Keene CopBlock

Last night, a group went out in a couple different vehicles to patrol Keene and keep tabs on the public officials who claim jurisdiction over it. On the police scanner, there was a report that the owner of a local establishment had called 911 after two customers left the property as they believed the driver may have been intoxicated. A description of the vehicle the customers were driving was reported, and officers were encouraged to track this vehicle down.

We were close by, and spotted the vehicle that was identified. The driver of the car I was in pulled up next to the vehicle at a stoplight and motioned for them to roll down the window. It was conveyed to them that police were on the lookout for them and that it may be an intelligent idea to pull into a parking lot and get out of the vehicle. The driver took the suggestion, and we stopped to see if we could be of assistance. At this time, we heard dispatch tell all units to be on the lookout. One of the passengers in the truck I was in, Clyde, offered to drive the vehicle home for the two in the car.

As there were four of us in the CopBlock truck, we split up. Ademo accompanied the driver of the other vehicle while I stayed with Pete. The passenger of the vehicle rode with Pete and I, while the previous driver stayed with their vehicle. They, and their vehicle, were safely delivered home, very appreciative and they gave a donation to cover gas. In addition to helping a couple individuals in need of a hand to guarantee a safe arrival home, we prevented the Keene Police from forcefully taking an individual to a cage where he would be held at taxpayers’ expense although nobody had been harmed, stealing the vehicle, and demanding ransom for the individual’s freedom and/or vehicle.

Please tell me again, naysayers, about how CopBlocking is not helpful or how CopBlockers’ goal is simply to instigate?

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