Sentinel Candidate Questionnaire for Ian Freeman for State Rep, Keene

The following are my answers to the Keene Sentinel‘s candidate questionnaire:

Name: Ian Freeman
Age: 32
Town: Keene
Party Affiliations: NH Liberty Party, Libertarian Party
How long have you lived in the area: Since 2006
Family: Yes
Education: Associates in Radio/TV Broadcasting
Occupation: Talk radio personality on Free Talk Live, Program Director of LRN.FM
Organizations to which you belong / have belonged: NH Liberty Alliance, NH Liberty Party, Libertarian Party, Free State Project,
Public/governtment Service: Longtime peace and pro-accountability activist.

1. Why are you running for the NH House?
The NH Liberty Alliance consistently ranks Keene’s “representatives” very poor (C-F) on their yearly report. I would provide a principled voice for liberty in the state house.

2. What are the three top issues facing state government and how would you deal with them? Please be specific:

The question has it backwards – the issues are those that have been created by the state government that are actively harming the people of NH. Here are three:

-Victimless crimes: People in NH, who have never harmed another human, are being regularly put in jail for so-called “crimes against the state” in which there is no actual victim. Some of these “crimes” include driving without government papers, for which people are caged for in many cases an entire year of their life, when they were just trying to go to work. Other such “crimes” include possession of cannabis or other chemicals that “the state” has deemed illegal, and petty violations of the ridiculous probation system that is basically a revolving door to get people put back in a cell. The existence of such “crimes” is an insult to the idea of live free or die, and is destroying people’s lives. All laws for “crimes” that don’t involve a victim should be abolished.

-Corrupt Courts: Talk to pretty much anyone who has been to court in NH, whether family court (where Tom Ball was so frustrated, he self-immolated), district, superior, or supreme – they’ll tell you it’s a horrible, unfair, and corrupt experience. I support CACR 26, which is on the ballot this fall as a proposed constitutional amendment, and would support any similar legislation taking power away from the monopoly court system and putting it back into the hands of the people.

-The number one issue, though, is the fact that NH is still part of the USA. The “United States”, like every “state”, is a criminal organization that steals from people and aggresses against its own people and those around the world. They are a drain on the people of New Hampshire and should be seceeded from, peacefully, of course, and as soon as possible. Once NH has seceeded, all the money that is currently stolen from the hard-working people of NH will stay here and benefit our local communities, businesses, economy, and people. We need not be party to the federal government’s abuses of human rights and domestic and worldwide aggression. NH already has one of the best economies in the US, and it would be even better without the burdens of the federal government’s aggression and increasingly useless dollar. We have two international borders and would be well-positioned to be a beacon of liberty to the whole world.

3. Is the state government doing too little, too much, or enough to help the NH economy? Why?
The question presumes that states can help economies. The state is parasitic – since they steal all their money, “taxes”, through threat of or actual force, they are not obligated to provide a valuable product or service for that money, like the rest of us. This question is like asking whether the tick is doing too much, too little, or enough to help the dog it’s attached to. The existence of the tick in the first place is the problem. The idea of “the state” is outdated and barbaric. It’s time to evolve society into one based on consensual interactions between humans. I’d recommend googling “voluntarism”.

4. What would be the first bill you sponsor in the next term?
I would sponsor a bill to make Keene into a town instead of a city. There are several New Hampshire towns that have greater population than the “city” of Keene, including Derry with 34k, Salem , Merrimack, Londonderry, and Hudson. Keene has proven that the city council organization does not promote liberty nor represent the people. Proof positive of this was the BEARCAT issue where the council voted to approve the $300,000 “tank” (According to Kendall Lane) from the federal government, despite overwhelming community outrage against it. Had Keene been a town, there would be no way the BEARCAT would have passed, as the town meeting would have had a supermajority of town members opposing the aggressive, militaristic machine. In a town meeting format, the people have a voice, whereas the city council ignored the voices of the people and voted for the police state. It’s time to take the power from the politicians and give it back to the people.

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  1. Great answers, and ideas.

  2. What a pantload.

  3. Anything specific? Maybe we can help you see the benefits of voluntary interactions with friends and neighbors.

  4. I voluntarily interact with friends, neighbors, and complete strangers all the time.

    I do have a question though. You folks want to create a sort of libertarian utopia. In what country or state has such a society been successful?

