Ademo’s Arraignment on Wiretapping Charges

Yesterday I was arraigned on three counts of felony wiretapping – click here to read about Pete’s and my year long fight on MA wiretapping charges. If convicted I face anywhere from 11.5 to 21 years in prison and up to $12,000 in fines. I say IF because the only way I’ll be convicted is if the state (the system itself) protects it’s own. The three people claiming that I wire tapped them are public officials, whom I recorded while acting in their “public” capacities, but we’ll get more into that as we approach trial.

An arraignment is pretty basic, it’s a hearing where the state decides your bail – a place holder essentially – which is to secure your appearance at future hearings/trial. If you can think of any reason you need to be outside of jail, this is where you explain that to the judge. If you’re representing yourself, the goal here is to make the judge understand that you WILL be present at the scheduled dates/times. As seen in the video above, I stated to the judge that a) I feel the charges are frivolous b) I’ve never missed a court date in the past – and I’ve had plenty c) I’m a full time activists/blogger and have ever intention of highlighting the silliness of the state’s aggression toward me. The judge seemed to agree because not only did he lower my PR bond from $10,000 to $1,000 but he also removed the clause banning me from possessing firearms. Though the DA made it clear that federal law still permitted it and I told them both that I’m a convicted felon. So the squabble was for nothing.

The only other thing I’d like to note about in the video is how the DA – Michael Valentine – stated that I wasn’t a harm to the community. Yet is going to spend alot of tax dollars attempting to cage me and a lot more if he actually succeeds.

I encourage anyone being charged with a victimless crime to visit – that’s where I’ll be posting my court hearings and where you can network with others facing similar charges. More to come from the magical land of Manchester Superior Court. Meta Post with current information and backstory – HERE.

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  1. Doesn't the police station already record all the calls, so he already was aware he was being recorded?

  2. I know I been saying that too ,Tanya. And I've been trying to find out about that

  3. I hope the jury realizes a guilty verdict is a must here! Full sentence!

  4. I think Ademo should go to jail for his poor grammar, alone.


    and sentence fragments… what crimes against the English luggage!

  5. I've got a decent appreciation for dissent, but someone who cares about this guy should probably talk to him about lawyering up.

    "I am from the planet Freedomia and do not understand your curious judicial culture" is not a tenable stance when interacting with the justice system in this country.

    Prison will violate more than his sense liberty.

  6. Cris,

    Maybe he sounded unaware of things; I think he's more aware of things than may have been conveyed in the video.

    This charge is a charge that is a activism charge , and people are becoming pretty versed in it.

    Yea, there are years in jail as a possible outcome.

    I bet he gets a lawyer or at least has one by his side.

  7. Poor grammar? Sandy Lori, that's ridicules. What about the 20 people who should their support by attending?

  8. "Have a conversation about the truth"? Adam wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on the ass! He can't even be truthful about his NAME!

  9. it seems like there are alot of imature talking in fk latley …except cris, and tanya

  10. Yes David. Alot latley. Ridicules.

  11. I BELIEVE YOU MEANT TO SAY Ridiculous not " Ridicules" though the imature people ARE doing that too

  12. Yes, it is very immature to question the credibility of people who don't display the qualities that they demand from others. We should all just "drink the kool-aid" and never question the questioners.

  13. It makes me physically ill that people actually want to see a good person lose his freedom and be sent to one of the worst environments in America, a federal penitentiary, which houses real, hardened violent people, over recording a public official who is on duty. We have a long long long way to go as a species capable of basic understanding, empathy, and reasoning, if you really, truly want to see this man lose his freedom over such an issue as this. Honestly, talk to me, what reason could you have for wanting this? Other then, "make him go away, he annoys me". You have none, you really don't. At this point in our little American Zeitgeist, we have no other recourse then civil disobedience, we don't. Begging our politicians doesn't work, because they just made a bill that said it is OK to detain us without trail, petitioning the government at any level doesn't work, because they just ignore you. So what option is there?

    Civil disobedience works, it has worked in the past, it has worked today in other places around the world, and this is what is practiced. Like it or not. You just want to see it go away, because you want to pretend that everything is OK, that the system we have works, and that if you ignore things, they will magically get better and you won't have to get off your asses and stop watching football and American Idol. We liberty day by day, and nobody cares, because they don't think it affects them. Well, keep sitting on your ass, one day it will, and you'll wonder why you chose to wish for people to lose freedom, instead of rooting for them to win over the unfair and criminal systems we have at present.

  14. I meant to say, "we lose our liberty day by day" in that sentence, my bad.


  16. What else is not honest.

  17. My name is Bill. You mean we aren't supposed to use our real names???

  18. No, David, I meant to say ridicules. Just like the idiot 'Ademo' in his captioning of his video. See if you can find it, idiot.


  20. What else is not honest? Adam, Pete, Ian, Sam, Meg, Rich, Kate…… Hypocrites all.

  21. Using a blog pseudonym on official documents is dishonest and evasive (LIAR).

  22. I guess bill doesn't like being corrected

  23. 'ademo' going to jail for this like Al Capone going to jail for tax evasion. If that is what it takes, so be it. And to answer your question in advance, no, I won't lose any sleep over it.

  24. I am still waiting to be corrected. FreeKeeners are not real activists. They are whiny, lying hypocrites.

  25. Bill, I think of them more as whiny, slouching hypocrites. Check the video when 'ademo' complies to the order to stand. If that isn't slouching, I don't know what is. But whiny hypocrites, that's a given.

  26. Mm

  27. I hope your're enjoying your last few videos befor jail adam mueller.

  28. When Ademo ends up with 6'6" 380 lb cell mate named candy, how do you think the civil disobedience thing is going to work. Like when Candy tells Ademo "Time to wash my socks" and Ademo replies " And what authority do you have to tell me to wash your socks"…How do you think that will go over? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller or Mueller? Oh my…Ademo make sure you get a lot of cantene money for you cell PaPa….

    Maybe finally he will realize it really is because someone "says so"…

  29. When Ademo gets released from jail I want him to pull his pants down and prove to everyone he doesnt have a swastika tatt on that cute litlle behind of his.

  30. I am so excited to see Adam arrested and taken away from my hometown. I'm so sick of Free Keene constantly causing trouble and, quite frankly, making my town worse.

  31. Still wondering how Ademo will negotiate with Candy?

  32. So an article on how ridiculous the charges are…but no mention of how these charges came about? No wonder no one takes you people seriously. You are just as bad as the die hard conservatives.

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