City Council Blows off Anti-Bearcat Petition

BearcatKeene’s city council spat in the faces of most Keene inhabitants today by “accepting as informational” a petition with nearly 150 signatures urging the council to reconsider their accepting of federal money to buy a “Bearcat” armored personnel carrier. To accept something as informational is essentially a blow-off. It takes the issue off the table and means that no one need say anything further on the matter. It was not assigned to a committee where the public can be heard and action could be taken. It’s a big “fuck you” to all the people who spent time collecting those signatures and everyone who bothered to sign.

What did the petitions say? They merely asked the council to schedule a public hearing on the matter of reconsidering the Bearcat. Apparently the council would prefer that people not be able to speak on this matter. The Bearcat was quietly approved without public input and now the council is protecting the Keene police and their buddies in the federal government by refusing to even allow a hearing on the matter.

Does anyone really think these “councilors” represent “the people”?

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  1. On Wednesday, Feb 1, this proposed house bill on the Consent Calender at the NH House might be of interest to your readers:

    HB 1486, prohibiting the state from accepting federal funds that could be used to enhance the militarization or federalization of law enforcement. Committee report: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE.

    Rep. Larry G Gagne for Criminal Justice and Public Safety: While well intentioned, the committee fears that the passage of this bill would cast such a pall of uncertainty over what could and could not be procured under the federal grant process that state and local governments would either go without needed equipment or pay the full retail price for something that could have been obtained for half or less. Vote 13-0.

  2. How long will it sit before the police decide to use it?

  3. To answer your question, "Diplod", probably about as long as your attention span…

    There are already plans in place to start training rotations…

    Yes, the Lenco BearCat is coming. It's a done deal. Duh.

    But yes, the City Council will most likely hold hearings, and give people a chance to speak out. That is as it should be.

    There's a word for the kind of headgames you play here, Ian.



    So, which FreeWeenie photocopied the petition at Corner News?

    That petition is STILL sitting on the counter there…

    So much for "fuck-you" to the people who signed.


    Bottom line, I refuse to live in a world where I must fear the Police or Military.


    The photo Ian has been using, above, is *NOT* the model that Keene is getting.

    More mis-information & SPIN from the FREEWEENIES…

    Hey, Ian, can you at least *TRY* to be *HONEST*???….



  4. That IS the vehicle keene is getting…

  5. Ian

    Is this grant processed through the county government, most likely the sheriff’s dept.? If so I’ll show how to stop it. All grants have a signing statement, under penalties of perjury. Do a right to know RTK request. Determine if all laws have been followed. If you are charged a large fee for this request, state you want to view the statement and take pictures of it.

  6. Q: "Does anyone really think these “councilors” represent “the people”?"

    A: Yes.

    But oh….what is this….looks like the petition wasn't even necessary – all you had to do was call Harry. He'll show you how to stop it. LOL. I can see them at city hall already, shaking in their shoes….*gasp…oh no! It's Harry!*

  7. It is self evident that the feds are corrupt war criminals and local governments that accept federal moneys are beholden to their federal paymasters jurisdiction. The military has been training for civil unrest and training the local police across the country for the same as the big megabanks loot the treasury and pension systems of the Amerecan people. This information has been reported in the press over and over, yet the "operation mockingbird" press in Keene and elsewhere take their orders from ICLEI and other foreign partners in acts of treason backed by the local police and only report on "sustainability" in a 21st century slave state existence in a positive light.. I no longer study NASCAR like I did in the 90's winning three consecutive Pro Stock championships at Monadnock Speedway south of Keene, I study securing a free future for my 12 year old son. Keene City Council better get their heads out of the sand about the tyranny they commit there because one armored truck is not going to protect them from an irate citizenry in the near future


  8. You will see here with this federal case in Brattleboro VT, that the will of the people of Vermont means nothing…. New Hampshire people are just as meaningless to their government beholden to the feds. Study UN Agenda 21 to see into the future for most areas and the current situation in Keene, Greenfield MA, Brattleboro VT and many other US and EU cities. The problem with the current occupy movement, is it shifts the title of occupiers to the wrong folks. Under law, the current seated government is the occupier of a once free USA.

