Aggression Disrupts Free Speech Fridays

Today in Keene’s Central square, beginning at 4:00, a weekly event known as Free Speech Fridays was held. The idea behind the event is to provide an open microphone for the people of Keene to come out and speak to the general public. This is the third such event to be held in Keene’s Central Square, and so far it has been a success. Unfortunately, it’s not without its bumps in the road.

At approximately 5:00PM two individuals wearing blue outfits with small pieces of metal on them, carrying large firearms approached the gazebo in Central Square. The demanded in the name of some person calling themselves ‘The City’, who at this time is unidentified, that the persons gathered in Central Square cease using the publicly available power outlets due to a lack of a ‘permit’. After some questioning, these two individuals, against the requests of the owner of the PA system set up for Free Speech Fridays, unplugged it. After some further discussion between the attendees and the aggressive individuals, the aggressors left the are. An unknown individual then restored power to the PA System and Free Speech Fridays continued.

The aggressive individuals did not further harass any attendees. Talley.TV was there, and will post video later.

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