The Search for Edwin W. Kelly

How’s this for accountability? A secret office with secretaries running interference as well as an assistant who won’t return calls, and instead calls security when you drop in for a visit! Thanks to Free Concord, Here’s the video of our visit to the district court head offices in Concord.

Also, here’s his alleged home address, phone number, and information about his home for anyone who might want to hold a vigil, courtesy of a helpful commenter here on the FK blog:
Edwin W Kelly
Plymouth, NH 03264
(603) 536-2060

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  1. I have a few questions/comments:

    1. You made it sound like, since this is his office, Mr. Kelly should be available at anytime day or night to meet with you, which is silly.

    2. What did you say to his assistant when you spoke with her?

    3. How long did you wait for her to call back before going back to the intercom?

    4. Did you wait around until security showed up to see what kind of questions they were going to ask you, and figure out why the women felt the need to call them?

  2. Looks like NH could also use a $100 judge salary.

  3. I'm confused. Who is Edwin Kelly and why are you looking for him? I must be missing some background on this story.

  4. lucky thing Ian keeps finding stuff to completely change his mind about where our tax dollars go and government bureaucracy and our "public servants".

    This could make a person angry.

    This fucking bullcrap is why a Thomas Ball happens.

    @ hc, if you could separate that a "freestater" is doing this and be more objective you may see whats wrong here.(imho)

  5. Hannah, I linked to some background in the article:

    Really though, the background doesn't matter. The point is, an administrative office is kept behind security and is less-than-friendly.

    What HC didn't notice was that the assistant to the head judge does NOT RETURN CALLS. So making an appointment is impossible.

    Right now we have a message in with John Lynch asking for a call back. Thus far, nothing.

  6. that place would be fun to picket etc….sort of "unsecret" them…lol

    I'm sorry for letting my displeasure with ..things show in a vulgar manner in my earlier post

  7. What HC didn’t notice was that the assistant to the head judge does NOT RETURN CALLS. So making an appointment is impossible.

    Now that's customer service.

  8. I was just thinking , maybe they get crazy disgruntled people there that are dissatisfied with the courts ; maybe that's why they have a lot of security.

    But they should still have better public relations.

  9. Ian,

    I didn't fail to notice that, I asked how long you waited for her to return your call? I also asked what she said when you spoke to her because in the video you made it sound as if you both spoke to her and left a message, I could be confused.

    Regardless, my initial question remains, as does my question numbered '4' above.

    I would appreciate answers to these questions…just like you would have appreciated answers from the ladies on the intercom.

  10. You don't pay my salary, HC. I pay theirs. That said, here are some answers for you, and then I'm off to more productive matters.

    I called, left a message, waited a few days, then called back and left another message. I then got her on the phone the next day when she happened to answer.

    We had things to do – I am under no obligation to wait around until their security decides to show up.

  11. Ian,

    So people should only be accountable if you are paying their salary? I disagree.

    As for the time frame you presented: you are claiming that a few days passed between the two parts of this video? That seems highly unlikely given the fact that you are wearing the same outfit with the same water bottle sticking out of your back left pocket…

  12. And I never claimed you had an obligation to stay, I just asked if you did. However, I think it would have been more objective reporting had you given them a chance to explain why they were called.

  13. Can you imagine what was going through their minds? Have you seen the latest DHS educational video? The people in that building have probably watched it more than once and believed everything in it. And if there are two sure signs of a terrorist, it's a camera and an interest in a secure government compound. Good thing you guys didn't have backpacks or they probably would have just preemptively killed you.

  14. Ian – Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying, and it sucks that these "public" officials aren't interested in being accessible to the public. 🙁

  15. HC,

    If you spent as much time reading this blog as you do incessantly commenting, you would already know the answer to your question.

    Here, let me help you:

    Now, compare dates on the posts, and see if you can figure out when I made calls as compared to when I showed up in person.

  16. HC,

    Love your avatar. If I sported one, I'd also be inclined to choose "Tree of Voluted Confusion", as you did. Tastefully done.

  17. Ian,

    Once again, you have failed to comprehend my question.

    In the video, you are given the number of his assistant, you then attempt to call her and proceed (it seems) to go straight back in after the woman on the intercom told you that the assistant was the one who could answer your questions. I, too, would start getting a little concerned if someone was acting in this way….which is also why I think it was dishonest reporting on your part to not wait for security to show up to find out why they were called, and instead just assume it was because these people were afraid of answering anyone's questions. That may be the case, but you not giving them a chance to explain themselves is biased.

    And, Ian, I would think you would be HAPPY I comment as much as I do…at least there is SOME activity around here. Have you checked your blog stats for the past few months? Or your Alexa ratings? Remember when you were bragging about being better rated than The Sentinel?

    Isn't this kind of lack of interest what you would call a 'market signal'?

