Paranoid Conspiracy Theories

CultIt’s interesting to be the fly on the wall for the conversation between people who are believers in the state and who feel threatened, angry, or confused about the liberty movement in NH. The misinformation and lies are pervasive, of course, as are personal insults about prominent liberty activists. That’s all to be expected when you have an effective movement that is actually making an impact – something the liberty movement has never had until the Free State Project.

More interesting still are the conspiracy theories that the state-believers ascribe to the liberty activism world. While some people in the liberty movement follow conspiracies (and in my opinion, to their detriment), apparently so do the statists. Here’s a summary of those I can recall off the top of my head or are currently being discussed in the brand new facebook group for haters of this website and the people associated with it, “Free Keene from Free Staters“.

  1. The Keene Sentinel has been infiltrated by Free Keene operatives. – This one is brand new and courtesy of a thread on the Free Keene from Free Staters haters group on Facebook.  Basically, someone posted an old article about Mark Edge from the Keene Sentinel, which discusses his past as a prisoner for nine years for a murder charge. Mark didn’t kill anyone and has turned his life around. Nonetheless, the state-believers are so paranoid that they think Sentinel reporter is candy-coating the murder rap and therefore must be Free Keene operatives that has infiltrated the Sentinel (former Sentinel reporter Phil Bantz is indicated by one hater group member as a possible mole). It is stated in the group that the paper’s editors will be approached, and much trashing of the Sentinel is done as well. The poor guys at the Sentinel can’t win, it seems. Now they are part of the liberty movement, according to paranoid state-believers.
  2. Activism must be organized hierarchically, like the state. – This one is pretty pervasive. People who believe in the state tend to believe that every other group of people must be organized just like theirs – an understandable confusion. However, when our decentralization is pointed out, sometimes they just don’t get it. They can’t imagine how anything works that’s not a hierarchy. Little do they realize that this is a great strength of the liberty movement. No one is in charge. Not me, not Free State Project president Carla Gericke, not the Koch brothers. At the same time, everyone is in charge – of their own life. Each activist does what suits them best. And most I know in the liberty movement do not like to be told what to do – that’s generally a major reason they got active in the first place.
  3. Free Staters are violent! – Despite volumes of evidence to the contrary, the state-worshipers continue to paint liberty activists as violent extremists. Free Staters were likened to domestic terrorists in the “City of Concord” application for the BEARCAT grant from the feds. Some activists who open carry are cited as evidence for this supposed lurking threat, but this is New Hampshire, and it’s completely legal to open carry a weapon – it’s not a threat to be prepared to defend ones-self.  Additionally, the FSP’s own website says, “Anyone who promotes violence, racial hatred, or bigotry is not welcome.”  This is a peaceful movement, and that’s part of what frustrates the state-believers.  They really want us to be violent so they know how to respond and look good.  It never looks very good to hurt and threaten peaceful people.
  4. Ian is in charge and has “minions”. – Parking enforcement officer Jane has called activists my minions multiple times. She’s not the only one to make such a reference. It’s really insulting. The suggestion is that I’m somehow orchestrating all relevant activism in Keene and that anyone else is merely an automaton, doing my bidding. They are not individuals who have unique motivations and interests and self-start their own activism! Instead, they are drug-addled mindless tools of the evil Ian Freeman! Muhahahaha! Dance, puppets, DANCE!!
  5. The ultra-rich Koch brothers are funding NH activism. – Charles and David Koch are billionaires who fund semi-libertarian groups like CATO. Money from people like that does filter down sometimes. In the past, my radio show has had the Institute for Humane Studies as an advertiser, and I think they get some money from the Koch brothers. To say that means we’re tools of Koch is absurd. There is no agenda handed down from anyone, anywhere.  However, if any libertarian billionaires want to help out, please see the contribute page here. A million dollars would go a long way in Keene.  Unfortunately, no one has big money to throw around.  Maybe someday more wealthy individuals will move to Keene – that could be a game-changer.
  6. Free Staters are “Free Loaders” – The reverse of the KOCH conspiracy also exists, which holds that activists are mooching off the system. Most liberty activists are employed or own businesses. Many who are employed hold managerial positions and have good work track records. You might even work with one without knowing!
  7. Ian is getting super-rich from exploiting the movement. – I don’t hold on to much money at any given time. I pour most everything right back into the movement. I even recently donated my home to the Shire Free Church. I own no assets and do not possess a large amount of wealth. That which I do have is all focused on activism through the Church. I’m not in this for money or glory – only liberty.

