BEARCAT Breaks Into National News Again – This Time It’s Concord

BEARCATAs reported here yesterday, the Concord police are looking to get a BEARCAT to help them crush the activists of the Free State Project and Occupy NH. Here’s a roundup of some of the press this new Concord news is receiving:

Sadly, the Concord city council in 2012 voted unanimously for the police to seek the grant in the first place. Will any Concord city councilors change their mind after the community makes clear their opposition? Time will tell.

Longtime readers of this blog know that the first BEARCAT showdown between the peaceful activists and the militaristic police state was in 2011-2012 in Keene. Here’s a blog search for BEARCAT for those of you who want to dig into all the old posts. Ultimately, the police got their tank, but not before angering just about everyone who lives in the area and helping the issue garner international media attention.

Now, it’s happening again as activists gear up to oppose the next BEARCAT – this time in Concord. The hearing on the matter is on August 12th at 7pm in Concord. Here’s a facebook event with details. Also, don’t miss the “Thanks But No Tanks” facebook page. Sadly, the website has disappeared.

It’s worth mentioning that NH is the only place where the BEARCAT faces consistent opposition besides Berkeley, CA. Thank goodness for the Free State Project! If you love liberty, you should get up here and get active with us!

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