Ian’s Blog from Jail #5

[Transcribed by Mail-to-Jail.]

Ian Freeman

“KPD Shows True Colors with Parking Meter Proposal & What to Do About it”

Keene Police Chief Ken Meola tipped his hand recently with his proposal to switch from the parking meters littering beautiful downtown Keene that many know and detest to a new system of kiosks.” Each unit will replace several meters and unlike meters in other cities, thees do not require the user to place a receipt on the dash.

Please forgive my inexact numbers. I write this from my jail cell and do not have source material in front of me. I’m going by my memory of recent Keene Sentinel pieces on the subject.

Considering, if I recall correctly, that KPD rakes in over $300,000 per year from the current system, one might wonder what the motivation is to change a system that is “working.” (Though I have heard rumor that the Parking Division actually runs in the red. I would love to have this confirmed or denied. Regardless, that information doesn’t change the point of this post.)

Why, greed, of course.

KPD’s pitch to the city council was that the new parking kiosks could result in up to 30% more revenue to the Parking Division. How? Meola claims it will limonite “piggybacking.” You know, that feeling of a relief you get when pulling into a space and noticing there is still time left on the meter? To the driver intending to visit downtown Keene’s businesses or parks, it’s a blessing – but according to KPD – it’s a curse.

“Piggybacking” is simply the lucky perk that some drivers get from the fact that people tend to overestimate how much time they will need on the meter. (In order to avoid the dreaded orange envelope. More on tickets in a bit.) KPD would much rather have EVERY driver overpay. If the estimates are correct, that could mean another $100,000 per year would flow in to the Parking Division. Wahoo! They could then use that money to hire more parking “enforcers”! Thereby resulting in more tickets issued and even more money being extracted from the productive class!

Oops! Hey KPD – your true nature is showing. You’re mostly interested in “serving and protecting” your own bureaucracy. Real protectors would focus on protecting the innocent against force and fraud (like your department’s “Statement of Ethics” suggests), not shaking down people for spare change. Or all of the other aggressive revenue-generating thins you focus on, like kidnapping and fining people for possessing a plant or chemical or driving safely to work. (Both reasons why many others are sitting in this jail. I’ll talk more about them in a future post.)

If KPD and the eight councilors who support testing the new kiosk system (it was a 8-7 vote) had their priorities straight, they wool instead propose and approve the complete removal of all parking meters in Keene. The economy sucks. People all over are hurting. Their cost of living is rising and the value of the dollar is falling. People are pinching pennies just to keep the bills paid, yet KPD and their supporters want to symbolically flip Keeniacs upside down and shake out the remaining nickels, dimes, and quarters. (Oh, and the new system will take credit cards, too – probably for an extra fee).

Do I need to point out the fact that eliminating the parking meters would immediately put over $300,000 per year back into the pockets of the people who earned it? Back into the hurting economy – likely to be spent at downtown businesses that some people avoid specifically because they don’t want the added cost of the meters and the rick of a ticket?

The parking bureaucracy produces nothing but heartache and frustration. Of course the objection will be: “The reason we have meters is because businesses don’t want people parking out front in prime spot all day blocking business.” If meter supporters wanted to help businesses, they should advocate property owners gaining ownership of their spaces adjacent to their property – and let the owners decide how to handle their spaces.

Politics is about compromise though – so here is a middle-road solution: Eliminate parking meters and make the formerly metered spots 2-hour parking, but only enforced by complaint. That way if a long-sitting car is irking a business owner, they can call the cops about it – otherwise the police stay out of the parking enforcement realm.

No one thus far made any parking proposals to actually improve the downtown economy. The only discussion in the Sentinel has been “Should they, or shouldn’t they?” The way they frame the issue is either-or: status quo or the new system? This is the typical , stale “debate” found in political circles and their cheerleaders, of which the Sentinel is one. In a recent editorial, the paper’s writer(s) act like it’s no big deal – it’s just a few nickels and dimes. They express confusion as to why so many Keeniacs are bothered by the proposal (showing how disconnected from reality the editors are), then encourage people to keep an open mind during the upcoming trial. The editorial wraps by saying that “we” may actually get more revenue from the kiosks vindicating the police’s claims and resulting in the full-scale install of these devices, which by the way cost $10,000-$12,000 each and around $3,000 each to install.

Wait, what? Check out the Sentinel’s pitch again – “we” could get more revenue? Who is “we”?

