Secret District Court Head Office FOUND

State HospitalWell, it’s no secret anymore. In a recent visit to Concord JJ, Garrett and I found the head office for the district courts. It was exactly where one of our commenters here at FK had suggested, as listed on another of the aggressors’ own websites:

District Court Secret Administrative Office
107 Pleasant Street, Johnson Hall, 3rd Floor
Concord, NH 03301 271-6418
(603) 271-6418
FAX: 271-6406

The one in the pic is not the exact building – it’s one building in a complex that is apparently a former state-run hospital. According to a Concord friend, there were horrible things done to people there. Looks like things haven’t changed.

At the address above appears to be the office of Edwin Kelly, the man who wrote the “ORDER” banning all audio and video recording devices from the entire leased premises of the district court in Keene. This is the same Edwin Kelly whose assistant refuses to return calls. The Edwin Kelly who wrote an editorial opposing the new redress of grievances panel, that may be able to hold him accountable (we’ll see).

When we entered the building, which had no indications on the outside that this office is there, there was a locked down chamber, where one needed to buzz the floor of interest. Diane came on the line, and from what she said (there is video), it sure sounded like his office. In fact, Diane was so frightened of a group of news reporters with cameras that she told us in a shaky voice that she called security because she wasn’t sure of our intentions!

We also visited the “superior” court head office in search of Tina Nadeau. She’s the head judge of the superior courts in NH and also the one who adopted Edwin Kelly’s order for her superior court in Keene, effectively banning all media (including cell phones) from both courts, and only in Keene, without begging permission first. Tina was out on vacation… for THREE WEEKS!

Here’s their contact info:

Superior Court Center
17 Chenell Drive, Suite 1
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-2030

That information isn’t a secret. Why is it the district court head office is hidden, but the superior court office isn’t? When I was talking to the bureaucrat at the district court head office and asked her what their hours were, she got real quiet for a long time before refusing to reveal them. The superior court on the other hand, posts their hours publicly along with their address. District court’s head office merely gives a PO Box and phone number.

What is it they are afraid of? Is it that they know on some level that people are so frustrated with their oppressive system that they set themselves on fire?

We are peaceful, so they should not be afraid; but they are. Perhaps you’d like to call them at the numbers above (or send a FAX) and tell them how you feel about superior court judge John P. Arnold throwing Jim Johnson in jail indefinitely over not filling out a court form, or district court judge Edward Burke having Ademo Freeman jailed for asking questions in public? There’s also the media device ban to bring up, or whatever awful experience you have had with their courts.

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  1. According to a Concord friend, there were horrible things done to people there. Looks like things haven’t changed.


  2. Would Ian Freeman please contact me: 512 878-9155. I have info about the secret court that will be of interest.

  3. One would HOPE, "FK", that you intend to *SHARE*WITH*US* the info you have about the "secret court". I will guess that the FEDS- (DOJ), have been investigating NH's hopelessly archaic and hideously corrupt *FUCKING*JOKE* of a "legal system"…Is that one explanation for the new "Circuit Court" system that's just been phased in???…And, Ian, c'mon! Please remind people that the Keene City Council *WAIVED* the $50K yearly rent the State used to pay Keene for lease of City space. Yes, Kangaroo/keene District Circuit court is trolling *RENT*FREE*…And, yes, Edwin Kelly has edicted that *PUBLIC*SPACE* is subject to the direct control of the Courts….With courts like NH's, why do we need a Legislature? Why not just pass laws and do everything through the court system???…………………~tKoK.

  4. I believe that was once a State Mental Hospital.

  5. Edwin W Kelly

    22 SUMMIT RD

    Plymouth, NH 03264

    (603) 536-2060

  6. Honestly, if *I* was those office workers, I'd a called 911, and reported Ian as an escaped mental patient…~tKoK.


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