Condensed Video from Robin Hood Hearing

On June 11th, Free Concord posted to, City Fails to Obtain Preliminary Injuction Against Robin Hooders + Full Court Video. This follow-up post includes shorter version of the video captured at the hearing. Much thanks to Darryl Perry for recording (despite an unprovoked and unnecessary verbal lashing from bailiffs early-on), to Ian Freeman for uploading for all to see, and to all who came out in support.


In early May 2013 the “City of Keene” filed a preliminary injunction against six individuals, hoping to establish a 50′ anti-freedom zone around parking enforcement employees (part of the Keene Police Department). The six individuals all filed written responses and on June 11, 2013 appeared in “Superior Court” for a hearing.

The man in the black robe, John Kissinger, told the six individuals and Thomas Mullins, the lawyer for the “City of Keene, that they had 20 days to submit more info about the related constitutional arguments and that a full-day hearing would be scheduled at a later date – possibly in August – unless he first dismissed the injunction.


Thomas Mullins
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