Hey Sentinel – I have news for you. “We” are not the government. The money “we” spend in parking meters is gone from us, the productive people, and put in the hands of those who will use it to feed their bureaucracy and further control us. “We” are not KPD’s Parking Division, and neither are your reporters. If their plan does result in more revenue, that merely expands their budget at the cost of sucking more money away from people who could use it on products and services they actually value.

As nice as the meter maids (or “enforcers” as KPD calls them) might be – most people don’t want their “service”. Eliminate the meters and bureaucracy and they can get real jobs, doing something customers will voluntarily pay for.

Now, on to the practical. Before a sensible proposal to eliminate meters entirely can be made, “we” must stop this one. Here’s how: First, the obvious. Write or call all the city councilors and let them know how you feel. (There is a link to their contact info on the city’s website.) Some councilors, like Cynthia Georgina, voted for the upcoming trial (where 2 kiosks will be loaned from the manufacturer to replace dozens of parking meters) even though they actually like “piggybacking”! I presume it was done simply out of reverence for the police.

Second – refuse to use the kiosks. Notice I didn’t say refuse to park in the kiosked spaces. By all means, park there. Just don’t put money in the kiosk. Yes, you will be ticketed. Do not pay the ticket. Instead, walk into the Keene Police Department and tell the lady behind the parking window that a ticket was left on your car and that you would like a trial. She will attempt to talk you out of it. She may attempt to ask you questions. Do not admit to driving or parking your car – simply inform her that you will not be pleading guilty (that’s what you do when you pay the tickets) and that you want the trial that you are entitled to. Considering the tickets don’t tend to list the owner of the car, it makes sense to give her your name and mailing address so you can be sent a trial notice.

If this is your first time noncooperation, congratulate yourself. Take a moment and search Free Keene for “parking ticket”. You will see that taking a parking ticket to court has resulted usually in the charge being dropped. Even if you do go to trial and are found guilty – worst case – it’s just a “violation” and you’ll have to pay the fine you’d have paid up front anyway. However you just wasted up to an hour of the time of the prosecutor, judge, court staff, and most importantly, the parking enforcer who ticketed you! Remember, if she’s sitting in court, she’s not writing tickets for anyone else! Plus you get to cross-examine her and gain valuable court experience. Again, searching here for “parking ticket” should reveal useful ideas, including trial video. Don’t forget – once you get the date for the trial, you can send a “Notice of Discover Requirement” to the KPD prosecutor (and send a copy to the district court) informing them that you want “discover”. They then have to send you the evidence they have and plan to present at trial. This will cost them more time as well as money to send it via mail. (You can save postage by hand-delivering them to court.)

Kiosks or no kiosks – if 10% of people who get parking tickets took them to trial, it would overload the court system. That’s probably why they’ll drop the charge – the $5 fine just isn’t worth the hassle.

Their system rests on your obedience. The upcoming kiosk trial-period is an ideal time to practice noncooperation. Give it a try and post your story on the Free Keene Forum! (or email news@freekeene.com)

One more thing. Have you ever been saved from a parking ticket by “Robin Hood”? (Activists dropping nickels in expired meters to prevent a ticket) This proposed kiosk system may kill robin-hooding, by making it impossible to determine from the kiosk how much time remains on a given parking space.

Please contact the city councilors and consider refusing to pay for kiosked spots and take your ticket(s) to trial.

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  1. Sorry Ian – other things going on out here in the real world. But good try to stir up controversy from your jail cell. Must be hard to write with 200 pounds of man lying on top of you. You just keep researching this next big scandal of parking meter stuff – I stopped reading your bullshit after the third paragraph.

  2. You made it to three? WTF?

  3. Can you people grow up?

  4. Right, ryan.

  5. So the guy with no personality who got arrested for being a douchebag is requesting that commenters grow up. Amusing.

  6. two facts about the new parking system : less overhead and more revenue.

    It's foreseen that it will be 30% more revenue (revenue = money from the public = increase of parking fees)

    This information is from the city government .

    It is not in dispute.

  7. No, but the "city of keene" **IS** "in dispute", Mr. "david-keene"…Funny, you're about the LAST person I think would be here sticking up for the city of keene…~tKoK.

  8. They have the kiosks in Ann Arbor, MI. There's no excuses ever with these things. They take credit cards, they can control dozens of parking spots from a single machine and they alert the busybodies (meter maids, if you prefer) when a violation occurs.

