Keene Sentinel Misreports On Derrick J’s Arrest

From the Sentinel:

A Keene man faces charges of resisting arrest and disobeying an officer after police say he led them on a chase while riding his bicycle Friday afternoon.

Derrick Joseph Horton, 22, was held at the Cheshire County jail in Keene for lack of $2,000 bail, Keene police Sgt. Jason Short said.

Police had attempted to stop Horton in connection with a warrant for criminal trespass and resisting arrest issued by the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office, but Horton allegedly refused to stop, forcing police to chase him on his bicycle for several streets, Short said.

Horton will be arraigned Monday morning in Keene’s 8th Circuit Court District Division.

Ironically, although the Sentinel managed to get almost all their facts wrong (Derrick didn’t have a warrant!), they did get one thing right: “Derrick Joseph Horton, 22, was held at the Cheshire County jail in Keene for lack of $2,000 bail, Keene police Sgt. Jason Short said.”

In other words, Derrick spent the weekend in jail because he didn’t have the $2000 ransom that the state demanded.

Thanks for keeping it real, guys!


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  1. OK, so it was an order of No Trespass instead of a Warrant. They still got the refusal to stop and the charges correct. They also forgot to mention that he is a flaming idiot, a liar and a hypocrite. You're right Bubbles, they should print a corrected article!

  2. Bill,

    The cop knocked the dude off his bike to serve him a no trespass. Doesn't that seem outrageous? I'd avoid the singing and crap and just sue the department. This should be a 5-6 digit case.

  3. "They also forgot to mention that he is a flaming idiot, a liar and a hypocrite. "

    Um ok. I don't really know Derrick but its pretty clear from the video that the police exceeded the limits of their authority. Would a cop have done that to a straight person? Maybe they are singling him out because he's gay.

  4. No, he knocked him off the bike for fleeing from the police. The Officer did nothing threatening. He pulled up behind Derrick and turned on his lights, signaling that he wanted him to stop. Derrick escalated the situation by fleeing.

  5. Confused,

    Sorry you misunderstood. The term "Flaming Idiot" had nothing to do with Derrick's sexuality. It had everything to do with the fact that he is a total moron who can't understand normal thinking.

  6. Sorry, Lynne "Kelly" Sieradzki. I get my facts from real journalists. I get my lap dances from strippers, though, if it makes you feel better.

  7. Confused Porc,

    What we have learned from bill's post is that he is a confused asshole… Who for his OWN sake should keep his trap SHUT.

    But of course he won't because his mother told him he has things to say.



  8. Don't run from the police to only bitch about it after the fact. This whole situation could have had been avoided the moron hadn't decided to be a dick and not talk to the police officer. It's all on you people, not the Mr. Moore. Homeboy is just doing his job, which sadly prob means he has to interact with you very obnoxious clowns all too often. Also, try asking less questions next time if you want to make a point. I found myself rooting for the cops to arrest you all.

    "why are you here?"

    "where are you taking him!?!"

    "whats for dinner"

    "wheres the beef!"

    "whats the meaning to life"

    "who shot col.mustard!?!"

  9. @ConfusedPorc, you've got to be kidding, right? Derrick escalated the situation by not stopping for the police. Seems like he just wanted to ensure that he got arrested for trumped up charges. Sure hope he's not going to be pulling any funds from…

  10. One important question needs to be asked. Why is this young man always seen at the school grounds as the children are being discharged? It is becoming something to cause concern. Why does he always have the time at the age of 22, to be at the the school yard at the end of school?

    Does he have a job? What does he do for a living? Does anyone know? What a waste. This young man is lost. He is in need of assistance. No direction, no career, no sense of how he is losing himself for a non-movement of no importance to the community. How sad.

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