Dems Target State Rep Mark Warden, Free State Project Participant

Mark Warden is a Free State Project participant and NH state rep in Goffstown. He’s a really principled guy who’s not afraid to show up at a Concord 420 at the state house. (He doesn’t smoke cannabis, but supports decriminalization and is willing to show it.) He also regularly attends court in support of liberty activists. Mark is a respected guy in the state house and an excellent realtor.

Now it appears the Democrats at the state level have decided to target Mark for defeat. William Tucker at Blue Hampshire says Warden’s seat is one of two key races they need to win:

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee today named two New Hampshire House races as key battlegrounds in the fight to make substantial gains in state legislatures around the country.

Aaron Gill, who is running to unseat Free Stater incumbent Mark Warden in Hillsborough District 39, was one of ten races selected through a process of grassroots nominations. The race matters, wrote the DLCC, because the outcome could indicate whether the state’s Republican-leaning districts are in play this cycle and if the Free State Project has staying power.

This is a good point, and this election in general will be a good indicator of whether the election of a dozen “free staters” in 2010 was a flash-in-the-pan or not.

You can contribute to Mark’s campaign here. He even accepts Bitcoin!

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