  5. When has Statism ever been successful? A quarter of a billion men, women, and innocent children were murdered at the altar of Statism in the last century, alone. Billions more have been maimed, tortured, rapted, starved, beaten, kidnapped, oppressed, and abused. The question isn’t really whether a “libertarian utopia” would or would not be better. The real question is whether it’s even /possible/ that it could be any worse. And, since the answer to that one is “no,” it’s worth a try.

  6. In other words, it hasn’t worked anywhere, but you’re reluctant to say that without a big word salad.

  7. No, it’s worked well wherever it’s been tried. 99% of human interactions are anarchic, for that matter. No voluntary society has ever fallen due to internal strife, only foreign invasion, and no system can prevent that – just ask all of the recently-overthrown “rulers” in the Middle East.

    My point was that it’s not the correct question, because it has an inherently-dishonest double standard. Statism has failed utterly in every case in which it’s been tried. But Statists will demand that those proposing a voluntary society prove that it will /succeed/ in 100% of all situations, before it may be tried.

    It’s like some sexist saying, “women cannot be astronauts – only men are any good at it” and, when challenged, saying, “well, show me any case where a woman has walked on Mars.” Until a man walks on Mars, that’s a patently-ridiculous argument. It’s likely to still be a false argument, after that point, but it’s /certainly/ fallacious due to the double standard, prior.

    The honest question is not “when has a voluntary society been successful?” The honest question is “when has a voluntary society been more successful than a Statist one?”

    So, try asking honest questions, next time…

  8. If you are trying to win hearts and minds, you’re going about it exactly the wrong way. The use of jargon, the humorless finger wagging, the “you’re making a false argument” all combine to repel the person you’re trying to attract. Just because YOU don’t like the question, doesn’t make it dishonest.

    As for sexism – given the sexism inherent in the libertarian/FSP movement, you really ought to leave that out of your arguments.

  9. I’m trying to win the hearts and minds that can be won. I wouldn’t show up at a Neo-Nazi protest expecting show opposition and thereby win over the Neo-Nazis. I’d expect to win over those who are watching, by demonstrating that there are messages other than hate. The Neo-Nazis would be too far gone along the path of hate to be worth the energy necessary to even attempt to win them over.

    I don’t expect to convince /you/ to stop asking dishonest questions. I just demonstrated exactly how the question was dishonest, but you insist that it was not, thereby proving yourself irrational. There’s no more reason to try and convince you, than to try and convince someone that the lamp-post really isn’t answering him when he talks to it. Neither of you have a grip on reality, so the attempt would be pointless. As demonstrated by your attempt to claim (with no evidence, of course) that libertarians are sexist, despite the fact that libertarians are the only group that believe in absolute equality of rights for all persons, everywhere, irrespective of sex, gender, color, ethnicity, religion, lack of religion, or whatever. If you show me an ape that is demonstrably sapient, I will accord it all the rights of any other person, and an ape is far more different from me than a woman is.

  10. Many libertarians believe in forced incubation – the ultimate in sexism. The FSP/libertarian crowd is mostly comprised of men. Perhaps you can explain why it is that women don’t seem to be as attracted to your paradigm.

    Ron Paul is the best argument against your statement that libertarians believe in absolute equality. He’s a racist, a misogynist, and a homophobe – all wrapped up in an evangelical christian blankie.

    I hope you’ll ignore everything I suggested. The dense propaganda prose, the silly analogies, and the jargon are all really working for you – and will undoubtedly attract millions to your Ayn-US.

  11. And where has voluntaryism been tried? Let’s see some specific examples of successful “voluntaryist societies” where all services were provided by private enterprises.

  12. If we told ourselves nothing that has previously existed could never exist we would surely be living in a sad world.

  13. Um, no, libertarians are universally pro-choice. There’s no other position that is possible under libertarian principles. Self-ownership is the defining principle in libertarianism, and there’s no way that a fetus can have a greater claim to the mother’s body than she, herself, does.

    I’m sure that libertarians are “mostly” male, but that does not say much, since it only takes one more male than female to make that true. Many of the early FSP movers have been young males, because young males have more mobility in this society, regardless of their philosophical beliefs. Libertarians are working to change that, so they can hardly be blamed for the situation that your society created.

    Ron Paul is a Constitutionalist, not a libertarian.

    Ayn Rand was an Objectivist, not a libertarian.

    You seem to have trouble keeping your bigotry straight.

  14. You’ve asked that, before, and been answered, before. If your memory is failing you, seek medical attention.

  15. No examples to give, eh?


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