    They are evil. They will take more of the wealth out of the pockets of the productive class in your community and put it into the hands of the political class.

    Need I say more?

  9. In a voluntary society, aren't we looking to replace taxes with fees? So instead of property taxes, aren't we looking to have fees for courts, police, parks, and roads? I keep wanting to go back to The Woodlands, TX — a city with almost 100,000 people, with a business district, industrial district, neighborhoods, parks, roads, lakes, bike trails, and no government — all paid by agreement between the land owners. I don't know if they have parking meters, but wouldn't they be a step in the voluntary direction?


  10. How about getting rid of courts and police, and the concept of land ownership all together?

  11. The best "step in the voluntary direction" would be no parking meters, or even kiosks. The alleged reasons for parking meters, in downtown Keene, at least, is to prevent downtown store employees from parking in front of other stores, thereby taking up spaces that could be used by other customers. Also, to keep folks from parking too many hours at a time in the same space, again, supposedly to keep a steady supply of available parking spaces. Both of these reasons are bullshit. The City of Keene has for years now, not provided adequate parking spaces in the downtown area. When a "parking garage" was built years ago, it was targeted towards City Hall employees, and the local rich people's condos. It was way too small to have any real effect on downtown parking. What hasn't been mentioned in this debate, is the very real reality that there are increasingly large numbers of downtown parking spaces sitting empty for hours at a time, because there aren't enough shoppers who want to park, get out, and spend money downtown. THAT is the real, actual problem. Keene's much-ballyhooed "vibrant downtown" is both an illusion, and a delusion. It's an illusion in the same way that a Hollywood movie set is an illusion, and it's a delusion because the mucky-mucks only think it's vibrant. Restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and a few trinket & gift shops are about all downtown Keene has going for it. Oh, and the head shop that's been in Winchester for 8 years, is now in downtown Keene, too. Snacks, food, beer, booze, drugs…snacks, food, beer, booze, drugs…that's downtown Keene. These new "kiosks" are only the latest iteration of ways to scam money from people. But, when the number of people who show up at the public meeting on these parking kiosks far exceeds the number who bother to show when the City Council votes on a $35Million budget, you know priorities are screwed………….///… But, still, too little, too late.—->

    To: *ALL*FREEWEENIES*: *GET*THE*FUCK*OUT*OF*MY*TOWN*. I'm glad to hear you're still in jail, Ian, and I hope they NEVER*LET*YOU*OUT*OF*JAIL*….but that's just me. Safest place for a "freeweenie" these days, is in jail. I'm afraid that the streets of Keene have become a "freeweenie" death-trap…but that's just IMHO. ~tKoK.

  12. Matt, I've done nothing but be candid with you and you call me a douchebag with no personality. Why? You weren't there nor really know much about me. I try to take you and others seriously but you keep coming here with hostile and sadist comments. I'm camera shy and I was sleep deprived. Get over yourself. You just appear to be a vicious loser.

  13. "Ryan Maddox", weren't you arrested at the Common last Friday? And on Cheshire TV / FTL with Derrick, Heika, and Talley???… Hey, nothing personal, dude. Keene cops don't fuck around, do they? You should have tried actually talking to the cops, instead of playing all the *LIB-TARD*WORD*GAMES*…You got yourself arrested. How's that feel? What do you think now? You can go down the "Derrick road", or you can get real. Ask Heika. I think she learned something, too. I don't know what "matt" has against you, but, trust me, kid, "freekeeners" really aren't very welcome in Keene. Neither are the poor and homeless, but that's just how it is. It sucks. It's wrong. But, that's just how it is. And, if "matt" calling you a "douchebag with no personality" is the worst thing you've endured lately, you should be grateful. If you can't handle typed insults online, how the fuck can you fight for freedom???…Keene is your training camp, kiddo…~tKoK.

  14. @ryan,

    It's because they are trolls.

    That is why matt said that.

    he is a troll.

    talking to them is like feeding a cancer

  15. ,,,and the *CANCER* *IS "david-keene"…….Yup, "david-keene" is **GOOD** cancer food….

  16. david-keene, troll proctologist. Or, is it oncologist? I think he's both.

  17. TKOK,

    I've talked with you several times, lengthy discussions at that, and never have you once called me a "FreeWeenie" or told me to "get the fuck out of your town." You gave me advice on how to proceed in a case against Edward and chatted about general issues.

