Keene Police Overreact to Man with Gun – Helicopters, Staties, School Lockdowns

Police State KeeneIn the same vein as the Boston police locking down a swath of the city over LED promotional signage, and the locking down of Keene’s downtown over an abandoned backpack full of beer in a city parking garage, the Keene police are at it again with more fearmongering.

What’s the story? Why are multiple state police helicopters in the sky? K9s searching the woods? Cops locking down area schools? A dozen state police cars inbound from Concord?

Some guy stormed out of a domestic incident at five this morning with a rifle and walked into the woods of West Keene.

Yep. A domestic incident, which happens all the time. A guy with a gun – this is New Hampshire! People have guns all over the place, whether openly carried or not.

Once upon a time, kids were able to carry rifles TO school. Now, all it apparently takes is a domestic disagreement to fill the skies and streets with police. What a sad statement about the fear-based society in which we live.

Get a grip.

UPDATE: Here’s an excerpt WKBK’s Dan Mitchell spreading fear on the radio all morning long, including a call from an elderly man with some perspective.

UPDATE: The man has turned himself in at Keene police station “without incident”. Except of course, the incident of a crazy, fearmongering, overreacting police state descending upon West Keene. How much did they spend on helicopter fuel alone, when police admitted up front they had no threats from the man whatsoever?

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  1. You're all fucking retarded. You don't have a domestic dispute and then walk to a residential district with a fucking gun.

    Don't be so blatantly biased, it's like your children.

  2. Really? Uh, that story is from May of 2010. Is there really nothing currently that gov't is doing that you can complain about or point out. Wow reaching back to te current past. I gues things is Keene are currently satisfactory.

  3. ian,

    Get a clue. You are either a fucking asshole or a fucking moron.

    Pick one.

  4. Ian,

    Good article, I agree. Haha the other comments are quite angry for an opinion-based article…

  5. "…this is New Hampshire! People have guns all over the place, whether openly carried or not."

    Not really. The *culture* of NH is the culture of Boston, not the culture of the "wild west". I grew up in NH and go back there frequently, and I don't know of anyone who open carries. Not a single person.

  6. Um. There was an armed gunman in target on Saturday. He went around the store picking up baby supplies, and then when he got to the cash register, he reached in to his coat and…


    And paid.

    And went home. With diapers.

  7. The real story and question is why is there only one man in west Keene with a shotgun? Having grown up in that area I suspected there would be at least 10 or more.

    I watched a guy walk down the road in my neighborhood with 3 shotguns and thought nothing of it.


    Have you ever tried to conceal carry a shotgun or a rifle before? It might work for a pistol but a long gun is generally carried openly. What of hunting season?

  8. "Julia,

    Have you ever tried to conceal carry a shotgun or a rifle before? It might work for a pistol but a long gun is generally carried openly. What of hunting season?"

    What does that have anything to do with what I said?

  9. This will look good on your 'resume' for school board, ian. I was wrong earlier. You are a moron AND an asshole.

  10. One problem I got the guy that calls in says "hes not a danger to anyone"… you know what that reminds me of …A owner of a dog who says "oh my dog is just a loving etc etc etc dog" and the dog takes a chunk out of a little kid and the owner says .. "Oh …I dont know why" etc etc ..

  11. BTW the guy turned himself in… he surrendered

  12. If there was any hope of NOT getting the tank…this may have killed that hope…….grrr πŸ™

  13. Though we should still go full steam ahead with the efforts to stop the bearcat ..imo

  14. name on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 10:16 am



    Get a clue. You are either a fucking asshole or a fucking moron.

    Pick one.


    Um, name, try: *BOTH*…

    Ian is a double-fucked, moronic-asshole…(or asshole-moron, either way…)

    He's fucked himself, and he's fucked all the other FreeKeene CULTISTS down at the "COMPOUND" on Leverett St.

    Why are you always so *obtuse*, "name"…???…

    Why limit Ian-the-Great to just 2 choices?

  15. Sorry. I should have read the REST of the posts, BEFORE I had to write that post above…

    Oh well, Ian is STILL a double-fucked asshole *AND* a moron…

    (How do you kids like the scenario we cooked up, to make sure we get our Lenco BearCat?…david is correct…

    We have WAYS to make you WORK!…

  16. "The *culture* of NH is the culture of Boston"

    Just because there is a New England culture does not mean NH shares much in common with Boston. It's a large city in a foreign country that just happens to be closer than Montreal.

