Let Freedom Sting?

There was a crackdown at the Smoke Down at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia yesterday, May 18th, 2013, as police presence was at an all time high, and at an all time low for their violent thuggish behavior, when they forcefully arrested at least four peaceful liberty lovers. Much footage and controversy is coming forward about these arrests of Adam Kokesh, N.A. Poe, NJ Weedman, and Don Dezarn. The latest news indicates that Don Dezarn and the NJ Weedman were released immediately on the spot, with citations. Adam Kokesh was reported by one source to have been released, but other sources say he and N.A. Poe are now detained in the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center, to face arraignment and bail hearings on Monday May 20th.  Here is some of the footage of the whole Smoke Down event, Don Dezarn gets released at 28:41 point in the video,


Here is some video from dailypaul.com of Adam Kokesh being arrested, and Poe’s being violently held down on the ground until the 2:00 minute mark in the video when the thugs drag him off to detention,

Most controversial and disturbing is this video posted on dailypaul.com showing in slow motion an officer someone’s arm (Who’s arm?) shoving their hand in Adam’s waistline behind his back while Adam is being arrested, in a very sketchy move that leaves many questions about what is really happening, like planting a plant? Apparently Adam hadn’t even smoked at all when he was arrested, holding nothing illegal. Watch and think for yourself.

Free Adam and Poe, and free all political prisoners! Free Rich Paul! Free Mary Jane! May Adam and Poe be set free by the truth and the righteousness of their stands!


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