    Yet, when ever I come here you seem hostile, hateful and violent. I was SHOCKED when I seen you state you wanted Derrick arrested for holding weed, that you complained. Shocked, since I bet you've used drugs (illegal ones) in your life. You also seem, from past conversations, to be one who believes in self ownership.

    Am I missing something? Why do you seem to have two personalities on these subjects?

    To everyone else (David), have you ever heard of slave on slave violence? That's what we have here. You've been feed so many lies in your life that you can't see the truth if you wanted. I'm fine with this, I just hope you stop resorting to violence to get your ways. People don't have to agree on every issue in this world, and we won't because it's impossible.

    So let's end the government who FORCES us to fight over these issues (slave on slave violence – which strengthens the government). As soon as we're no longer forced to be involved in issues we disagree upon the sooner we can return to a prosperous society.

    One day we'll realize we're all "free staters."

  18. i dont understand it either ademo

  19. My friend Ademo, long time no see. I think I can answer all your questions. Ther is some confusion and miscommunication happening here…..(…yes, I did sign the ceiling of MARV, in the back, and I'm glad. I self-describe as a "Genesis 1:29 Christian"…hint-hint…)

    About my use of the term "freeweenie": I am using it as a generic "catch-all" phrase. I am not trying to include, or exclude, any particular person. For example, "FreeKeene" is a blogpost website. There is no formal group called "FreeKeene", *BUT* some folks self-describe, or are described by others as being "FreeKeeners"…Not all FSP'ers(Free State Project") are around Keene, but some are. Some "Freekeeners" are FSP'ers, some aren't. So, when I use "freeweenie", I am simply being generally descriptive of an amorphous, ever-changing group of people. Not even trying to be insulting.

    As for the "get the fuck out of my town" rhetoric, that's all it is. RHETORIC. I will not explain it further, because part of my point, is to get folks to think for themselves. I too often see "freeweenies" stuck on an intellectual treadmill. They seem to think the same thoughts, over and over again, and they never get anywhere. Calling cops "thugs", and jail cells "cages" ceased to be at all amusing to me years ago. When the "freeweenies" use the same bullshit words over and over, it gets old. We get the point. You hate cops, and jail sucks. Give it a rest. It's OK to stop to think, just remember to *START* again…

    I am not "hostile, hateful, or violent", but thank-you for the compliment on my writing skills. I am trying to make you *THINK* that I am those things. Thus, you must begin to question yourself, or re-inforce your self-delusions. Either way. And, by my expressing myself thusly, it gives you "freeweenies" practice, for the big bad old world, when you do encounter those who are truly hate-filled and hostile. I'm kind of the "Cyber-Drill Sergeant" of the blogosphere. Mostly, if anything, I think my vitriolic hyperbole is mildly amusing. And it's therapeutic. And, early on in "FreeKeene" blogging, there were more in nastiness, and more in number, of Trolls, and angry townfolk. I would engage them in my current style.

    And, I am trying to set limits. I want to bump up against the envelope, but not break it. Stretch it, but not damage it. So, when somebody DOES post a real threat here, it tends to jump out more, because, really, I am not threatening anything, or anybody. more, below.

  20. As for Derrick. Faggoty-assed little Derrick. I don't *WANT* him arrested. I was there last Friday, which is probably why he personally invited me to show up Weds. Both times, what I witnessed, was Derrick deliberately provoking the cops, for the purpose of forcing the cops to arrest him, so you guys could get more videos posted on youtube, copblock, talleyTV, etc…Derrick wasn't arrested for provoking the cops, rather, he was arrested for not ceasing to provoke the cops. Hence, that's why I say that he got exactly what he asked for, and exactly what he deserved….He fired up a bowl of weed sitting right next to KPD Officer Short. "Hardass" is a good description of Short. What does Derrick expect? That Short will say, "I don't see that weed, Derrick"??? How delusional ARE you guys? If Derrick had left well enough alone, and quit while he was ahead, he would NOT have been arrested EITHER*TIME. I have worked very hard for, well, decades now, to build good relationships with the cops in Keene. I have been both successful, and a failure at that. I see cops for the people they are, and I choose to work with that humanity. I will NOT create negativity by calling cops "thugs", or provoking them. For example, today, at "FreeSpeechFriday"(lame), Jason Talley talked about the 2 cops present – Officers Bruce Uhas, and Tim Peloquin, as being "drug warriors", who want to arrest peaceful people for non-violent, victimless "crimes" like smoking weed in the Common. I was standing next to Peloquin, so I asked him. Like I knew already, Tim doesn't believe in the "WAR*ON*(some)*DRUGS*(sometimes)*, any more than you or I do. BUT, Tim WILL do his JOB, and arrest somebody who acts against the current law. That's what makes Uhas and Peloquin LEOs – LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. (I think maybe Uhas masturbates to fantasies of cracking potheads, but that's just me…). My point is, in Keene, NH, 2011, smoking weed in public WILL get you arrested. That is just *REALITY*…I am only trying to state and restate *REALITY*. WHEW!…And yes, I have had posts deleted here, before, and I'm OK with that. (…I have snuck some shit past the site admins, too, but that's *TOP*SECRET*…*grin*…) Way I see it, if I'm the worst guy you freeweenies encounter, then you're lucky. If I am NOT the worst you encounter, then I truly hope that you are just that much more able to defend yourselves, because you have faced the most challenging opponent imaginable. I *TRAIN* *YOU* *GUYS* *FOR* *WORSE* *THAN* *ME*……

