Watch Derrick, Ryan & Roz Get Some Accountability from the City of Keene, Live

On Friday evening the City of Keene sent the night shift of the Keene Police Department to Central Square where law enforcers stole an audio mixer and assaulted three people participating in the community’s Live Free or Dance event. Derrick Freeman was maced while law enforcers attempted to blind the cameras from the actions of their aggressive colleague with their flashlights.

For background, read my post on Talley.TV and watch this video by Dave Ridley, featuring Neal Connor. Please join me in watching the backs of Ryan Maddox, Roz and Derrick J. Freeman by watching the video below and the schedule under that:

These videos will also be published on the watchtalleytv YouTube channel. Subscribe to be alerted to future videos.

We intend to go to the following bureaucracies and enforcement agencies in the following order and hope to arrive at Keene City Hall at 8AM.

If you see something say something. If you witness actions taken by public servants on the livestream that concerns you, please call one of the following locations to voice your objections. Phone numbers are provided below.

(603) 352-0133 Keene City Hall
(603) 352-4238 Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office
(603) 357-9813 Keene Police Department
(603) 903 1600 Cheshire County Department of Corrections
(603) 352-6902 Cheshire County Superior Court

Each of these organizations are subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and this morning is the first available chance for the FOIA to be evoked.

For any members of law enforcement who may be thinking about stopping my efforts to make government more transparent I suggest you read about the recent Glik ruling by the 1st Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals here and here. It upheld the right to record public servants and makes it clear that people who are law enforcers can be personally held liable for for infringing on rights acknowledged by the First Amendement to the U.S. Constitution. Words on paper that law enforcers swore to uphold. From the unanimous three judge ruling (PDF) by the  1st Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals:

[A] citizen’s right to film government officials, including law enforcement officers, in the discharge of their duties in a public space is a basic, vital, and well-established liberty safeguarded by the First Amendment.

Lets see if they want to challenge the U.S. District Court today?

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  1. there should be a numbered sequence

  2. how can it be watched/made sense of if there is no sequence for all these videos

  3. seems like every single video has the extra loud commercial ..,every single video..i know:im complaining

  4. "From the unanimous three judge ruling (PDF) by the 1st Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals"

    Oh sure – if it is something that benefits a freestater, THEN judges and courts mean something. If they don't, well….it's theft….men in black robes…."judges",,,,,power trips.

    Lets try to stick to one hypocrisy at a time.

  5. The need to lump "Free Staters" together… group/gang think. There is a range of beliefs within the movement.

    Even within the outside the system activism it is not hypocritical to hold the people that profess to being following the rules to indeed follow the rules. Felony charges brought against people for video recording the "authorities"… now if they do it it is directly in conflict with there own systems rules.

  6. It is human Nature, to seek to understand something, by comparing it to some other, already known thing. Just so, by not being more clear, among other ways, "FreeKeene"dot"Com" has allowed itself to be identified as the "voice" of the "FreeKeene Movement", and to cause the Public to believe that "FreeKeene" is part of the FSP…I think, "Tom Sawyer", that it is public perception which does the "lumping together"…….And, by not only allowing, but also encouraging, the most extreme behaviour, "FreeKeene", & the "FREEWEENIES", have earned & deserve, the very real hatred which they see coming from some members of the Public. By allowing and encouraging idiots like Derrick, for example, the "FreeWeenies" do far more harm to the cause, than good…And, for the most part, the "FreeWeenies" are drunks, potheads, druggies, lay-abouts, and rabble rousers…OH!, and they are needlessly argumentative assholes……As I've said before here, I am so secure in my description, because it *TAKES*ONE*TO*KNOW*ONE*……But, at least I'm not stupid enough to just go up and puch a cops' automatic "arrest me" button, like Derrick did. It was *NOT* "kpd thuggery" which got Derrick arrested, rather, it was fuck-face Derricks' OWN*ACTIONS* which got him arrested. Derrick, my punk-assed, fuck-faced friend, it was *YOUR*OWN*ACTIONS* which got you arrested&maced, and you asked for it, you deserved it. If you gonna do the crime, you gots to do the time…please don't try *BLAMING* other people, who are only doing their job. And, be glad I'm not a cop. If I was, your ass would still be in the *HOSPITAL*, and you'd maybe be out of jail for Christmas. Yeah, X-mas 2012…BWA HA HA HA Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ho hummmmmmmZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…………~tKoK.

  7. matt on Mon, 12th Sep 2011 3:20 pm

    Oh sure – if it is something that benefits a freestater, THEN judges and courts mean something. If they don’t, well….it’s theft….men in black robes….”judges”,,,,,power trips.

    Lets try to stick to one hypocrisy at a time….——–.<—Hypocrisy, schmipocrisy…who gives a shit about "hypocrisy", "matt"…???…….

    You know I'm not trying to suck up to you, or whatever, but I have to agree with you…One of the biggest complaints against the "FreeWeenies" is the hypocrisy and double-standards they use…Looks like, as their asses get dragged one at a time through the Court system, they still aren't learning, and they seem singularly unable to "teach the children" well, or at all….So, just out of curiousity, why do *YOU* give a fuck, if they are hypocrits…???…(If they lose the hypocrisy, they would not be such fucking idiots, and if they weren't such fucking idiots, they would lose the hypocrisy. So, telling the "FreeWeenies" to stop being hypocrits, is just like yelling at a baby to stop crying. Try getting a baby to stop crying, by yelling at it. See what I mean? If the "Freeweenies" were capable of listening to reason, they wouldn't be such fuckheads in the first place. DUH.) ~tKoK.

  8. What the fuck king? Is it you making more sense, or am I somehow changing? Perhaps it does take one to know one(asterisk smiley face).

  9. When a court decides to uphold freedom it's generally worth noting. I don't think it's hypocritical to make a stand for the right to record your servants in the course of their duty and to celebrate when your rights are acknowledged by an organization that typically infringes upon them.

    It might just be payday for some of them. For all of you who love paying the ridiculous tax rates while you detest freestaters, I'll remind you that large sums of that money may go to a freestater after this decision. This is a call for the haters to stop paying taxes and avoid funding that which you detest.

  10. If people want the community to come on the side of liberty I would argue that they are doing it wrong. These videos are only setting the liberty movement back. People in Keene don't want a bunch of loud individuals blasting music at night and swearing at police. It makes everyone involved look bad. I'm sorry, but some decorum is required if you want to win the hearts and minds of people. Videos like this make people want more government, not less. Just a thought from someone who has lived in Keene his entire life.

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