Dale Pregent: Pro-BEARCAT, Rude to Indy Media

Video from the Shire Choir‘s visit to Keene city councilor Dale Pregent’s home, plus a recap of his consistent rudeness to anyone he considers part of the liberty-oriented media:

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  1. He doesn't like freestaters; he thinks they mess up his city,,least thats the impression I get

  2. He has a right to be rude on his own porch. He doesn't have to answer to you or anyone who stands on his property. "Is liberty dying in your home?" -….so asks the bumbling buffoon in the advertisement, as same buffoon stands on a peaceful person's porch with the express intent to harass said individual simply because he voted for something you don't like.

    Same FreeKeene bullshit – it's getting old man. Really fucking old. I'm running out of things to say about it. Blah Blah Blah Blah.

    And of course he doesn't like you assholes david….you've all given him every reason on earth to not like you. I wouldn't answer your questions either, whether at home or city hall. It's not like answering them would serve him anything positive.

  3. The video recorder stated to Mr. Pregent he was AUDIO recording rather than VIDEO/AUDIO recording.

    This is how FREAKEENE works, half truths, and expect no reprocussion.

  4. Dale Pregent knows better than to give these fucking idiots any attention

  5. matt you're finally running out of things to say? are you sure the other trolls will be able to hold down the fort in your absence?

  6. chaised the conqueror! So brave!

  7. *flattered*

  8. Matt – if you're running out of things to say, why say anything at all?

  9. matt,

    I know you know EVERYTHING.

    Me and the x-mayor talk just fine

  10. Showing up with a group of people on a man's porch to confront him over a political disagreement is really bad form in my book. This sort of behavior is aggressive and non-productive. I don't understand how it promotes liberty — his or yours.

    As someone who is moving to Keene this summer (for reasons unrelated to FSP), I'm discouraged by this group's methods and style. In fact some of your activities are so outrageous as to be considered either a ruse, or the result of some shared cognitive defect.

  11. Thank GAWD we dont' have Dale Pregent for a mayor anymore!

  12. Why say anything at all? Because it drives you morons absolutely batshit that I do. If it didn't, no one would reply – but – the same ones always do. Such a sad song isn't it? I'd hand you all a tissue if I could.

  13. morans!

  14. FK doesn't get their way so they resort to harrassment. No wonder no one respects this group.

  15. if this is harassment, so is christmas caroling.

  16. "if this is harassment, so is christmas caroling…" Uhh not quite the same there buddy.

  17. Oh chaised, the conqueror, So Brave!

  18. Not so much harassment as instigation, as the FREAKEENERS know the end result. They instigate, then whine and plea for "donations" so they can continue being asses.

    I save the easter eggs for christmas carolers. They don't come here anymore.

  19. I saw / heard no media present. All I heard was the babbling of a lying hypocrite with a camera. Here's a hint……. Owning a video recording device does NOT make you a member of the media!

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