Rich Paul Media Coverage and Fundraising

Three weeks from today, on Friday June 7th, 2013, at 1:30pm, friends of Rich Paul will gather to support him at the Cheshire County Superior Court in Keene for his sentencing event. Rich’s story continues to make headlines across the land of liberty, and this is getting the spotlight on the sentencing in hope for a more positive outcome, and more help in fundraising for his appeal. Thank you so much to Garry Reed for this great article today on Rich’s story posted on ,  and an earlier Libertarian News Examiner article put out the truth of Rich refusing to wear a wire or entrap his friends for the FBI. Updates will follow between now and Rich’s sentencing.

Thank you to Garrett Ean for his most excellent mashup video,  highlighting testimony from Richie the Rat Dupont Jr. to Phil the Perjurer Christiana and other detectives in between. Tune in to how they are each asked similar questions by Defense counsel Kim Kossick regarding who called who to begin this investigation into Rich Paul. Did the NH Drug Task Force call the FBI, or did the FBI call the DTF, and then lie under oath about who called who? Since Christiana could not admit under oath that he asked Rich to cooperate, in a similar way that Dupont had been asked to cooperate, then refused to answer questions about the Keene Activist Center, all of that testimony should be stricken, and Christiana charged with perjury and contempt. However, since we choose our battles, this may not be the one we choose, but the truth shall someday set Rich Paul free . . .     

So until Rich’s sentencing comes to pass, he loves to get mail, so please send any mail directly to him in jail at this address:

Rich Paul

c/o Cheshire County D.O.C.

825 Marlboro Rd.

Keene, NH 03431

Most importantly, thank you to JJ Schlessinger for getting Rich’s Appeal Fundraiser going! Please visit to donate to this cause, and stay in touch with the event too. In order for Rich’s appeal to be possible, we are seeking activist’s to match donations with Rich’s parents, and going for the total goal of $6600 to cover costs of fundraising and transcripts and attorney oh my! Just imagine, if $6000 people give just one buck, one dollar, one Federal Reserve Note, then Rich’s appeal becomes a reality! Today we are at $339 and growing, so thanks to all for showing Rich your love!

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