KPD’s Officer Griffin Rides His Bike on the Sidewalk in Downtown Keene

Earlier this week, Keene Copblockers hit the streets and encountered KPD’s Matt Griffin as he violated town ordinance regarding riding bikes on the sidewalks in downtown Keene. Griffin does a fine job of establishing the fact that there are two classes of men – those who work for government, and the rest of us:

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  1. cool vid guys…digging that molly hatchet in the background too

  2. Interesting watching Griffin refuse to admit a mistake. It is not that big of a deal, but he could have given you the respect to apologize for breaking the silly bike law.

    Following cop cruisers is creepy. Luckily for you they know who you are.

    Otherwise, tighten up the editing a bit, but keep all your originals. Document date/time/location of every stop you record. You could be asked to submit the tape as evidence to a lawyer if the person is cited for a serious offense. I have been.

  3. What did you guys do with this info? Did you go down to the prosecuting attorney’s office with your witnesses and file charges against this LEO? If not, you’re wasting time and gas. Also, he was not pointlessly diving around. LEOs are required to make themselves visible to the public in their neighborhoods. They are discouraging criminal behavior.

  4. Discouraging criminal behavior… by engaging in it. That’s a new notion…

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