Questions For Law Enforcers/Drug War Supporters

Realizing that every law enforcement and intelligence agency from the FBI to the FSB now reads this blog, I have a question for the honest and good people who enforce or support the drug war:

Is it moral and ethical of you to arrest, prosecute, and imprison your people (and testify in favor of public policy indefinitely supporting the the same), while the United States Military is currently protecting the drug PRODUCERS in Afghanistan?

If the drug war was really about keeping people from using drugs, would this be official American policy?

How is that compatible with being a good person?

Have you read the Constitution?

PS New Hampshire: WMUR flatly refuses to cover the shameful judicial corruption that exists in New Hampshire. I used to trust the mainstream media, but now it’s obvious to me why people shouldn’t.

New Hampshire is home to many honorable judges. There are several that really need to be fired for, you know, corruption.

Just like in the police world, bad cops give the good a bad name.

The NH Police Academy taught me to “police (my) own,” literally. Perhaps the Judicial Branch needs the same?

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