The BEARCAT Arrives in Keene – Feeling safer yet?

BEARCATDespite a supermajority of Keeniacs opposing the “tank”, as Mayor Kendall Lane excitedly called it, the city council overwhelmingly did as they were asked by Keene Police and accepted the armored Lenco BEARCAT killing machine from the Department of Homeland Security. Now it has arrived and is ready to be used to crush your freedom – I mean to rescue people from floods and save people in burning homes.

Keene police only have the best of intentions for the vehicle – the thermal imaging equipment that can see through walls will only be used to find people in fires – they would NEVER use it to try to find cannabis grow operations. Sure, the BEARCAT has gunports all around the vehicle – but don’t worry – they’ll be using those for… um…

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  1. Nothing in that video showed how this “tank” would help in a flood, and nothing looked like “rescue.” I may have missed it, but all I saw was destruction!

  2. A wheeled armored personnel carrier designed for military. These things are mostly used in big cities like LA and New York. For Keene to buy one is ridiculous.

    $300,000 down the toilet.

  3. Nice, now keene PD can play war and soldier. 🙂

    Next on the list is unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

    This will help the Keene PD to spy on the good citizens of keene . 🙂

  4. Ever since the LA bank robbery shootout in 1997 I actually see the need for things like this to be available regionally to law enforcement. They actually can serve an important public safety purpose in the event of an active shooter situation.

    Being able to safely take out a dangerous armed person is a good thing… I want the police to be able to do that.

    I just do not want them to use these things offensively. (which they will)

  5. The police are the “dangerous armed person,” though. They commit far more violence than they ever prevent.

  6. This does not promote peace. And I don’t trust the stewards of this machine. I don’t have faith in the stewards of this machine :it doesn’t promote peace. This is all about their safety Not the safety of those they “protect and serve”. I don’t trust the police with hand guns;why would i trust them with this. Most are abusive and aggressive and those that don’t speak up or out against the abusive and aggressive ones are complicit with the abusive aggressive ones. So the “good ones” aren’t really good they are complicit/enablers/aiders and abettors of the bad ones and therefore just as bad . Again aggressive abusers that think they have “special rights”are in charge of this machine. SEND IT BACK 🙂

  7. Plain and simple the Bearcat is a $300,000 tax dollar give away to a politically connected company.

  8. And the only thing needed to stop the 97 LA bank robbery was 2 rounds of .308AP.


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