  17. Garrett (Free Concord): I've lived in NH my whole life. I don't know a SINGLE gun toter who lives there. I've never seen anyone open carry. And yes, anywhere south of Concord/Rochester, NH will have a bostonian culture to it. Many people from my high school, for example, were originally from Boston/Malden/Revere/Lawrence/Woburn, etc. and brought their Massachusetts culture/attitudes with them.

  18. Um, Julia, you obviously #1 haven't been around too many freestaters, or up north much, and #2 don't realize that "out of the ordinary" doesn't necessarily justify such a massive overreaction. Open carrying is perfectly legal in the state of NH. I do it all the time when I'm going back and forth to go shooting (normally I carry concealed but if I'm going to the range the Glock goes on the hip). I've gotten a few funny looks and even a cashier asking me why I was armed once when I stopped to pick up a drink. But no massive police presence.

    The ONE time I've had an issue was because of people like your masshole friends who saw a friend of mine put an uncased AK into his trunk for a shooting trip, and THREE Salem PD cars rolled up on us hard, got out guns unholstered screaming at us to show us their hands, ripped us out of the car we were in with fucking GUNS HELD ON US and proceeded to detail us and illegally search the car.

    Take your hoplophobic culture back down to MA where it belongs. This is NH.

  19. "packin in NH", I love how you deliberately reshape my argument to make it seem as though I'm on the side of the cops. I'm not. I'm just pointing out the fact that NH really isn't a gun culture the way the wild west is. Maybe there are parts of the state with a high concentration of hunters, but the most populous region of the state (the Merrimack Valley) IS, in fact, 100% suburban and has been for at least a decade now.

    Where do you live in NH?

  20. There was a tv series about a man who carried a rifle and he even would carry it into town and in that series people did not fear him just because he carried a rifle. The Sheriff didn't react by attempting to arrest him or warn people that he was a danger. in fact the Sheriff was a friend of the man. Today it is doubtful that such a series would be made because it would be un pc.

  21. NH the culture of Boston? Do folks in NH eat baked beans? Do they favor high taxes? Do they support a nanny state that requires adults to wear seatbelts in cars? Do they worship the state?

  22. Do folks in NH eat baked beans? Hell yes!!

    Do they favor high taxes? Obviously yes since NH has one of the highest home ownership rates and highest property taxes.

    Do they support a nanny state? Ummm yes, overwhelming majority favor helmet laws for bikers, except of course the bikers.

    Do they worship the state, naaa mostly Jesus Christ.. You got me on that one HRearden!!

  23. Next non sequitor anyone?

  24. Julia dear,

    In all fairness to HRearden as off base as he was, I lived in Boston 30 years, the 2 cultures are universes apart..

    Although not for the reason libertarians think….

  25. the 87 mile trip from Downtown Keene to Harvard Square may as well be 10,000 miles..

  26. Highest property taxes? Not really but high nonetheless. However we don't have any other taxes so the overall tax burden in NH is one of the 5 lowest in the US. In fact, according to several sources we're ranked 49th for tax burden.

    Do you bother to read or research before you come spouting your nonsense? I haven't seen you provide any factual information since you appeared here, EK. Sometimes I wonder if you can read. Dolt.

  27. Your mother gives me remedial lessons Wedddnesday's at 2…

  28. Damn I am hunkering for a gut busting laugh, where in the hell is this week's FreeMinds tv episode?

  29. enslave,

    shut up and go away …

  30. You guys are really children. Do you not know what happened? Oh, you don't. Then don't be stupid and post your opinion for everyone to make fun of it.

    The guy assaulted a woman, was spotted with a gun (shotgun or rifle), ran towards schools/residential areas, had previously said he wanted to die/kill, when confronted ordered police to shoot him (who didn't).

  31. Oh Pyotr,

    You and your silly little facts on the case!! Try to stay on trac with the whole Keene is a police state.. I mean for liberty's sake wouldnt it have been better if the guy shot up KHS vs. a possible unlikely violation of some civil right from 2 centuries ago…

    PS My daughter goes to KHS, great jon KPD….

  32. enslave,

    I pity your daughter.

    So the line of people who think ridicule is ok continues…hopefully other influences override your poor influence.

