K-Rock’s Parker Springfield Talks about the Free State Project

antonivichLocal radio fans will know Scott Antonivich from his many mornings as “Parker Springfield” rocking the Monadnock area on 101.9 K-Rock. Sadly, the parent company flipped formats to country, as reported here last year. Scott was offered a position in Lebanon with the company, but did not want to make the commute. Not long thereafter, his wife of six years allegedly decided to cheat on him and break up with him. He has a young son and so began his odyssey into the horrible family legal system of NH.

Here’s a recent post he made to his facebook profile that he gave permission to share with you regarding his thoughts about the Free State Project:

For those of you that follow or hear about Free Keene and the Free State Project and think that the members are into ‘shenanigans’ or worse you believe New Hampshire State Representative Cynthia Chase who believes that the principles of liberty, sound money, and free markets are a threat to NH and actually wishes to pass measures that will restrict the “freedoms” of those in the Free State Project I’d like to voice my opinion. Sure, there are times when perhaps they “get in the face” of people. Perhaps they goto extremes with their views: the counsel chambers drinking game comes to mind. Before you judge these folks….listen to the underlying message first. The rest is pure promotion so that you WILL LISTEN. Did I stop and look at the video of the topless TSA protester at the Manchester Airport? You bet your ass! After staring at her breasts…I realized she had a good point. I wouldn’t have given the video the time of day otherwise. Remember, sometimes you have to use sensationalism in order to be heard in today’s society. I’ve been experiencing FIRST HAND some of the issues they have been talking about for years. When a police officer tells you that he will not get involved when your name is FORGED on a check written to you….in order for it to be illegally cashed….you have to wonder what laws they use. It’s certainly not the law’s I’ve been told I had.

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  1. wait, she went topless? I don’t recall that. Gotta love when different things get melded into new things that never happened.

  2. Memory is very subjective, and associative. A human being remembers only parts of what is seen or heard, and manufactures the rest on the spot. Sometimes, details get lost.

  3. I see both tape and halter top.

    Not MUCH tape, and very LITTLE halter, but they’re there.

  4. Can someone point me to the legislation Cynthia Chase has proposed?

  5. She didn’t propose specific legislation. Merely talked of removing liberties so that those who valued them wouldn’t want to be here.

  6. Oh, so free speech isn’t for everyone? That seems rather hypocritical for libertarians.

  7. Elected officials who seek to use their power to remove liberty aren’t using free speech, they are abusing their position of authority and threatening the public liberties. Big difference. I’ll defend the right of Nazis to march in the streets and talk, but I won’t stand for Nazis who are implementing their plans. Being elected and discussing how they will implement their plans into law is closer to #2 than #1.

  8. So even though she has no plan and has filed no legislation, you’re going to stick with that accusation.

    At this point the Chase card has been way, way overplayed. Time to move on, or risk backlash.

  9. ‘accusation’ sounds like she did nothing wrong we can prove. If I said “I think we should pass legislation that will make it so Hispanics won’t be happy in NH”, you going to defend me too?

  10. It’s good to know that some do listen!

  11. Thanks for bringing that up. Your political party (the NH GOP) has tried to do just that, on a very consistent basis for the last decade or so.

  12. Don’t you think the socially liberal free state republicans would vote with the democrats on that issue?

  13. And I completely disagree with that, and fought such things for the last 2 years while I was there.

  14. Over on BlueHampshire, the FSP types have been abused for not having “party loyalty”. Yet here you are accusing FreeStaters of “party loyalty”. I do wish the nay-sayers would get their story straight, it makes them look silly to contradict each other.

    It would be helpful if you would look up the voting records of the people you wish to abuse.

  15. I saw no evidence of that during the last legislature.

  16. It would be even more helpful if you didn’t make silly assumptions, Bob.

  17. What assumption, Emmagee? Please, I would like to know what assumption(s) you believe I have made, so I can correct that.

  18. “It would be helpful if you would look up the voting records of the people you wish to abuse.” That’s an assumption.

  19. No, it’s a statement. “It would be helpful”.

    An assumption would be, “You never look up the people you abuse” or “Don’t post while wearing green”, both facts not in evidence thus assumed by me writing them.

  20. What rich, ripe caca, Bob. You got caught making assumptions. A grown up would own up. Free Staters aren’t grown ups.

  21. I see. Have a good day.

  22. FSP members have no party loyalty, because there is no party to be loyal to within the FSP. There is NO PARTY affiliation. Each individual decides for themselves what party they want to be a part of that they think will advance the principles of liberty.

  23. I can object to what other people say


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