Tom Woods Doubly Endorses the Free State Project!

Keene District 8 State Representative Cynthia Chase’s recent scaredy-comments about Free Staters being the biggest threat to “the state” have blown up and gone viral. The story posted to FK was linked to by, internet memes have been generated, and now the Saturday night keynote speaker at the upcoming 2013 Liberty Forum, Tom Woods, has weighed in with a video on the matter.

In the video, Woods provides a ringing endorsement for the Free State Project:

“We should support the Free State Project, I think it’s a great idea. But now I’m doubly enthusiastic for it because now I feel like we have to do it just to drive this woman [Cynthia Chase] crazy.”

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  1. So, is he going to move here?

  2. No wonder that my comment on BlueHampshire saying that people should be checked for birth certificates and only natives allowed to vote was “voted down”.

    So many of the Democrats would be disenfranchized.

  3. Not likely, I think Mr. Woods has to many family contacts in Kansas or wherever he is.

    He is going to be talking at Liberty Forum on February, you could ask him then. I paid for the full weekend as soon as tickets became available.

  4. There are many Democrats on Blue Hampshire that are far more civil than Rep. Chase. I like a good number of them.

    She’s an embarrassment to their Party.

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