issue is and always will be the Charles Newton's of the world use guns to INITIATE aggression….that is and always will be morally wrong.

    If Ian "outed" the wrong Charles Newton, IMHO that person is in no danger from any person that understands the nonaggression principle.

  33. Justin,

    First of all, you completely avoided my questions.

    Secondly, what do you mean 'what am I doing about it?' I commit time and effort towards things which I deem important, and if you were around last summer you know that I made a fair amount of effort to explain to people in Free Keene what it is exactly that I find unsavory about their actions.

    Additionally, as Name (required) pointed out…'stomp all over our sacred cows'? I couldn't agree more, I absolutely view this movement (for the most part) as an invasion of unwanted, irreverent people who pretend to be fighting for freedom, but are really just disrupting already peaceful lives.

  34. Bob,

    You still have not answered my questions.

    1. How is this information supposed to help 'advance liberty'?

    2. You claim that if this turns out to be the wrong Charles Newton, no harm will be done…but you completely ignore the fact that if this IS the wrong Charles Newton, harm already HAS been done by associating him with this situation. Additionally, if people act on the premise that these people are one and the same now, and then later realize that they are not, Ian will be 100% at fault.

    This isn't 'advancing liberty' it's scraping the dregs of the internet for a provoking story because site ratings are down exponentially. That's fine in and of itself, but the fact that Ian's potentially involving a completely innocent person–AND the fact that none of you are condemning him for that, even though you would be so quick to condemn a 'statist' if they had done the same thing–is unacceptable.

  35. I'd still love to hear what Ian has to say about all of this. He has quite a track record of "it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission" even when it involves the potential well being of others, and this is no different.

  36. I just wanna express my wholehearted support for Ian's courageous outing and shaming of this evil drug snitch. Neocon "Support the troops" nationalists and cops like holy_canole and Name can't stand that the Internet is undermining and exposing all their scams. This is real change, and for the better. Internet "change" means REAL change, not fake Obama change, and it's coming, and it's very real. What we need is 1000 Ians busily undermining the whole rotten system, and that's what's coming whether you neocon cops and jail guards like it or not. I might just attend a few drug trials myself and see who takes the stand.

  37. "If Ian “outed” the wrong Charles Newton, IMHO that person is in no danger from any person that understands the nonaggression principle."

    Wow, thanks Bob, Im sure Charlie feels a lot better about all this. I mean everyone follows the non aggression principal, after all this is the internet..Who are you to decide what is ok and safe for another human being who may have nothing to do with this…Sounds like something an oppressive authoritative regime would do..We stand for freedom so Its ok to violate someones privacy and out them as a Narc on the internet!! THIS IS A WAR!! er I mean peaceful evolution because we're like Ghandi and Rossa Parks and we're willing to SACRIFICE ANYTHING for freedom, as long as its just a misdomener and there isn't really any jail time and I don't get hurt.. but we're just like MLK …….Lame

    Throwing up someones info on the internet is aggression. You can dress it up all you want, but its still there when you turn on the lights.


  38. @ Mpeirce

    aren't you the guy wandering around in the street, wearing nothing but a sandwich board trying to sell pencils out of a cup? I had no Idea you had access to the internet. you must be at the library….Ill be here packing for when you all get your shit together to mobilize and take over the system…as long as it happens before 4:20 of course..Im sure you have plenty of time to go to drug trials…work not being an obstacle…

  39. After all this reactionary hating, I still am unclear on how anyone has been put in danger. For publishing someone's name? His name is already public–he showed up to testify as a witness is a public court! I don't hear any complaints about the fact that the court transcript is a public record, or that old high-school yearbooks are not classified top secret.

    If publishing someone's personal information were the real issue, then the haters would be directing their outrage at real offenders, such as publishers of phone books! But I don't see any of that.

    No, this is obviously not about publishing already public information; it's obviously just a personal thing against Ian. Failures hate it when others succeed. For example, look at Canole's repeated and failed attempts to unite haters under the guise of "freeing" Keene from some stigma, or "Show your appreciation for state violence" day, or whatever negativity she's currently pushing.

    Haters like Canole et al. don't realize that as long as they surround themselves by such a dense cloud of negativity, most people will be repulsed. Conversely, it's folks like Ian and the rest of those with a positive, pro-community message of peace and productivity who naturally attract the best elements of society to their causes.