  9. Yes King,

    Just another pack of lies from the Lying Hypocrites in Ian Land.

    and… 150 is NOT a majority of Keene citizens. It appears that the MAJORITY chose NOT to sign…..

  10. as if you need a majority to have your grievances addressed, not to mention redressed.

    Guess if I want to work within the system, all I have to do is get 51% of the people to agree with me. Good thing that blacks didn't need the 51% to gain their civil rights back.

  11. Bill,

    The majority that were approached to sign SIGNED.

    And were,it seemed to me, GLAD to have signed :So that their voices would be heard.

    Only to have their voices chucked.

    You said "150 is NOT a majority of Keene citizens. It appears that the MAJORITY chose NOT to sign….."

    The petition was started a week or so before the council meeting. We didn't reach ALL 27,000 or so of keene.

    But,again, a strong majority signed it and were glad it was being done.

  12. 26, 850 in favour, 150 against… Hmmmm Bear Cat stays!

  13. "enslave keen" is spreading falsehoods(again).

    Most smart people will read what i WROTE : that ALL 27,000 people of keene were not approached with the petition in a WEEK.. A STRONG MAJORITY SIGNED THE PETITION.

    Stop lying "enslave".


    But of course the truth and common sense hasn't stopped your non sense so far why should truth and common sense stop your lies now. DAMN πŸ™‚

  14. @david

    We? We? Huh? Tell me david, who are "we". According to the crap spewed on this blog you guys are straight up mob deep but maybe not.

    Lets see 150, and lets take 10 people (a very small %) wouldn't you agree of FK david? No? Hmmm but you guys, excuse me (WE) have large numbers right, so ok, 10 people 150 signatures in 7 days, lets do the math.

    So in 7 days each "activists" only got 15 people, which would be what in a 8 hour day … about 1 every 4 hours.. Oh yea david the outcry is just so evident!

    Im gonna stick to nonsense david, have a nice day and spend down that welly!

  15. I hope the 1st thing this TANK takes out is david's mailbox right after my support check i send him is delivered for him.

  16. Enslave,

    Someone has to sort out your non sense/lies… which fall from your mouth like Niagara falls…..lmao πŸ™‚

    Maybe if you loo up facts before you talk…that might help

  17. There done talking to lying trolls…….folks just please note the falsehoods above that "enslave" said πŸ™‚

    You were caught AGAIN "enslave" (as everyone can see)

  18. Please david, buy a dictionary, your grammar hurts my eyes…

    Hey, Thanks for addressing my questions with any solid material or stats.

  19. enslave gets mad when he's caught and attacks people saying "your on welfare" etc etc … that's his mo… Just don't lie "enslave" And try to have a fact or two… πŸ™‚ Now I'm really done with the troll..peace out

  20. So just to clear a few things up. Im the one who made the petition just two days before it had to be handed in and i also worked alone. I had support from the Free Staters but i myself am not a free stater. I'm a working part of society. I've live in keene my whole life and have seen the police and the council become more and more corrupt threw the years and just wanted a chance to talk to the board about there decision. Im sorry some of you take offense to the petition but i see no need for anger. Im not mad or angry about getting it i just dont think we have any use for it. The crime rates in keene are already going down every year and we didnt need a Bear Cat to accomplish that. Thank you for your input.

  21. "Enslave" shows his true colors.

    "Lets get a military vehicle for a civilian police force and use it to destroy the property of someone who opposed bringing it in".

    Spin this one all you want, yet this is exactly what you want. I just made your weird totalitarian language a bit more plain.

    Of course this is the part where you will likely say that you were "just joking & didn't really mean it". You and your pals here, are sick advocates of a violent system. You love the system as it is because you enjoy seeing people hurt. It fills some sort of perverted control freak need in you to trample others beneath a vile boot of wicked power. More proof is when you (and your friends) delight in kicking others when *you think* they are down.

    You can't even start to face what you represent. In fact if you even have the nerve to respond to this you'll surely deflect from your sickness you like to push on others and say anything at all to keep from addressing your dire need to get some serious mental health help.

    You don't even realize just how messed up you are.

  22. @ Chaz

    I meant every word of it. I hope the BearCat crushes your house 2nd, right after david's mailbox… How ya like me now!