  21. Your greatest opponent is the person you see, when you look in a mirror. I try, by all I write, to serve as a mirror for all who read this blog-post. And yes, my audience includes Federal agents in D.C., Langley, VA, and the Pentagon. This is not only about smoking weed in the Common in Keene, this is ALSO about how do 300,000,000+ AMERICANS prevail in a world of ~7,000,000,000 souls, and GOD, how does one man get by, day-to-day, in this crazy fucking world?.

    Thanks for the questions here, Ademo. My respect for you compels me to answer your questions as completely as possible. And, I NEVER "write down" to my audience. If you don't understand what I'm saying, then *KEEP*CLIMBING*…….in closing, I believe that the U.S.Constitution is the "supreme law of the land", and I have sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and the American people, against any and all enemies, foreign, and especially domestic enemies. "God Bless America" **MEANS**SOMETHING** to me. I love this country, and all her crazy, fucked-up people. Bad as it can be, it's my home, and this I will defend. My favorite motto means something to me, and to those whom I hold in the highest regard. So, Ademo, TTYL, -soon, I hope – and, ***** SEMPER*FI ***** ~tKoK.

  22. garbage

  23. Both times, what I witnessed, was Derrick deliberately provoking the cops, for the purpose of forcing the cops to arrest him,

    I call BULLSHIT.

  24. Yes, ademo, you are the only one who is free in this 'slave on slave' world.

    In the immortal words of lpviper, "I call BULLSHIT."

  25. Well said, 'provoking the cops', that's what Freakeene is all about.

    Instigating, provoking, taunting the police, rather than work WITH lawmakers,, lying ,'gladly accepting donations,demanding rights, and still not accepting responsibility for their actions.

    Spoiled kids, sucking the public of what money they can.

    Didn't Rev Moon do something to this effect?

    Anyone care for a for a glass of Kool-aid?

  26. With all this talk going on, I almost forgot…did Ian write a blog about something? LOL.

    Ryan – shut up, take david-keene's panties off your head and pull them up high. Funny how people on a COMMENT FORUM get so pissed off they want people to die, but expect the cops in real life to spread their angel wings while the monkeys throw their poo at them.

    Ademo – you are the most unaligned individual in this whole entire clan. You whine about cops 24/7. One of your most recent contributions to copblock has nothing to do with accountability, where you cry and blabber that a cops job isn't dangerous…that following them around is just as dangerous…blah blah blah. But, well – you just keep following the path of Ian….keep sneaking up on the sleeping tiger with your stick and whacking it. One of these days, mama tiger's gonna clamp down on you – and you'll have no one to blame but yourself. And I'll still be out here….FREE. And uh…what's with the self fanbase of yours? LOL. A superhero outfit with your selected name "Ademo"? Buddy, you're not NEARLY as famous as you think…wow that's embarassing actually. When you walk into a liberty room, do you love yourself more than others? LOL riding around in a RV isn't going to pay the bills forever buddy.

  27. You're full of shit, Dennis. People in New Hampshire HAVE been working with lawmakers to legalize pot, and wasn't it ONE MAN who struck that down the last time? What are these people supposed to do with one petty tyrant with a thousand guns at his back?

    No, you fuckin trolls like to repeat your same 'advice' over and over again, when there are people already doing those things.

