FKTV – Episode 37 – April 2nd, 2012

1. Derrick J Freeman brutally arrested by Keene Police Officer Fintan Moore
2. Ladies in Keene Blog post
3. Adrian Schoolcraft and the NYPD tapes
4. Glik decision and how it pertains to video recording public officials

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  1. 1:15 in and you're already comparing cops to rapists? Get out of Keene and go to Hell.

  2. Oh what fantastic rhetoric and sensationalism – so…uh…what else is new in your decrepit sad worlds? Ali…there are indeed many other places where one would say "stop resisting, you'll only make it worse". Do it all the time in post op…people coming out of anesthesia often fight like crazy – and these things are said to them not to scare the wits out of them, but so they can understand that….YOU'LL ONLY MAKE IT WORSE. Within the span of your five minute community college essay, you've managed to lump police officers into the same group as rapists, and claim Judge Burke is under investigation for "corruption".

    You base all this on what? Nothing. Personal opinion. You're no different than main stream media….no facts….just twists in the road that lead right to your slanted agenda. Since when do law schools teach law students with desires to become a judge one day, that the goal is to "convict as many people as possible" in order to earn revenue for the "state". LOL. Are you really this stupid? Cops get fired and arrested every day all around this country. There is no "protection" for them when they screw up. Christ, they get fired for making facebook comments…and here you are with this nutty idea that cops and judges attend barbecues together on the weekends. IDIOT!

    If the cops and judges were SO corrupt as you claim, why don't they just march right into your workplace, trump up charges and throw your ass in the can forever? You've certainly given them NO reason to respect you. The sad truth is if you were ever in trouble, they would be absolutely obligated to help you, and they would. And that makes me sick – because you're a selfish little asshole. No wonder you fit right in with this group of fruitcakes so well.

  3. I'm surprised rapists don't always dress as officers. Don't resist! This is the law! The taxpayers are raped by being forced to pay for the services… and then raped once more once the services are provided

  4. Hey Beau,

    The date on your video says May 12th, 2012.. You in some sort of time warp bro? Its not even April 30th, ITS MARCH 30th….

    Wow!! Sloppy journalism!! Maybe a retraction is in order here?

    Or another editorial that "THE POT" is just so HARMLESS to the brain!

  5. Wasnt Brad supposed to debate Ian on tonights episode?

    Wat up wit dis?

  6. I think I know why he wasn't answering the questions.It's because the answer was : "we are fucking up"…or "we don't know", "we are just doing out jobs/fucking up".

    Also i sense arrogance, and disdain for the people they "serve".

    Except for the one deputy.

  7. Now I'm at finton moore's house and his wife :"dont come one this property",we dont have to answer to YOU" – for our fucking up ..from which we got this beautiful home and boat…


  8. Hello Derrick (Cupcake),

    My name is Candy, I reside in the state facility here in Berlin. Your commrade Ademo escaped my clutches once but I am almost certain you will be fortunate enough to meet me once your sentenced.

    I am a 6’4? 310 pound burly DOM and I just want to assure you that your protection and safety will be guaranteed once you arrive as my cell mate. Just an FYI Im on the bottom bunk.

    Aside from that I am looking forward to showing you the “liberty” focused atmosphere of a state prison. Your flamboyant and open mindedness on things like,

    open homosexuality, outreaching to school aged children and “just wanting to be left alone” are going to be a big hit up here with the white supremacy movement and the nation of islam brotherhood.

    I speak on behalf of all the sexually frustrated lifers here when I say your work in the community is going to be a “breath of fresh air” you tall glass of water you!

    In closing derrick (cupcake) THATS your new name by the way, I would just like to end with the following words of comfort.

    “Put your trust in the Lord, your ass belongs tom me”

    “Welcome to Shawshank gentlemen!! ”

    Oh and PS

    Please dont ask the warden when dinner time is, his captain of the guards gets all crazy and shit when people do that, last time he beat a man senseless with his club.


    Master CandyCane…. xxooxxoo

  9. You eat when we say you eat….

    You piss when we say you piss….

    And you shit when we say you shit….

    You got that you weasle?

  10. Hey James S,

    Was Panzer division did your grandfather in Germany back in the 40's?

  11. * Grandfather command

  12. Yohan..get back to your post. Yohan! That's an order! *racks a round into walthers' chamber*

    Das Boot

  13. Tell me david,

    Even in your warped multiverse of life, where does Mrs. Moore have a part in any of this?

    In regards to their house and boat, well thats called sacrafice. The man proabably worked 2 or 3 jobs in his younger years and thats what you get when you "sacrafice". You reap the gains later in life..

  14. Kinda like not just settling for SSDI, but going for the gusto with food stamps and TANF as well!!

    If you can relate….

  15. Looks like candy is validating the whole authoritarian appeal for rape and violence. If you're truly of the belief that people are not abusing the authority they claim to have then why promote that message yourself by reveling in scenarios of physical and sexual assault towards people whose views you disagree with?

    You are free to leave. You are not free to force others to do the same. There are plenty of other places in the US that offer you the kind of nanny state you desire so you can pretend you are free.

  16. Hey Pep,

    You will be next once you get put away up here in Berlin… I dont care what you think….

    My purpose is to take what I want. And I will take from you if you come here..

    And you will scream from the horror.


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