TSA Underwear Airport Outreach, Kelly V. & Derrick J.

Kelly Voluntaryist and Derrick J. Freeman went to Manchester Airport in New Hampshire to protest the TSA’s blatant violation of human (natural) rights. This was round 2 for Kelly, she intends to do several more TSA protests, so she may be coming to an airport near you. They stripped down & handed out information in the effort to prevent further rights from being stripped away via the TSA (security theater), while trying to re-attain the non-negotiable inherent natural rights that every human being is/was born with.

Unfortunately, many of these rights were stripped away before we were old enough to know the difference, but now we’re witnesses to this ever expanding, unaccountable entity known as government… strangers who think they have more rights to our lives and our bodies then we do. Who do they think they are? and how have so many people become so complacent that they not only accept these atrocities from the government, they come up with ways to defend the flagrant abuses from the government.
Any who, as you’ll notice from the video Derrick takes a satirical approach to his TSA activism. To find satire in the state, usually all one has to do is observe the government ‘behavior in the most literal sense possible. In this instance when you observe the many ridiculous procedures being performed by the TSA, such as the body scanners and the dozens of videos of young kids, elderly people etc. going through the invasive TSA procedures, Derricks policy isn’t farfetched at all. Several people actually believed Derrick when he claims that “I’m stripping down to my underwear to make the TSA’s job easier and to inform everyone of the new dress code policy”. And who can blame them… as we know government always expands, so any time a new policy that’s ridiculous is put in place you can draw the conclusion that it will get even more ridiculous in a relatively short period of time. It’s about time for the people to stand up to their asinine government and live as free human beings, rather than slaves. There’s no force necessary when the government’s dead to the people.
Overall this was a successful outreach event. Kelly & Derrick handed out hundreds of fliers and they made a lot of people smile in the process… winning!!! To keep up with the TSA outreach and what’s going on with other activists in the Shire check out FreeKeene.com,
There is a second part to this video, which will be posted within the next few days.

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  1. So uh Kelly, if that is your underwear, how do you take a piss on a normal day, because it would appear to me on this particular bathing suit, oops, sorry…I mean your "underwear", that you would have to take your shirt off to untie from the back etc etc etc.

  2. She just moves it on Over!!!

    Rock it on over!!!!

    Move over sweet Kelly, the big ol bearcats coming in!!!!

  3. Looks like this event caused a lot of smiles!

  4. Hey Garrett, Did that guy in Nashua leave you alone after you turned your camera off…..

  5. Enslave,

    Would you believe he never had the nerve to come near the Obama protest? I had hoped that was relayed in the video, that I approached him after the fact. I figured the few f-bomb sprinkled jingoisms I received fulfilled my statist-trolling quotient for the day.

  6. Go Away TSA! (Tit Sagging Anarchist)

  7. Did they bring ryan with them to ‘pay’ the parking at the airport?

  8. Yeah, FUCK the TSA….

    I'd rather FUCK KELLY'S CUNT!

  9. Ahhhh Id rather not pay the parking fee…ahhhh ohhhhh ahhhhh

  10. Ian Freemanlove on Fri, 10th Feb 2012 9:08 pm


    Come ON, Ian!…Why are you calling Kelly an attention whore?
    She wants me to be her “King OF Keene”, which makes her loony-tunes, in my book, but hey, if that’s what the lady wants…That’s what the lady gets…
    I can be her King.
    But why are YOU calling her a whore, Ian?
    Kelly is a nice girl.

  11. What a bunch of misogynists. Bet they aren't getting any lovin'.

  12. No Tom, I am not a misogynist. My mother taught me that to "Hate" someone meant that you would take pleasure in watching them die a painful death. I wish her no harm, I am just offended by her immodest behavior.

  13. bill,

    you complain about "immodest" and say things like this "Tit Sagging Anarchist".

    Bill you are dishonest …

    Spare me this "I'm above this immodest behavior" crap. When you come out with stuff like that.. which is much lower class

  14. Rapsher is so awesome!

  15. You can make your own TSA security travel bag. Just take a bag and write on it TSA security travel bag. Before setting off to the airport, put on your most tight fitting bathing suit and dress over that. Before getting in line strip down to your suit, put your clothes into your TSA security travel bag, put hardware into a separate plastic bag for ease of access (clear plastic sandwich bags work) and go through the line. As an option you can use a marker to write appropriate messages on your almost naked body. "Nazis do it in the name of Safety" for example. No more scanning or groping. Feel free to put your body up close and personal into officers faces. (for ease of visual inspection) Choose to not bathe, or to use a LOT of perfume, lotion etc.

    After you are through you can go to a bathroom and change

    or contace me: dpaladin at ix dot netcom dot com and send $35.00 for your own custom made canvas bag.

    We know that all terrorists have a strict code of modesty to this will make flying safer ­čÖé


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