Ron Paul Supports Occupy Wall Street

Ron Paul spoke tonight at Keene State College, and as is being reported nationally, was “mic checked” by Occupy Keene at the end of his speech. The occupiers said:

“We are the 99%! We will be heard! There are criminals on Wall Street who walk free, there are protesters in jail…There’s something wrong with this system. We are the 99%! We will be heard!”

He handled it graciously by smiling throughout and then by asking them if they feel better. He was also sure to point out his agreement with the Occupy Wall St. movement, saying,

“I’m very much involved with the 99. I’ve been condemning the 1%…the people on Wall street got the bailouts and you guys got stuck with the bill and I think that’s where the problem is.”

Here’s video of the Mic Check and Ron’s response, courtesy of Nick Ryder:

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