Adam Kokesh’s “Final American Revolution” – Concord, NH

Adam Kokesh called for a “Final American Revolution” where people were to gather at each state capitol and demand secession. This is video from Concord, NH where a man strapped with an AK-47 gave a speech written by Kokesh into a megaphone:

The events nationwide suffered from poor planning, in that Kokesh basically announced the events, created them on Facebook, and then expected others to pick up the ball. They didn’t. One photo from Albany showed two people attending. Concord got 22 without any real organization whatsoever. The poor turnout at the event nationwide speaks to the small number of liberty-loving people willing to take action. It’s a perfect example of why liberty-oriented people need to converge in one place and get active TOGETHER. That place is New Hampshire – the choice of the Free State Project. Concentrating activism works – we already have over 1100 activists here statewide as part of the FSP and have won dozens of elections, repealed bad laws, done epic civil disobedience, and are creating loads of liberty media. Please join the thousands of liberty activists moving to New Hampshire and join the Free State Project!

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  1. Revolutions historically occur when the middle class fights the rich ‘aristocracy’ for who gets to enslave the poor.

    Right now the stock market is at record highs, home prices are moving up and the middle class is quite comfortable. Middle class has no immediate financial interest to fight the rich at this time. In fact, they are firmly allied with the rich. That could change over the next 10 years however.

    Any revolution for the USA in 2013 simply will not work and is poorly timed. I know the revolutionaries will be saddened by this, but its the truth.

    Revolutionaries will have to keep waiting for the middle class to tell them when its time to sucessfully revolt. Will it be 10, 30, 200 years from now? who knows. Just watch the mood and behaviour of the middle class for clues.

  2. Please don’t take this personally but that is the most ignorant thing I’ve read in a long time.

    You say the stock market is at record highs? Yes, that’s because the dollar is at record lows. The “stock market,” to the extent it has a height, is just the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500. Those are distraction numbers, measured in dollars, and as the dollar falls, the numbers grow. It’s not good, it’s not an indicator of economic health, and it’s definitely no indicator of middle-class affluence, since most people are not owners of DJIA or S&P index funds.

    You say home prices are moving up? Yes, and home ownership is moving down because fewer people can afford the rising prices. Do you think it’s good when gas prices go up? When food prices go up? Rising prices of necessary commodities is not good for the middle class, it’s bad.

    But clearly the stupidest statement in your post is saying that the middle class is comfortable. Yeah, no shit. That’s because people who are not comfortable aren’t part of the middle class. By definition the middle class is always comfortable–that’s what being middle class means!

    You’re correct that the middle class is is not about to rise up in revolution. But that has less to do with the fake statistics you’re talking about, and more to do with the fact that most Americans are over-eating, over-medicated zombies who have been so indoctrinated with a distaste for critical thinking by the public schools and mass media that the idea of responding to tyrannical demonstrations of authoritarian force with anything besides chants of “U-S-A! U-S-A!” would never enter their crippled minds.

  3. At the end of 2012, the average American household wealth is $550,000+/- according to the St Louis Fed.

    This $550,000 number is rising not falling.

    American households are working and spending. I see a strong economy everywhere I travel.

    No revolution will occur when households are this wealthy.

    Put away your AK-47.

  4. This is incorrect. Please see what we did in Denver we led a standoff against police, won and gained access to capitol steps. We demanded revolution. No one is covering us because police backed down. Talk to me, I’ll tell ya everything that happened. Also, view Ustream Channels Voluntary TV, and Starrstream, both of which caught us on film(Voluntary TV was our official Ustream, Starrstream was with restore the fourth. Please please please see video!!!!!!!!! A woman with Restore the Fourth was run over (on foot) by police motorcycle later on, and then arrested, man tipped motorcycle over, ran away chased by motorcycle and was arrested too.

  5. How did the gun march work out for ya?
    Even the libertarians didnt show up.

  6. There is no way that the average American household income is $550k per year. You sound like an idiot.

  7. Surprised by $550k eh? You’re surprised because you are out of touch.
    $550k is the real number, look it up.

    Australian household wealth is at record highs. That news came out yesterday. Good news like this isnt typically reported on liberty websites, thats why I am telling you here.

    You better read some real financial news sites based in reality and stop getting your news from Mary Poppins sites like Alex Jones and other negative biased websites.

  8. OK one of two things are happening here. Either you are talking about mean income as opposed to median income or you meant median but put the word average down.

    We don’t measure mean you incomes because those numbers are meaningless. You either know this and are being disingenuous or you don’t know this and have no business commenting on these matters.

    For the record the median household income in the United States from 2007-2011 (newest numbers I could find) was ~52k. You are an order or magnitude off here.

  9. See, you misread what was posted and resorted to namecalling because of your mistake.

    I didnt say “Household Income” ” i said “Household Wealth” … – What is Household Wealth

  10. OK first off, I did not call you an idiot, I said you sound like an idiot.

    Second, you have the same problem, you are using mean numbers instead is median. If you look at the median numbers you would see that those numbers are just under 120k and that includes home equity. Those numbers are down significantly since 2001.

  11. Back to my opening point about the class war ingredients needed for a revolution of: the middle class finds a need to fight the rich.

    Stagnant income statistics are not motivation for war with the rich. High household affluence statistics are in no way motivation for a class war either. In fact, its the opposite motivation for class peace.
    This is why Kokesh event was an epic fail with no attendees. There is no motivation whatsoever for the masses to enjoin a class war at this time.
    The only people that seem to want a class war at this time are the 75 militant libertarians scattered around the country that were brandishing firearms.
    I understand how heartbreaking this is for the militant wing of the libertarian movement but they’ll eventually learn how to deal with it somehow.

  12. Ha ha, okay, now I know where you’re coming from. You say I need to get my information from the mayor of New York and the Federal Reserve Bank. Thanks for revealing your true intents, you statist shill. I hope you get paid before they read this and see what a poor job you’re doing.

  13. Jane you ignorant slut

  14. at least i know what the well dressed revolutionaries are wearing…or whatever…why does he got his face covered and why does he have that gun…how many people give a flying flip who the f’ he is… maybe he has warrants for his arrest….. I dunno, he seems impotent to me..but…ill have to re-watch ..the audio is disastrous ..


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