Free Staters Prevent Further Increases, Make Cuts in Budgets in Keene and Grafton

The New Hampshire Freedom blog reports on the Free State Project participants who were the supermajority of the voting differential on critical budget votes on Monday night in Keene. All the proposals to increase the suggested budget failed, and the last one to increase the budget failed by only six votes! There were at least five Free State Project participants in the room. The NH Freedom blog has the full story, “Have Keene Free Staters finally started to free Keene?”.

Unfortunately, our participation in politics, while better than ever, is still low. Keene has always attracted apolitical activists, and hopefully we are starting to see that change as even with small numbers we have already proved we can have an impact.

If we could reach the level of participation had in Grafton, that would be ideal. In Grafton, a report published to the FSP’s facebook page says that 30 liberty activists turned out to a recent town meeting and cut the town’s budget back 10%! Looks like the much ballyhooed “Free Town Project” is taking hold! Get the full news with the numbers from this post on FB.

Politics actually works in NH. Yes, it’s still slow, boring, and arduous, but we can make a difference here. Come on up!

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