“STOP Judicial Child Abuse in New Hampshire Family Courts” Blog Publishes About Judge Burke Controversy

STOP Judicial Child Abuse in New Hampshire Family Courts is a popular legal blog for tracking abuses of all things domestic relations law related in the New Hampshire Judicial Branch’s Family Court Division.  I’m honored to say that I’ve been invited to guest blog at their site about abuses I witnessed in the area of domestic relations law while working as a law enforcement officer.

I cannot imagine one New Hampshire law enforcement officer who has not had to serve some court order that they knew just defies logic as it pertains to a specific family situation.  Kicking people out of their own home is not a pleasant thing to have to do for work…  especially when you know the court is wrong.  Police officers know far better what the situation is within a family with problems than the court ever will, yet those same officers are often completely unaware of hearings which result in lives literally being destroyed.

Today the blog published an article informing the New Hampshire legal community of the New Hampshire Judicial Branch abuses of Adam Muller and Jason Talley.

Check it out here.

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  1. Amazing! It is certainly about time. Especially that non-apologetic Tyrant Burke. I hope when he is gone the next "judge" doesn't act in such an amoral and evil way. This may help. Good on ya mates!

  2. inb4tentrollpostsinarow.

  3. chaised the conqueror, so brave!

  4. cameras dont grant extra rights, and sadly,

    cameras dont translate "chase-speak"…


    "4ten", or "4teen"??????…

    and what's this little buddy-buddy thing you "name", and "chase" seem to have going??????……..

    PAIRS is in figure skating….

    On the bloody battlefield of TROLL-BLOG-WARS,

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  5. your mom doesn't grant extra rights

  6. chaised the conqueror! SO BRAVE!

  7. Brad; I have asked before what type of court or jurisdiction? Judge Burke is not operating in an Article III Court evidently. Therefore, does he have immunity? Can he be sued for an illegal act? The fact there is an Admiralty Flag displayed, this is a Maritime commercial court. Can he be sued under UCC codes? The act of Judge Burke was not Judicial, it was an individual act. He can be charged and sued.

    I think the bailiffs are in the soup also. They made an arrest without witnessing a crime. This is the consequence of just following orders and not of conscience.

    You may have to convene your own grand jury.

  8. Harry,

    Article III courts are federal ones, not state ones.

    I don't think the bailiffs did anything wrong because they were under the presumption that a felony had been committed. I think those fellows would have actually been wrong if they had not arrested Adam.

    The fault here lies completely with Judge Burke.

  9. Brad; I hope the following links is an assistance for your endeavor, stuff you probably already know. This posting is intended to educate Patriotic Individuals. I would suggest to click all links in Mr. Truley’s blog. We have the Simon Glik decision, now the following

    From Jonathan Turley’s Blog

    An other area to study is RSA 91-A, Right To Know (RTK) law. The exemptions say nothing about restriction in a courtroom, only mentions grand juries. The RTK is to support Article 8. Article 73a can not be used to circumvent the intention of the legislature, RTK.

    Work Hard and Enjoy

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