Juror for “Trespassive Three” Trial Says Fellow Jurors Would Have Convicted Gandhi, MLK

Despite a fine performance by New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union attorney Barbara Keshen, the sad, obedient jury did what the state wanted and convicted the Trespassive Three of Occupy NH for “Criminal Trespass” for the crime of exercising their rights to free speech and assembly after 11pm in Manchester’s Veteran’s Park.

The jury’s guilty verdict basically says that a city ordinance can trump the constitutional supposed “protections” for the rights we allegedly have as human beings. It is a terrible decision against their fellow human beings.

After the trial, several activists awaited the release of the jury and attempted to offer cash for a quick interview. They were not having it, one even saying “we’re not talking to you” which is a strange thing to say, since she was walking alone when she said it. (I didn’t record that interaction.) Were they instructed to not talk to us? One juror in the video says they weren’t given such an instruction, but I have to wonder if that is true.

The juror who speaks to us later is not shown in the video, at her request. Could that be because she was ashamed of what she did? She decided to talk to us only after all the other jurors and court security had left. The window was cracked on her vehicle as she prepared to leave, and I asked her a second time for an interview, this time offering $30. She graciously gave us ten minutes of her time and answered many questions, discussing what happened in deliberations, civil disobedience, jury nullification, “following the rules”, the state’s claim that the park would turn into a campground if the jury returned a not guilty, the constitution, and the curfew law.

She reveals that there were a few not guilty votes in the initial vote, but they all changed to guilty. The juror claims that she was not pressured to change her mind and expresses that she supports the protestor’s rights, but ultimately decided the curfew ordinance was more important, because we have to have rules in society – even if they violate rights. She seems conflicted and confused. Also included in the video is a short interview with NHCLU head attorney Barbara Keshen.

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  1. This is the end of the free world as we knew it.

  2. This clip will show why it is not a good idea to put your fait in the hands of a jury. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5uztpW5xjU
    This clip is very good because their is no intelligence test to become a member of the jury.
    In order to get a jury on your side you must vilify the prosecution, and police. Show the jury that the law is immoral and bad and the people who uphold it or support it are just as bad.

  3. The problem isn’t putting ourselves out there as Ghandis or MLKs.
    It’s having them see themselves as imperialists or against civil rights.

  4. the prob. is no one will listen or take notice without people putting it out there in a way they can’t egnore,this is a constitutional right because of the risk it took for our founding fathers to come together and put together plans of action to form this nation.back in the day demonstrators were busted on the charge of assembeling without a permitwhen the vets. against the war marched on d.c. and the whitehouse,they were beaten and jailed,but the country took notice of what these guys were saying.i apologise to those who were found guilty for standing for their rights and beliefs,and the people have just cause to be out there trying to make a change.obama keeps re-directing the focus from our economic crisis to other things that have nothing to do with the way life is and the operation of the banks,and other dealings of things that are just so wrong.the stock market doesn’t remedy the homeless,it just keeps the guys in office stuffing their own pockets. obama lives on af1 flying his entrouge here,there,everywhere pushing his point on the people.i applaude his on the spot apperiance and help when there is a desaster in this country,he has done good there,but there are people out there who are trying and just keep hitting nothing but brick walls,and they need to know that.


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