Judge Edward Burke Victim Reel

Several months ago Ademo Freeman was arrested outside Keene District Court in Keene, New Hampshire. Initially there was a lot of mystery surrounding the circumstances and what he did to get arrested. Early reports indicated that he had simply been asking Judge Burke some questions and the idea that asking questions could get you thrown in jail was too absurd to accept.

Ademo was released roughly two weeks later and his video of the incident was available shortly thereafter. After watching the video and witnessing myself Judge Burke’s abuse of power I felt inspired to cut up a compilation video of the people who have been victimized by Burke. Ademo was literally caged for asking questions. No foul language or threats were heard from Ademo, only three questions.

This is not a complete compilation by any means.

This video contains the arrests of the following individuals:
Ian Freeman
Dave Ridley
Pete Eyre
Beau Davis
Ademo Freeman
Derrick J Freeman

*Audio has been fixed*


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