    I called BULLSHIT because Derrick did not FORCE the asshole cops to do anything. Nobody did. They took a job that involves acting in an immoral manner withiin society, and then made the immoral choice, to lock somebody up who hadn't caused any harm to anyone else. Now I don't know if this is tKoK's 'Rhetoric' or if he really believes that Derrick somehow forced the cop to arrest and jail him. I hope he doesn't because then I would have to think him stupid.

    You, Dennis, on the other hand, I know you aren't stupid, you're just a mean-spirited prick who doesn't want to allow others to be free for some reason.

    You know, Dennis, when liberty minded folk say they want everybody to be free, they even mean you, prick though you are.

    Someday you might be grateful that these folks risked their freedom to spread the idea that everybody should be free. Your progeny are a lot more likely to be grateful than you are.

    Here's hoping for their sake that you don't spread hateful words to them about harmless people, and spread ideas of hate instead of love, compassion, tolerance, and peace.

    I want that stuff for you, Dennis. Maybe deep down you want that stuff for you, too. There is not enough space here to list all the ways our lives could be better without the moralizers, but you can rest assured that putting the wealth in the hands of those who earned it and leaving them the hell alone to decide what things are of value in their lives would create a prosperity that would make you regret ever having thought government was a good idea.

    But you want me to prove it first. Whatever. Eventually Liberty will win out and statist cranks like you will be an historical footnote.


  28. Is someone real name of Dennis hiding behind another name?

    (probably because he won't stand behind his words)

  29. I guess "Dennis" isn't a moral person who has convictions..ie a troll

  30. Thanks for the response TKOK, I get what you're saying/doing but you're more in line with our views than it's perceived here. We'll talk again when I'm back in town.


    You must not read CopBlock.org enough but atleast you're visiting from time to time. I'm sure you'll understand the message at some point.

    As for the tiger clamping down on me… you might be right. What you forgot to mention that after that "tiger" (the government) is done destroying me, it's going to come for you. Maybe not at first but after it kills anyone who would have stood up for you regardless of your comments or views towards me.

    I think if you really opened your mind and listened to what we're saying you'd understand that we're not here to cause trouble. We're here to educate others on the harms of the state and to live our lives. If you like what the state does, then all we're asking is that you let us opt out? Let me live MY life, not yours.

    When your life ends, or it gets so bad your government falls, you'll realize you lived for nothing – that everything you've done thus far hasn't mattered on bit. You have no desire to fight for something you believe – because you have no thoughts of your own – and are merely a slave to others controlling your life. Yet, I'm supposed to care what you think.

    (the graphic was a gift)

  31. Ademo – look – do I have opinions that might be in agreement with some of your thinking as it pertains to government? Probably. However, much of the things you dedicate your life to, have nothing to do with standing up for my freedom and you reek of hypocrisy. For instance, you made a remark some time ago that you ate at a private establishment and took exception to the owner's choice of pictures on his "hero wall" – which were military personnel. You decided it best to confront this owner with whom he felt were hero's in his world. You then just had to run out and let everyone know about it. Was that your idea of fighting for my freedom, or was it to feed your ego with the same comments from the same people in your circle of friends? That guy's wall in HIS restaurant is HIS life….and if you want people to let you live YOUR life, how about extending the courtesy to others on how they wish to live THEIR life.?. It isn't your place to be the morality police in other people's homes or businesses.

    So – just because I choose to not spend my free time chasing down police cars on patrol in a RV and confronting them on why they are stopping people for running a red light, doesn't mean my time isn't spent on other things that don't matter. When is the last time you spent your time dousing the dry mouth of a person suffering from cancer? What's that? You don't post videos on this….well…..must mean you are merely a slave to others controlling your life.

    I could give two shits how you examine my thoughts – if I did – I wouldn't have addressed you. But I think you do care, because you have taken the time to address me twice. Three times the charm?

  32. First: instead of a series of personal ad hominems, why dont all you anonymous hatesr discuss the actual raised in the blog post? The point is, thepurpsoe of parking meters is to ensure the rotation of parking spaces, given that there are more drivers who would like to use them then there are spaces. The proposed new system, by all arguments, has *nothing* to do with parking rotation, and everything t odo with revenue generation It is therefore a completely invalid arguement.

