Kelly Voluntaryist Strips Down In Protest of the TSA

Kelly Voluntaryist a Keene NH activist, gives the TSA a little T&A in the name of liberty at the Manchester Airport in protest of the TSA. The TSA has been stripping people of their rights, clothes, dignity etc. (body scanners etc.) So basically, Kelly stripped down in an effort to restore the inherent natural rights, which have been stripped away by an overly evasive government acting on its own volition. Kelly handed information out and talked to people for approximately 40 minutes, 1/4 of that time was outside in 15 ° weather. Seven activists attended in support of Kelly. I think we all had cameras, so there’s going to be more video to come out with much better quality.

There’s a near minute long introduction, which is kind of a summary of the events if 6 is too long. I do enjoy the lady that tells Kelly that old lady’s can carry bombs. I’m amused easily for sure and I have that line repeated several times.
Recently the TSA has been particularly F-ing with granny. Lenore Zimmerman, Ruth Sherman, Linda Kalish are some mainstream stories of molestation cases courtesy of the TSA. Unfortunately gov. currently has a monopoly on travel. What few rights we have left get completely diminished anytime we jump in a vehicle. The TSA takes injustice and the violation of people’s rights to the skies.
These are obviously efforts that aren’t going to be resolved in the relatively short term. Attempting to wake people who have been asleep for decades doesn’t happen overnight. Nonetheless, this is great activism by Kelly.  It was well received by the public with no strong opposition.  Most of the responses to the event have been very positive. Although the video is condensed from 40 minutes into 5, I believe it accurately depicts the positive responses in relation to the negative.

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