Are you aware of some more conspiracy theories about liberty activists that are being propagated by the state-worshipers? Please post them in the comments.

UPDATE @ 1:22p with two additional conspiracy theories.

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  1. 1. Wouldn’t the idea that FSP/FK participants have infiltrated the Sentinel contradict the pervasive (and incorrect) idea that we’re all unemployed/unemployable ner’r-do-wells living off the system?

    2. Guess I haven’t been getting my orders lately. I haven’t done any significant, NH based activism in some time, instead focusing on local conversations/conversions and the broader agora.

    3. In all the time I have been in NH, I have heard exactly one acusation of violent behavior by a FSP participant, which was later demonstrated to be false to my satisfaction. No, I will not provide details, as I barely remmeber them and they are false anyway.

    4. This is funny. If I were to follow anyone, in wouldn’t be Ian.

    5. Wait. is this true? Where’s my cut?

  2. I hear that Free Keene was invented by the Keene Police Department to scare people into supporting their purchase of the Bearcat tank….

  3. Where does Mark admit in that article that he murdered someone?

  4. Same for the tea party. It was formed in 2007 by young libertarians who dumped tea in the harbors, NO funding involved, and most never heard of the KOCH bros. The NH state group is pure and formed by one of the originals and remains unfunded to this day as it continues to work on the same issues the tea party was originally formed around. They have no connection to the GOP ‘pacs’ which stole the name in 2009.

  5. keene got the bearcat long before this group was formed

  6. Lol. FK was formed in 2006, silly. That’s more than half a decade before the BEARCAT.

  7. he was found guilty and just pointing out the difference between articles, the link i shared ^ aboive (taken from the group) is from a reputable FL newspaper where the crime and trial took place, the keene slantinel is a rag and published this years after the fact

  8. my apologies, thought you were referring to the anti keene group, misread the comment

  9. way perpetuate crazy shit said by crazy people…i think it very counter productive and shooting yourself in the foot

  10. 8. Free Keeners worship intradimensional reptoids by sacrificing tar-coated straw-babies to a 3-story tall wooden owl in WA every 4 years.
    9. Carla is from Zeta-Reticuli 7, and has been on the run from the FBI since the 50’s when she failed at parallel parking her broom at a farm in New Mexico.
    10. The Freestaters have advanced palm-sized perpetual energy powerplants, and are actively suppressing their release by assassinating inventors around the world.

  11. “Ian is in charge and has “minions”

    Well, this one is true. 🙂

    I wish I had some minions. 🙁

  12. To assume someone is guilty merely because of a conviction shows nothing but ignorance of reality.

    Obama has personally ordered the murders of thousands, is his lack of conviction an indication of innocence? Hardly.

  13. The facts are that while the man was held Mark strangled him and then after he was dead he drove his accomplice to the Tampa International airport. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune is far more credible than The Keene Sentinel.

  14. No need to look. We didn’t let the cat out of the bag. If Mark wants to defend his innocence he is free to do so.

  15. “Koch Brothers-Sponsored NeoFeudalism” “Homo-Nazi Bigots” “Sorens-ian Intentions of Political Domination”, etc., the list goes on.

    Freaking out about stuff that doesn’t exist: The only thing you can do when you’re up against liberty activists.

  16. Mark hired Batboy to do it. The National Enquirer is far more credible than both the Tribune and the Sentinel.

  17. So you saw it happen. Why didn’t you testify at the trial?

  18. You have that backwards. From what I remember from the show, the other guy with Mark deceived Mark into not talking while the other guy went out and got people who said that they heard from him that he did it, which was likely just bragging, The “ringleader” was the other guy (the older one).

    This was a lifetime ago for him and matters very little to me. I think he has paid his debt to society and should be forgiven. This is something that looked into a long time ago and I am convinced that this is something that he gets a bad rap for.

  19. lol i dont have an exhusband. more lies and cover up as usual from the free staters

  20. From “interesting” family discussions with members of the Omnipotent State Party: The FSP picked New Hampshire because it was the _most vulnerable_; i.e., has a citizen legislature. I followed the discussion INTENTLY in 2003, and not only was the ciizen legislature not a criterion, as “small state, negative federal dependency, international border, and seacoast” were, it DID NOT come up in the discussions of the day. Just see the FSP message board archives from 2003.


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