    Seccond, Dont know who you are, tKoK, but I live here, and I sure as hell dont acknoweldge you as King. "Faggoty-assed?" Really? You really wrote that? Tell ya what, hot stuff….reveal your true handle, and agree to meet me. I'd like to see how quickly you turn into a faggoty-ass when you lose the ability to hide behind anonymity.

  33. thanks tully

  34. q


  36. Ah the old show me your face bit. *yawn* – somebody wake me when "Tully" shows up downtown ready to rock and rumble. What a joke – people getting all ass hurt and ready to go Rambo on persons over written words – LOL – "peace". Saving the "in your mama's basement" bit for your next retort "Tully"?

    Of COURSE it is about revenue genius. How does one make another move their car from a parking spot? You hit them in the wallet – otherwise what is the point of fines? People don't move their cars enough because they are pricks and it effects business – and Ian would just out of spite likely leave his piece of shit downtown for days to make room for the other five pieces of shit that grace the front of his house. I especially like the one with the front bumper falling off….goes with the decor of his rattrap porch.

  37. david-keene, er I mean erg2reg….yeah you already thanked him once…no need to do it two minutes later. You might have gotten away with it if you weren't the only moron on here who writes "q" every now and then dum . So yeah….THANKS TULLY….hell of a guy…a real fucking hero.

  38. Why all the hate and discontent? Be grateful that Louis Dega (aka Ian) works OT from his cage to social engineer better parking for the free citizens of Keene.

  39. is "matt" "dennis" , lpviper? (It's hard to avoid the trolls first lines ,though i try šŸ™‚ )

  40. matt (whose speech patterns are, oddly, as neanderthal as tKoKs….), you may think you're a big tough bully by peppering your posts with sarcasm and vulgarities…but you do little more than reveal yourself as a pretty unimportant troll who desperately needs a life.

    I suppose when you warrant an enormous FAIL rating when attempting to engage in logic, you have no other choice but to hide behind the screen and hurl insults.

    A very, very sad little man.

  41. "but you do little more than reveal yourself as a pretty unimportant troll who desperately needs a life"

    So says the guy who took the time to come back and see if I responded – and took even more time to reply. I guess that makes you an extremely important troll. Epic battle of wits going on here – just fucking amazing.

    PS – either that is a glory hold behind your pretend head or someone took a dump on top of it.

  42. "Fucking" amazing. Ooooohhh…..you;re so manly! Are you a soldier, or a policeman, or something? I just get all tingly when you talk like that…can I touch you?!

    "Glory Hold?" LOL! Most people born after 1940, say, know its a Glory Hole…just in case you want to use it in future conversation and not sound like an asshole.

    It's my real head and real torse…happy to show you in person any time…..and what your eyes were unable to interpret on top…is simlply my hair (I sport a hemi-hawk these days)

  43. Why does "matt" aka "dennis" address me (first line) when he's a troll?

  44. :))

  45. Tully – oooh well golly gee whiz Mr. Wizard -.you're the Miss Grundy of FreeKeene comment spelling – always pathetic when all one can do is scour a comment for a spelling error – I mean after all, it's "torso" vs. "torse" – lame isn't it? But I'm glad you're so versed in glory holes – maybe Ian and you can pick up where he leaves off when he leaves the clink. By the looks of your stupid profile pic, I'm gonna guess you're a dominant top, but – well, I'm sure what dangles in your south is probably disappointing to the bottom.

    Either way david-keene, er I mean erg2reg, er I mean Tully, yeah – I'll be seeing you downtown for a big time rumble LOL. IDIOT. Care to respond to an unimportant troll for a FOURTH time?

  46. Yes, I do. Name your time, day, and place, big mouth.

    Or STFU.

  47. Oh brother – okay lets play your little game tough guy. Meet me at the docks at midnight. Come alone – and uh….bring a condom.

    Hey wait a minute…did you just call me a big mouth too? Look – lets get past the whole glory hole thing okay? So which is it, do you want a face stretching or…*gulp*…violence?! *feigns shock and dismay at the idea*

    Go for it "Tully" – respond to the "unimportant troll" for a FIFTH time. Looks like you're running out of things to say though. Hard to talk and swallow at the same time isn't it?

  48. Ive just got "Banned from commenting" on HuffPost. I said "I HATE THE PIGS (COPS) in there and they wont let me say no more

  49. tull,

    matt is a troll.

    I'd ignore him if i were u

  50. smash,

    i been banned from places before…like ibrattleboro and a treehugger site…lol

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