“Judge” Edwin Kelly Refuses to Comment on His Order Banning Media from Court in Keene

As was reported earlier, video and audio devices have been banned from Keene superior and district courts unless media members beg for an exemption. Edwin Kelly, the head judge of the circuit courts, has now officially refused to comment on his order. I called the circuit court administration office at 603-271-6418 last week and left a message for his assistant, Linda J. Cammett, and then again this week I left another message. I never received a return call. Today I called again and Linda picked up the phone. That’s when she told me that Kelly will not comment on this matter. She referred me to the supreme court’s public spokesperson Laura Kiernan. Laura did talk to me about the issue. She explained that NH is SO open in comparison to the other states. I should be grateful for the opportunity to grovel in front of a robed man to get permission to have a camera in his court. It’s entirely OK for them to prohibit audio and video devices from the lobby and the rest of the premises, because it’s somehow “disruptive”. Laura can be reached at 603-271-2646.

Interestingly, the location of the administrative office of the circuit courts is a secret. They apparently don’t want the public to come to the office that they pay for with their tax dollars. All they give out publicly is a P.O. box and this number: 603-274-6418. Does anyone know where this office is physically located?

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  1. It appears that this is the address for the circuit courts:

    District Court

    107 Pleasant Street, Johnson Hall, 3rd Floor

    Concord, NH 03301 271-6418

    FAX: 271-6406

    Found here:

  2. Nicely done, thanks!

  3. By cross-referencing just the phone#, I got the result East Kingston in Rockingham County.

  4. On the directory webpage that Graham posted a link to, it also says the Administration Office Of Courts is at Two Charles Doe Drive in Concord.

  5. Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government.

    —Justice Black

    New York Times Co. v. United States (403 U.S. 713)

  6. What have they got to hide? Video cameras are society's best tool, for keeping public officials accountable…OH!, sorry, I forgot…NH's Court system is a bunch of no-accounts…(…seriously, *WHAT* have they got to *HIDE*…???


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