Darryl Perry Found Guilty of Failure to ‘Register’ His Vehicle

Seven Keene activists accompanied Darryl W. Perry to Newport District Court for an 8:30 AM trial on the charge of failure to register his vehicle, RSA 261:40. Darryl was issued a summons on May 16, 2012 after being pulled over on South Main Street in Newport, NH by State Trooper Jason W. Hickox.

Hickox acted as prosecutor and sole witness for the “State of NH.” He testified that his reason for running Darryl’s plates was that they were Texas plates that looked “unusual.” He claimed that when he asked Darryl for license and registration, Darryl provided a ‘driver’s license’ as well as proof of ‘registration’ from Texas, which he alleges was expired. Hickox stated that Darryl was not violating the speed limit, driving unsafely, or driving in any manner hazardous to other drivers.

Hickox testified that Darryl agreed to abide by the man-made legislation supposedly valid in this particular region of land simply by driving within the boundaries commonly known as New Hampshire.

Darryl mentioned article 3 of the NH Constitution and referred to the surrender of certain natural rights in return for protection. He noted that police officers are not duty-bound to protect and without protection, the surrender of rights is void.

Darryl also cited article 10, the right of revolution, and stated that he never agreed to nor signed anything to fall under the arbitrary jurisdiction. He claimed to be part of the Shire Society and cited the fourth precept, stating,

FOURTH, explicit voluntary association is the only means by which binding obligations may be created, and claims based on association or relationships to which any party did not consent are empty and invalid;

Jason W. Hickox was unable to provide any physical evidence proving Darryl was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of the claims against him.

After the prosecutor finished testifying as the only witness, Judge Cardello denied Darryl’s motions to dismiss and to receive exemption. The judge deemed Darryl “guilty” of the alleged “crime” of failing to pay ‘the state’ for permission to own and operate his own property and said Darryl must pay a $100 fine and a penalty assessment fee of 24%, or $24.

Darryl’s request to donate $124 to charity in lieu of the fine was denied, but request for community service was granted; Darryl will complete 12.5 hours of community service.

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