    But we just have to deal with you on a webpage…she cant get away from you.. πŸ™

  33. And I am training her to carry on the fight of world wide statist enslavement!

    Aren't I good DaViD?

  34. david,

    Not that there is any likelihood of this, because, you know, there would have to be an actual female willing to have sex with you, but please, dear God, never have children. Think of it as your way of giving back, because then the state wouldn't have to pay for them (it?) too.

    Thanks in advance.



  35. thats fine,

    It would be nice if she had good manners,unlike you, while she did so

  36. You need to have respect to receive it. Not try to get people fired for putting a little transparency into your organization.

  37. There seems to be a back and forth debate, with some claiming NH has a Massachusetts culture, and others saying no.

    In a way, both sides are right. Sounds impossible, but not so. NH has indeed been FLOODED by people from Mass, many if not most of whom still work in Mass and commute. Overall expenses MUST be cheaper in NH, otherwise why leave WONDERFUL Massachusetts to take up a long daily commute?

    Well, of COURSE all these people are going to bring their Mass culture/attitudes with them. But here is the deal. Most of these people live in southern NH, which makes perfect sense as it keeps the commute reasonable.

    A friend of mine refers to southern NH as northern Massachusetts, he used to claim you are not really in NH until you get above Concord. When on vacation he would go up to Wolfboro to escape the Mass culture and attitude he despised. The attitude and beliefs of the northern yankee NH people and the southern NH masshole transplants were and are NOT the same!

    So you essentially have kind of a Mason Dixon line (used to be around Concord, probably higher now) separating two very different cultures, one independent, do for yourself, live free or die people and the other lets jack up the taxes, have more social services, and turn NH into the state we fled from in the first place libs.

    To all the people who love Boston culture so much, do NH a favor and stay in Mass.

  38. "name's" response :"oh yea you too"

    (i capsulized)

  39. he said "capsulized"…heh heh…

    Like the Titanic "capsulized"…lol…


    it's not really "ridicule", david, we really are making fun of you…

    you're good for that…

    don't ever change…

    we like you just the way you are…


  40. If I had been there, I would have been there.

    I could have given the guy a ride to the police station, and

    he wouldn't have had to walk down to turn himself in…

  41. Julia, as usual, you are blatantly ignorant. NH has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world. 1.4 guns per capita, IIRC.

    The real issue is not that there were no guns around you. The issue is that you just didn't see them, because they disturbed your worldview. You don't want to see them, so you don't. That's why eyewitnesses are some of the worst witnesses around. It's rare, but even among libertarians, who one would think should be paying attention to such things, I've occasionally spoken one-on-one with someone for several minutes, then made some off-hand comment about carrying, which results in a shocked look from the individual who had been totally oblivious to the three-plus pounds of steel strapped to my hip.

    It's rare I go a day without seeing someone carrying (and I'm not including cops or family members in that; I'm talking about members of the public). You don't want to see it, so your brain inserts a cell phone or somesuch.

  42. david on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 10:10 pm

    “name’s” response :”oh yea you too”

    (i capsulized)

    Once again, david, you have bewildered me. What. The. Fuck. are you trying to say?

  43. It's ridiculous that you guys are seriously trying to spin this to negatively reflect law enforcement/the city/whatever you're cranky about this time. The guy hit his girlfriend, grabbed a gun, and had a history of expressing violent inentions (beyond abusing his girlfriend).

    On top of all this, a kid shot himself in the head in Walpole just last week! Don't you think it's just maybe, perhaps, just this once, justifiable for those concerned with school safety to take what you all may consider to be 'excessive' precautions?

    I mean seriously, the kids would have been in school anyways, it's not like they were being held there overnight or antyhing…the lockdown is more a measure taken to make sure no one gets IN than anything else. So sure, maybe a bigger raucous than necessary was caused…or maybe all the acute attention prompted the man to turn himself in instead of continuing his violent streak from the morning?

    Your blatantly self-serving spin on this story is clearly a desperate attempt to not have your pro-guns-in-school stance tarnished. Unfortunately (for you) most intelligent people in the region know your history of spin-doctoring. hmmm…Free Keene folk trying to downplay the actions of someone beating his girlfriend….where have I seen that before? What was his name? Sam Dodson? Maybe you should suggest this new gun-toting woman-beater attend some quaker meetings, champion him as a liberty fighter, and then let him go 'wait out the economic storm' in his parents' Texas basement too.