  40. Haters like Canole et al. don’t realize that as long as they surround themselves by such a dense cloud of negativity, most people will be repulsed. Conversely, it’s folks like Ian and the rest of those with a positive, pro-community message of peace and productivity who naturally attract the best elements of society to their causes.

    Um, your group is fairly well known to be very public, very loud hecklers….The basic premise of your whole movement is pretty much a bitch session about how oppressed you think you are…It was Englands colonial oppression in India, Black slavery here in the states and now most recently the horror of middle class white on white marijuana subjugation . When you see the citizen reactions in local newspapers to your activities who is surrounding them selves with a cloud?..when you say best elements of society are you talking about the guy who wears a cape in town or the unbathed guy on the common (every day) with the bull horn who likes to smoke pot..So sad..

  41. Hey Name, I'm not talking to you, I'm talking about you. What was your comment, if you wanna boil it down to something I have time for? I didn't make it past the second lame sentence.

  42. I know you're not a strong reader Peirce, but you're in a library. Im sure there is someone there nice enough to read it to you.

  43. Wow….first time I've seen this post.

    So, there are a couple of people here arguing that public names and public yearbook photos taken off the public internet showing public officials paid with public money are somehow not to be made known to the public?


    The same people ask how "outing" undercover drug cops help freedom.

    I would think that outing undercover drug cops makes it harder for them to infiltrate groups that use or sell drugs. This increases personal freedom and liberty because peaceful people are aware of this person's aggressive position and can keep him away from their friends, homes and families. Thus protecting their liberty/freedom.

    I see it as a defensive issue to help peaceful people stay free from aggression…..rather than an offensive issue where pro liberty people would be "hunting down" outed government agents. The later sounds like the imagination of a liberal….

    Libertarians support non force and non aggression policies…it is the state/police who are most often the aggressors.

  44. um the public year book picture on the public internet was of a private person who may or may not even be the person in question. I don't think you have read the thread carefully enough..(perhaps another candidate for the liberty phonics program)

    Whats really funny is the false premise that most drug dealers are all somehow unsuspecting kind people who are being victimized by the horrible system..I can tell many of you have never really had any firsthand experience with real life drug dealers..This is about money, no one gives a shit what you think politically..The world you live in where you are protecting your friends and family from the horrible undercover agent after drug dealers is telling…"imagination of a liberal" indeed..sad little freak..

  45. What's really funny is the false premise that most cops are all somehow unsuspecting kind people who are being victimized by the horrible freedom lovers..I can tell many of you have never really had any firsthand experience with real life policemen..This is about money, no one gives a hoot what you think politically..The world you live in where cops are protecting their friends and family from the horrible liberty activist after narcs is telling…"guy trying to sell pencils out of a cup” indeed..sad little sycophant.

  46. You're gonna talk about my literacy in a comment in which you write, "Im" and in which you spell my handle "Peirce?" It's right there on the page, Name! What's the matter? No cut and paste on the nursing home computers? Go back to your Fox News, on the TV. That's more your speed.

  47. I still see no mention of how poor Charles the grocery clerk is to be compensated when his life and family are ruined by the backlash of being wrongly identified as an undercover drug cop. And, as far as IAN'S bravery……. HE lit this fire. Why isn't HE answering any of the questions?

  48. I agree, Bill, for all the passive aggressiveness being thrown around, no one has yet addressed the issue that you, Name, and I have brought up multiple times about Ian potentially involving a completely innocent individual–something which he claims to so vehemently protest.

    I would love to hear his input on the matter as well.

  49. Because Spying, stalking and making unfounded public accusations about private citizens is all fine as long as its done for profit in the private sector. All of this shitty behavior is being done on a voluntary basis so its all Kosher… Members of Free Keene are willingly ignorant, no one is forcing them to ignore thousands of years of human history or read outside of the narrow list of Libertarian approved authors.. .and lets all remember that.aggression is fine as long as its done in the name of freedom and no one is wearing a uniform..Its really funny how selective every one on here is determining what constitutes harm of another…In the end that's really the Achilles heel of the philosophy. The possible mistaken Charles has been deemed a non victim and so the NAP has been upheld and everyone is OK..Misson accomplished..

  50. Got windmills?

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