LCL Report on Robin Hood of Keene

Thanks to LCL Report‘s Tarrin Lupo for his video interview with Robin Hood James Cleaveland:

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  1. Robin Hooding is a GREAT thing, and frankly it is something that I would donate to. The problem here is not the Robin Hooding. If you were doing that alone, you would probably see a SIGNIFICANT amount of support from the community, including the businesses whose customers are able to spend more time in downtown Keene because of you.

    The issue at hand is the treatment of the parking enforcement officers. Like them or not, just leaving them alone and feeding meters would accomplish what you are looking to accomplish and then some.

    It is a fair and valid point that their job description involves dealing with unhappy parkers, but that doesnt mean that it makes it okay that you do it.

    My advice? Leave the PEO’s alone. JUST feed the meters. Make it public that this is what you are doing, and make it public WHY you are doing it. Abandon the sensationalized “shocking” videos of asking the parking enforcement officers your list of questions, and focus on garnering the public’s support.


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