  18. Oh Ian,

    You're bravery is awe inspiring..Has anyone noticed that Ian's bravado is always peaked when he knows he is dealing with female administrative assistants and clerical workers?…The gleeful way in which you declare "she seems afraid" is very telling about what makes little Ian feel powerful . You made another human feel afraid…how delightful…Non aggression at its finest..The security measures are in place, because not everyone who the court deals with is a driving violation or parking ticket..There are many crimes that are violent and terrible in nature.There are many occasions where perpetrators of these crimes have sought reprisal on the courts that have sentenced them..You have shown up with out an appointment, made demands and then became confrontational….While they cant see that you are a 98 pound whelp of a man child from the other side of that intercom, you have not declared your intentions and are acting irratic..

    That you suggest that you didn't want to have to wait for security, as if it were inconvenient is laughable….You had other things to do?? What if they had let you in to talk? I demand an audience!…but make it quick, I'm a very busy man… Every time you open your mouth your credibility meter drops about a foot.. You went from trying to intimidate frightened sounding female assistants to dealing with the possibility of dealing with an unafraid security detail and your tiny little balls jumped up into the recesses of your body like a turtle in a hail storm…. Quick James…..pull the car around…I'm on probation and I have daddy issues!!!

  19. HC let me see if I can clear this up for you. Ian called Mr. Kelly's assistant multiple times on PREVIOUS DAYS–not just the time he called her in the video; thus the need to go there in person since he was not getting anywhere over the phone.

    I am curious what Linda the assistant told Ian when he was actually able to talk with her in person.

  20. That is a very good point RobH…I would very much like to hear the conversation that transpired between Ian and the assistant..I'm curious why this was not included in the story, as crucial as it is to the context of his confrontation..

  21. …you're such a little dickhead, Ian…Hey, holy-canole, did you notice early in the video, when the woman came out and actually OPENED the security door, that should ONLY be opened by buzzer, after a visual confirmation of identity???…Or that the door Ian never got through, had a "Wheelchair Accessible" *HANDICAP*STICKER* on the door???…Addle-brained, but able-bodied Ian can't get in, but it's WHEELCHAIR*ACCESSIBLE???…Private wheelchairs, only, huh???…Hey, holy-canole, did you notice Ian turn to the camera, and say, "OOOOO, she opened the door, THAT's security!!!…… See, holy_canole, can you begin to see how you have let yourself be bamboozled???…Ian works for DHS / FPS (Dept. Homeland Security / Federal Protective Service ), under GSA (General Services Admin. ) contract posing as a nut-job citizen, but actually going around doing *SECURITY*CHECKS* for various government facilities…then, he gets to creat content for his little "FREEKEENIES#FREEWEENIES, which is a gov't front to attract, identify, and monitor potential "subversives"……the "X-Files" is more reality than you can possibly imagine, holy_canole…So why do you keep coming here, expecting that Ian will polish your little ego-apple???…Are you some kind of intellectual masochist, holy_canole???…

  22. …..piqued, not "peaked", and erratic, not "irratic", "Name(required)"…~tKoK….Good post, though!……."""….98 pound whelp of a man-child…???…PRICELESS!…thnx 4 that……@grin@…~tKoK.

  23. KOK,

    I was in a rush when I wrote that….You are absolutely right, on my misspellings..I also used You're instead of your in the opening…..regrettable but none the less understandable to the average FK reader..I will be more vigilant with grammar and spelling moving forward…

  24. A Possible Tool to Be Used Here or Otherwise In The Future To Force Action By Government Officials:

    A writ of mandamus or mandamus (which means "we command" in Latin), or sometimes mandate, is the name of one of the prerogative writs in the common law, and is "issued by a superior court to compel a lower court or a government officer to perform mandatory or purely ministerial duties correctly"

  25. "1. You made it sound like, since this is his office, Mr. Kelly should be available at anytime day or night to meet with you, which is silly."

    If you ever actually read anything before responding to it, you'd have realized they were actually saying something closer to:

    "…since this is his office, Mr. Kelly should be available, EVER."

    It's like you're not even trying to hide how obvious it is that you're feigning ignorance anymore. Why is it that people who criticize FK all day tend to have no honesty, integrity, or reading comprehension? Oh, because that's what a fucking troll does.

  26. Rob,

    Thanks, but I actually was aware of that already. My question was how long he waited between calling and saying 'it's busy' and going back to the intercom.

    And I agree, it would be interesting to hear the conversation with Linda.

  27. "If you ever actually read anything before responding to it, you’d have realized they were actually saying something closer to:

    “…since this is his office, Mr. Kelly should be available, EVER.”"

    That may be what he was *trying* to say, but it certainly wasn't he *did* say.

    telecom: I'm sorry, he doesn't have an appointment with you (implying that he is unavailable to meet at the moment)

    Ian: Oh, that's alright, I'd be happy to meet him anyway (obviously consciously ignoring what she was implying)

  28. TO: "holy_canole": That's ok, girl, I been fightin' the man since your DADDY was a boy. By the time we here at FREAK-KEENE get done with you, and you graduate college with your Masters in Human Sympathy Studies, you'll really, Really, *REALLY* be *READY* to go out and kick some New World Order Ass!….you know we loves ya'…..~tKoK.

  29. Oh yes lets leave all of his personal information for a "vigil" and not because you know people will harras him you dick head

  30. If Ian would shave that rat off his chin, He'd be a hottie.


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