Keene Police Overreact to Man with Gun – Helicopters, Staties, School Lockdowns

Police State KeeneIn the same vein as the Boston police locking down a swath of the city over LED promotional signage, and the locking down of Keene’s downtown over an abandoned backpack full of beer in a city parking garage, the Keene police are at it again with more fearmongering.

What’s the story? Why are multiple state police helicopters in the sky? K9s searching the woods? Cops locking down area schools? A dozen state police cars inbound from Concord?

Some guy stormed out of a domestic incident at five this morning with a rifle and walked into the woods of West Keene.

Yep. A domestic incident, which happens all the time. A guy with a gun – this is New Hampshire! People have guns all over the place, whether openly carried or not.

Once upon a time, kids were able to carry rifles TO school. Now, all it apparently takes is a domestic disagreement to fill the skies and streets with police. What a sad statement about the fear-based society in which we live.

Get a grip.

UPDATE: Here’s an excerpt WKBK’s Dan Mitchell spreading fear on the radio all morning long, including a call from an elderly man with some perspective.

UPDATE: The man has turned himself in at Keene police station “without incident”. Except of course, the incident of a crazy, fearmongering, overreacting police state descending upon West Keene. How much did they spend on helicopter fuel alone, when police admitted up front they had no threats from the man whatsoever?

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