  23. The US never was a free country just look at some of the laws in the 1800s and more importentaly the massive wealth disparitys.

    UN agenda 21- covers "biosphere rewilding" and the goal was to try to contain housing developments and big houses for the upper middle class. With the housing prices, its hard to believe, but houses are still being built. If somebody making $100,000 a year builds a 3000 sqft house with a 5 acre yard, thats bad for the earth. Nobody needs five acres of chemically treated grass. If they planted corn on that 5 acres they could feed themselves and probably about 10 neighbors for the year. Instead they are selfish and materialistic and want it to "look good" I think it would be better to have more clustered urban centers than to have what we have now. Maybe that would get some of these cars off the road. I got way off topic though, but if anybodys worried about the UN AGenda 21 (rewilding)

  24. hey tkok – the only thing you're king of is the pile of shit in your backyard…

    enslave keene – what the hell sort of person wants to enslave anyone? As little as I like you, I don't want to see you enslaved.

    Really, I pity you both πŸ™

    As for a BearCat….I don't care what the fraudulent government says, having a BearCat in Keene fully depends on the people's consent. I do hope the people of Keene will join me in saying THANKS BUT NO TANKS.

  25. @Kelly,

    Do you know what satire or irony is?

    Enslave keene is the anecdontal irony to freekeene.

    You guys want to free a place already free, so I just as foolishly want to enslave it.

    No, I dont want to really enslave anyone, Im just sorry you couldnt deduct that on your own.

  26. @Kelly

    As little as you like me? Wow, thats deep. Let me guess, did I just lose all priveliges to the Kelly V fan club?

    I on the other hand am indifferent about you, you know, not having met you or anything.

    It is good to know I cause dislike from the anonimity from my keyboard.

  27. As for a BearCat….I don’t care what the fraudulent government says, having a BearCat in Keene fully depends on the people’s consent. I do hope the people of Keene will join me in saying THANKS BUT NO TANKS.

    Sorry you were sleepiing in civics class back in 8th grade. No youre wrong in OUR republic the peoples consent is not needed. We elect reps, if we mess up we vote them out next time. But no Kelly, no consent from the people in a Republic is needed. Epic fail

  28. enslave keene on Fri, 20th Jan 2012 12:09 pm

    @ Chaz

    I meant every word of it. I hope the BearCat crushes your house 2nd, right after david’s mailbox… How ya like me now!

    I live with my daughter and two of my young grandchildren in my house. What would you like to say to them? I really hope you aren't a cop with the ability to sanction use of such a weapon against other human beings.

    And your mental illness goes yet another day untreated, Mr."Enslave",

  29. Hey Chaz,

    You really do believe I want to do those things ??

    And Im the one with mental illness?

    Wow guy!!

    Why is the ridiculous antics of FK taken so seriously and in the same time any trolling desent taken so literally…? LMAO

  30. humor humor humor humor humor humor…………

    Just like the bloggers….Humor humor humor humor

  31. enslave keene on Fri, 20th Jan 2012 3:32 pm

    Hey Chaz,

    You really do believe I want to do those things ??

    And Im the one with mental illness?

    Wow guy!!

    Why is the ridiculous antics of FK taken so seriously and in the same time any trolling desent taken so literally…? LMAO

    @ Chaz

    I meant every word of it. I hope the BearCat crushes your house 2nd, right after david’s mailbox… How ya like me now!

    You forgot to mention that part in your reply. Why would you do that, Enslave?

    So you're serious and then you're not. That makes you a liar as well as a wanna-be tyrant & murderer of women and children. Yeah, the sick one is still you. Rather lame deflection there as you're not good enough to be even a passable troll. Get your damaged brain looked at by professionals. You appear to be a pathological liar as well.

  32. Actually Chaz I suffer from split personality disorder as well as being possesed by the demon Pazuzu.

    The real unfortunate thing is that; during my last meeting with the Exorcist he was able to expell the "psychaitrist" personality that has been sharing my body with about 10 or so other maligned personas.

    So now, Im not able to call on him during my state of possesion. I do plan on obtaining a ouija board and seeing if I cant recall him from the netherworld.

  33. thanks for starting the petition clarky…sorry so many people are negative…..

