Anti-BearCat / Pro-Peace Outreach at KSC

Considering that the front page of the school newspaper displays a graphic which actually appears as though a BearCat is driving right on BEARCATthrough, I was a bit surprised that more students weren’t familiar with this issue already.  However, despite the cloudy grey afternoon, Ian, Derrick J., and I managed to distribute over 300 “Thanks, but no tanks” flyers to students throughout the KSC campus.

Most were extremely receptive and happy to take the flyer.  I continued the discussion past that point with quite a few students and received some pretty colorful feedback, ranging from surprise to dismay to anger.  Strong language was used in several instances, and one student pondered using the BearCat as a public restroom.

I can just picture the epic frathouse pranks that could be organized around the BearCat if the frathouse occupants so choose to have the courage to stand up to tyranny.  Hell, I might even participate.

Just kidding, of course.  Everyone knows I would never do anything like that 😉

Nevertheless, the students of Keene State proved to me today that they are, for the most part, reasonable and peaceful young adults who definitely grasp the concept of the non-aggression principle.  I didn’t run into a single one who thought the Keene PD should have a BearCat at their disposal, although the on-shift manager of the student center (also a student) seemed to be a bit upset about the fact that I was passing out literature at the student center without first asking permission.  I politely explained that because I am forced to pay taxes which in turn support the state college, I stand behind my right to peacefully distribute information on campus.  When logic failed and she was still angry, I asked her if she was going to call the police to come take me to a cage and if she felt I belong in a cage for handing out literature.

She went behind the counter to use the phone; I passed out the rest of my flyers and left.  I’d made my point, and after all I am still out on PR bond for my chalking arrest!  I would like to make the point however that as the BearCat issue was so prominently featured in the KSC Equinox (school paper, graphic as shown above), it would be the height of hypocrisy to claim I don’t have the right to pass out my own literature concerning the BearCat at Keene State College.

Perhaps she was just having a bad day.  I hope to be able to have a peaceful discussion with her next time I visit KSC, which will likely be next week.  In the meantime, I’m looking forward to visiting the college more often and genuinely hope the students of KSC join me in saying “Thanks, but no tanks”!


In liberty,



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