City Admits Incompetence, Spends Your Tax Dollars on Private Attorneys for Robin Hood Case

robinAs if to prove they don’t know what they are doing, the people calling themselves the “City of Keene” have apparently dipped into their stolen funds (your tax money) and are now lavishing it on the same private law firm that they previously hired when Darryl sued the city asking for an apology.

Garret noted in one of his recent pieces that Gallagher, Callahan, and Gartrell attorneys Eric G. Moskowitz and Charles P. Bauer have put in an appearance in the Robin Hood sham case against local activists.

Apparently the city people couldn’t take on a handful of “pro-se” activists by themselves and had to bring in some professional help. If the hired guns were ethical at all, they’d tell the city attorneys they are out of line with the suit and refuse the case. Of course, they are not ethical, (why do the right thing when you can milk taxpayers for billable hours?) and are apparently the go-to firm for the City of Keene. I wonder how many municipalities use their services?

How many hours will they bill? Who knows! We know former police captain Peter “Sturdy” Thomas hit them up for over 40 hours at well over $25 an hour to record a bunch of video of the Robin Hooders, and I highly doubt the attorneys will be working for peanuts. The attorneys might cost $250/hr EACH. Hopefully we’ll get that information to you later via 91-A request. Stay tuned to Free Keene as the Robin Hood case continues to develop.

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