Hearing on No Trespass Order – Raw Court Footage

The ridiculous no trespass order issued against several activists banning them from the courthouse forever was challenged yesterday morning by heroic attorney Jon Meyer of Manchester.

Most trials are pretty dull, but this one has lots of laughs and absurdities as the Sheriff attempts to defend his shoddy and unconstitutional order and the women that work at the court claim they were scared of peaceful, singing activists who dared ask them questions!

Judge Burke came off as objective today and even interjected thoughtful questions. Enjoy the video, there are gold nuggets of content in here:

UPDATE: The video has now had the traffic noise removed.

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  1. Ian well done. Jon Meyer well done. Your efforts (and those of the other activists) are very much appreciated as you are clearly making Keene government more polite as evidenced by Judge Burkes change to a more congenial persona.

    As to the testimony, I like how the Sheriff came off as confused and wrong in this video.

    Sheriff – “Cameras were pointed right in their face, sometimes maybe 6 inches”
    Ian – “I never invaded anyones personal space, about 5-6 feet away sounds right”
    Witnesses for the State – “Yea, Ian is right”

    Its also obvious by this video that most of these public officials have never really seriously discussed consitutional rights before the Shire Society arrived in town.

    It was riveting footage to see how the State prosecutor objected that the Sheriff shouldnt answer questions on the constitution as he really isnt a lawyer trained in the constitution, while Defense Lawyer steps in and says that is the Sheriffs job is it not? LOLOL

    Insight on how Judge Burke in the past has ordered these officials around as lackeys under his thumb who do not question his iron rule.

    Well done Keene and Jon Meyer! Nice video,

  2. Correct me if Im wrong but from the testimony it sounded like Sheriff Foote tried to shove off some blame with a “Judge Burke made me do it” type of implication as to why he made the order.

    If Burke was involved in telling Foote what to do, shouldnt Burke recuse himself or a motion be filed to recuse Burke?

  3. It wasn’t Burke. The incident in question took place at the superior court. Arnold, maybe?

  4. I livestreamed most of Dick Foote & all of Ian’s testimony, however, the audio was horrible for some reason

  5. It sure looks like the meeting happened in the Keene City Council Chamber, which is at Keene City Hall. That is Burke.

  6. This hearing did but they were arrested at the superior court. Again, the incident being adjudicated here took place at Cheshire County Superior Courthouse and therefore, it would be reasonable to presume that no orders were given by Burke to the Sheriff nor did he sign any order banning anybody from a building over which he has no control or authority.

  7. foote seems fairly honest here……..but being honest is a losing case for him…imho…lol…(just part way through his testimony so far)….he is saying …words like harassment etc etc……(did he say Terrorize too?)…. anyway he knows those are …incendiary legal type words…. in a way i feel bad for foote……he lost his senate race….he’s no longer sheriff…..now he’s over his head,imo, ……against a good attorney……… i dot feel that bad tho….lol

  8. this is so f’ed up…. this is the judge who lied and jailed ademo for asking questions on cam before court…. and had him JAILED… and he’s deciding the legality of cameras outside the courtroom.. this is some fucked up shit…

  9. Just saw the Ian part….so good… didn’t yield anything to the prosecutor man… Nice try tho prosecutor man..

  10. them girl agents of the state…quietly oppressing people.. being so demur and “scared” on the stand…..mm… they’re are violent little demure scardycats

  11. Foote looked and sounded like a bumbling idiot. It was obvious that the trespass order was nothing more then a Color of Law violation for arresting somebody on a bogus order. He used his position to violate the civil rights of these people. I hope that they now sue this FOOTE ASSHOLE, and a 1983 claim is without a doubt in order. Pinch this piece of shit and hurt him financially.


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