WBIN-TV Reports on the BEARCAT Unveiling

WMUR’s got competition. WBIN-TV is new to New Hampshire and is already making a splash in the news scene by showing up where WMUR won’t. I was at the unveiling of the BEARCAT almost the entire time, and I did not see a WMUR reporter there at any point. However, WBIN reporter (and Keene-area native) Garrett Brnger was there and reported on both sides of the BEARCAT issue, interviewing CopBlock.org‘s Pete Eyre and yours truly:

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  1. You couldn’t write this and have it believed. The chief with a straight face cites the Pumpkinfest as a possible target. How sad.

  2. Holy crap Pete has a bushy beard!

  3. Odd addition. Face brick instead of concrete block.


  1. Cop Block WBIN-TV Reports on the Keene PD BEARCAT Unveiling | Cop Block - [...] text and video below were originally posted to FreeKeene.com by Ian Freeman on Jan. 9th, [...]

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