  44. Really? Was anyone downplaying anything?

    All I see is a complaint about the gross over-reaction by the police and school. That doesn't mean that his actions were "less," but that theirs were "more" than they should have been.

    Locking the exterior doors would have kept him out. Locking the students in their classrooms, in the dark, keeping them in a state of fear, was downright abusive. "The bad, evil folks out there want to get you, but we, your noble protectors, will save you from them!" Harm them, but blame it on some bogeyman, then promise to protect them, as long as they do exactly what you say, without any question. It's the same sort of sick and twisted nonsense that child abusers so often pull to win the loyalty of their victims.

  45. Maineshark,

    Referring to what happened as a 'domestic incident' hardly gives the real picture of what happened. So yes, I consider that to be downplaying what happened.

    And your assertion that this somehow has something to do with the 'nobility of protectors' is just absurd. Locking the kids in isn't abusive, it's precautionary. I bet most of the kids were pumped they got out of class for a while on top of it all….something Free Keene should be happy about too, since you guys apparently believe that being in the public schools is doing the kids a disservice anyways.

    Whatever grudge you guys have against taking reasonable preventative measures like this is just beyond me. As I said before, the man was clearly in a violent mindset when he left the house, he was carrying a weapon, and less than a week ago an area school saw a kid shoot himself in the head.

    If you think the actions taken were abusive, I feel bad for whoever has to hear you complain about being 'abused' when pilots put on the 'fasten your seatbelt' sign….after all, that's just a preventative measure which you're just expected to follow it without question, right?

    Anyways, I have absolutely NO doubt that if the schools had 'only' locked their front doors, Free Keeners would still have their panties in a twist about it.

  46. "Locking the exterior doors would have kept him out."

    What did this guy have shark, a BB gun? Are you kidding?

  47. "And your assertion that this somehow has something to do with the ‘nobility of protectors’ is just absurd. Locking the kids in isn’t abusive, it’s precautionary."

    Locking them in, in the dark, telling them only that there's an armed gunman, and nothing more? Yeah, that 's abusive. For all they knew, their friends, brothers, or sisters were being murdered at any given moment while they sat there.

    /Especially/ in light of…

    "…and less than a week ago an area school saw a kid shoot himself in the head."

    They went out of their way to capitalize on the already-existing trauma.

    "If you think the actions taken were abusive, I feel bad for whoever has to hear you complain about being ‘abused’ when pilots put on the ‘fasten your seatbelt’ sign….after all, that’s just a preventative measure which you’re just expected to follow it without question, right?"

    No, it's more like the pilot screaming, "oh, no, we're doomed" on the intercom, then lighting the 'fasten your seatbelt' sign, with no further communication. Fastening seatbelts is otherwise an ordinary thing; being in a lockdown is not.

    "What did this guy have shark, a BB gun? Are you kidding?"

    Apologies. If he could penetrate the exterior door, he could obviously penetrate the interior doors. I figured you were smart enough to grasp that concept. I'll endeavor not to make the same mistake, again.

  48. "Locking them in, in the dark, telling them only that there’s an armed gunman, and nothing more? Yeah, that ‘s abusive. For all they knew, their friends, brothers, or sisters were being murdered at any given moment while they sat there."

    That's all the information they had…what would you want them to do? Lock the exterior doors and give them NO reason behind it? How would that be less 'abusive' by your standards?

    "They went out of their way to capitalize on the already-existing trauma."

    Oh please, capitalize? What gains are there in this?

    "No, it’s more like the pilot screaming, “oh, no, we’re doomed” on the intercom, then lighting the ‘fasten your seatbelt’ sign, with no further communication. Fastening seatbelts is otherwise an ordinary thing; being in a lockdown is not."

    No, it's not. The captain states there is turbulence and that it is cause for people to fasten their seatbelts, because that is all the information he has–he does not know the potential consequences of this turbulence, just as the staff did not know the potential consequences of an armed, violent man in the area.

    And I assume you ignoring my comment about downplaying the 'domestic incident' means you agree with me?

  49. What are you talking about man? Interior doors??? The dude had a high power rifle, he couldve blown the locks on the outer doors too.

    Cmon man!


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