Your Vote Counts in NH: Anarchist Wins by One Vote in Manchester

As reported here previously, Free State Project participant Tim O’Flaherty was elected in Manchester’s Ward 5 as a Democrat and open anarchist. He won the race against a Republican small-government Free State Project participant.

Now, thanks to a Union Leader piece, we learn more about Tim O’Flaherty including that he won his primary against a run-of-the-mill Democrat by one vote.

It’s not the first time and won’t be the last that a vote has been so close in NH. Your vote may not matter a whit at the national level, but it definitely does at the local and state level here in NH. All those activists who have given up voting out of frustration really need to think again.

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  1. I could have sworn you guys were against majority tyranny. I guess 51% over 49% isn’t so bad as long as it works in your favor…

  2. You’d prefer what? Voting from the rooftops? Personally, I think using the system against itself is a far better choice.

  3. Tyranny? Now anarchists are tyrants? What exactly do you have against what appears to be an atheist, gay, slightly left leaning anarchist? I figured that is exactly the type of people you wanted to rally around.

  4. I’m an anarchist myself. What I find ironic is the fact that many right-libertarians (such as many FSPers) cry against “majority tyranny” but then write articles such as this praising the system when it comes out in their favor.

  5. This is not a case of majoritarian tyranny. Yet. The public didn’t vote on a binding resolution or anything, they voted on a representative. Now, the representatives that when are almost always authoritarian to an unacceptable agree, and whatever this guy’s stated philosophy, it’s likely he will be unacceptably authoritarian as well. In which case, yes, this would be majoritarian tyranny (albeit by proxy.)
    However, while he is likely to be authoritarian, a self-identified anarchist is also the most likely to not be authoritarian. So while it’s not a good chance this guy will work out, it’s a better chance than we’ve had in a while.

  6. Julia Riber Pitt, you’re trolling is not welcome on this website.

  7. Your so educated.

  8. An “anarchist” who invariably supports the State? No, you’re a totalitarian, and no one with a functioning brain is fooled by your claims of being an “anarchist.”

  9. I like reading Julia’s opinion on things.

  10. Damn Julia, you really are nothing but a troll. There were a lot of anarchists of many different flavors who chose to sit out this election for various reasons. All that this article states (not praises), is that your vote might be important in local elections, and that people who chose to not vote should reconsider their position when with regards to local elections.


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