AKPF #1: Recyclical

Today’s controversial Cheshire TV weekly installment features a variety of diverse perspectives in media dating from as recently as two days ago to as far back as four years kurtrussellakpfago. Budgetary hearings come full circle as performance artists dominate in the state house, baked drivers take to the obstacle course, the world’s history is relayed with eggs, and anti-chalk hooliganism takes hold in Keene.

00:00 – Warning disclaimer to Cheshire TV audience
00:10 – I’ve Seen the Future monologue
03:41 – History of the World as told by Eggs
11:13 – Corporate News presents stoned drivers taking to the roads, safely
16:27 – The anti-chalk apocalypse, war on smiley faces genocide (de agua)
22:44 – The Law’s Coming, hell’s coming performance art
26:12 – Derrick J files some motions at the court
28:50 – End disclaimer segment

AKPF Presents: Banned Shire TV Episode

akpf_1xjamesgarretAiring on this MLKjr holiday is a very special edition of the late Shire TV program, guest written, directed, and produced by what would be the future crew of AKPF #1, James Cleaveland and Garret Ean. The two were tasked last year with producing an MLK day episode which would be perhaps the most controversial of the series. After a pre-submission airing by one of the Shire TV’s producers, the program was officially banned and censored from the program’s history and replaced with a soft ending episode 2013_01_andybohannonbadgewhich misdirects the fluidity of the original creation.

For the first time on Cheshire TV, one year from its originally blocked release, audiences can now enjoy the complete and uncut original episode as its driving creative talents intended it be seen. Enjoy the show, and have a delightfully disobedient Martin Luther King Jr day.

Adequate Koexistence Personify Flourish #1

akpf_hose1aYour AKPF #1 installment this week Adequate Koexistence Personify Flourish is sure to spark continued controversy while informing the civilization of happenings in Keene and around the world. Airing October 14 2013 on Cheshire TV, AKPF #1 features the brave men and women of the Aqua Keene Parking Force official DPRK units exposing and documenting the activities of other central committee authorities and civilians. A Tribe Called Quest snags the intro music slot and rhymes on Midnight. Graham assists AKPF evening patrol featuring reflective safety vest. James and Garret reminisce on the solidarity building of the Occupy movement with pizza and cupcakes in Central Square after the end of the Free Battleground Keene Wars protests. In reflection, the scene of the first day of evidentiary hearings, August 12 2013 is recalled as James and Graham are sprayed with a hose by a bureaucrat trying to execute their chalkings. Robin Hood of Keene uncreative censorship by DPRK affiliates gets fancy pants all wet. Ji (Ji’e’toh Dog, co-host of Black Sheep Rising fame) contemplates a parking meter’s utility to the pursuit of his joy. Ridley talks about Jesus interpreted by European standards as applied to Robin Hooding. Ridley ambush interviews the governor about state police misaction, governor Hassan, Margaret does not speak or acknowledge, declines to shake hands of united states military veterans. Chris Sununu encounters the Ridley Cam regarding singing songs in liquor stores and banishment de no trespass orders per NH Liquor Commission. Finally, DPRK officials claiming authority over the AKPF gather before court and Jester Mullins delivers an infamous monologue about putting the truth aside and doing one’s institutional duty to “fight on that lie”.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45yx0kCB1dk (more…)

Ridley’s Non-Aggressionist Historical Analysis

gdubbs_amrevYesterday’s Ridley Report features an analysis of some United States history from the position of principled non-violent anti-aggressionism. It was produced in the wake of a tragic mass casualty shooting in the District of Columbia, which we have since discovered was perpetrated by a mentally disturbed veteran. Not knowing what the motivation for the attack was, the possibility that it may have been terrorism or an act of war lingered until details on the shooter emerged and were confirmed. Below is Ridley’s perspective on different aggressive incidents of modern history.

bdayhappyToday #S17 marks the second anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York. USA Today reports crowds of around one hundred people gathered in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, participants report numbers approaching one thousand. Occupy New Hampshire would first assemble on the evening of October 6 2011.

Lenco Gets a Paycheck, Concord Gets a BEARCAT

myVader-Sert-BearcatConcord police will be receiving a Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck, after an 11-4 vote by the full city council in favor of accepting the military-style vehicle funded by a Department of Homeland Security grant to the Lenco corporation. The fire chief closed the building to many attendees, calling capacity at a reported 70 guests. Drum circles, light shows, sign waving, videography, and socializing occurred in the courtyard outside of the council meeting location on Green Street. Media from around the state observed proceedings both inside and outside of the chambers. Dave Ridley has already posted an ambush interview of Concord police chief John Duval to his youtube channel, in which he asks the top cop if he expected anyone beyond DHS bureaucracy to read his grant application. Ridley’s coverage, from which more is to be expected later, is embedded below.

Tony Schinella’s article at Concord Patch includes quotes from city councilors on both sides the issue, who were reportedly offered copies of Radley Balko’s Rise of the Warrior Cop while they were considering their decision. After word of the vote came out to the crowd, the message on the green beam laser pointed at a nearby steeple read, “BEARCAT FOR SALE CALL 911”. (more…)