  34. TO: "enslave keene"….

    My friend, are you actually applying to take my place after I go?…

    Your performance in this blog-thread has been exemplary. You have single-handedly taken on, and *DEFEATED* multiple opponents…

    Dude, that chaz-man is nuttin' left but a pile of bllod and guts! YOWSA! YOU*TOLD*HIM*!…


    Ah, fuck dat shit i jus' wrote above….

    "Farris Brooks", & "Bill Bry", above, both mention "ICLEI"…I never heard of it…

    I Googled it. I read. I'm scared. We have cunts like Kelly "JellyBelly" Voluntaryist spouting anti-military gibberish – ("A *truck* is a *"tank"*…etc…) – and there are *REAL* serious issues being *IGNORED* by you fucking freeweenies, who only want to spout shit….

    Sure, I like the smack-talk as much as any OTHER blogger here, but I also have a serious side…

    Thanks, Bill Bry, for the *OATHKEEPERS* link…I don't get to the "O-K" site often enough, but I clicked your link. Thank-you.

    Looks like it's time for "Ian-that-Ian" to do a story here about "ICLEI"…

    Well, Ian…???…. ICLEI…???… (…sound of crickets chirping…………..



  35. Just so we are all clear, "david", exactly *WHICH* of the several models of Lenco BearCat is Keene getting…???…

    *BE* *SPECIFIC*, asshole… *WHICH*ONE*…???……….

    *I* say it is *NOT* the one Ian has pictured…

    Which is it, "david"…???…..

  36. How many different bearcat models do bureaucrats get to choose from? And most importantly, does it come with a cd player so the cops can blast Slayer on the way to bust little Timmy smoking a joint in his bedroom?

  37. Yeah, fuck-face david, WHICH MODEL BearCat is Keene getting…???….

    I've been to the fucking website….

    No, YOU tell ME which model Lenco Keene is getting…

    …apparently, YOU are the fucking genius…

  38. …And, answer the question of Kelly "Bubble Boobs" Voluntaryist…

    It's a *TANK*, right david, it's a fucking tank, right…???….

  39. yes it is a tank.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  40. So, WHICH model of Lenco BearCat is Keene getting?

    I'd rather you just answer the question, but feel free to continue to look like the fucking idiot you are…

    ..***IF***, if the Lenco BearCat is a TANK, then I will kill you the next time I see you.


    …think before you answer, asswipe…


  41. done talking to you :learn some manners……….troll

  42. I cut-n-pasted this from the "tank" entry on Wikipedia…

    A tank is a tracked, armoured fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat which combines operational mobility, tactical offensive, and defensive capabilities. Firepower is normally provided by a large-calibre main gun in a rotating turret and secondary machine guns, while heavy armour and all-terrain mobility provide protection for the tank and its crew, allowing it to perform all primary tasks of the armoured troops on the battlefield.[1…


    Where are the **TRACKS**, david?…..

  43. david on Sat, 21st Jan 2012 3:08 pm

    done talking to you :learn some manners……….troll


    it would be more honest if you just admit that you're a stupid motherfucker when it comes to anything military…

    *which model is keene getting?…

  44. I listened, dumbass. Only 144 signatures, not 150 (like the lying emperor said). And the Mayor confirms it is a large pickup truck with some armor plating, NOT A TANK!

  45. it is a talk… πŸ™‚ You and the mayor are describing it inaccurately

  46. *Tank

  47. You guys are RIGHT to be UPSET and MAD that keene has a TANK coming ,but your upsetness and madness it directed at the MESSENGER…ie directed in the wrong spot πŸ™‚

  48. OK, I was confused……. Dumbass David tells us to listen to the Mayor's answers and then tells us that the Mayor is wrong. You're right david, I AM angry now. Before I was just amused. Now I see that you are just as bad as the lying hypocrites you idolize. I had hope for you. I had hoped that some day you would open your eyes, take your fingers out of your ears and stop yelling "LALALALALALA". But ignorance is resistant to fact. You read the literature, you listened to the answers and still you insist on believing the lies and ignoring the facts.

    Done with you david. Enjoy your miserable existence, following your pied piper "Emperor Ian".


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