Talking to Lefties about Secession, Gay Marriage, and More

Out in front of the “town hall” with Kelly Ayotte yesterday in Fitzwilliam, I had the chance to interview Tracy who was there holding a #shameonyou sign with her wife and some friends who were holding “Stop Gun Violence Now” signs. We discussed Gay Marriage, Secession, and Bitcoin!

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  1. “What would the federal government have to do to get us to support secession?” Ian, thanks for asking it. I don’t think many of us can even fully appreciate the question without dismissing it without a second thought. The question hits at the heart of why the federal government exists. So? Answer it below. If you currently support the Federal government; what would the federal government have to do to change your opinion on secession?

  2. Yes, it was interesting that the murdering of people worldwide wasn’t enough for her, despite being anti-war, but if they raided her bank account, then that would be too far.

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